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camping tent poles technology
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Currently, there are a lot of family brands on the market such as Coleman, Eureka Europe, Wenzel, Mountain Trails, etc. All of them have products which are specifically suitable for your need and taste. In this article, we would like to introduce about one of these brands: Eureka Europe. Let’s take a look on the technology of their tents.

Which model is right for your family?

Select your family tent by choosing the sleeping configuration in the table below. Remember, the higher the tent is, the heavier and bulkier it is. Eureka Europe’s range consists of conventional models, tunnel tents to 4 poles and 3 poles compact. The difference lies in the length of the tent. 3-poles version is shorter and offers the same spacious sleeping area and the same optional sleeping areas. All tents, except the Wild Basin and Lakota are equipped with a zippered separator wall between rooms.

Breathable Technical Cotton- ripstop (RS BTC)

– Warm temperatures, very pleasant interior temperature

– Improved UV resistance, high strength and tensile strength

Their canvas BTC RS are made of a unique new alloy technology and breathable cotton ripstop. The mixture of 65% polyester / 35% cotton ripstop form an ideally balanced combination of synthetic and natural materials. Weaving by 0.6mm grid prevents the fabric to tear. The paintings in RS BTC are very robust, do not shrink and do not fade.

Ripstop polyester (RS)

– Trekking by unstable or shine

– Best value for space / weight.

Family tents Eureka! RS are perfect for families who like changing the environment and trekking on the holiday. In addition to their high quality Ripstop Polyester with StormShield coating, Eureka Europe choses the best materials and lightweight DAC aluminum poles. These are the strongest and light tent poles. The RS line is the best choice if you want to use your tent for trekking on holidays or when you are doing camping in bad weather. Moreover, the fabric dries quickly. In addition to providing excellent ventilation, their Ripstop Polyester fabrics are very efficient and cheaper.

Breathable Technical Cotton (BTC)

– Warm temperatures, very pleasant interior temperature

– Improved UV resistance

Their range BTC is the breathable range of family tents. The fabric is impregnated with a water repellent and anti-soiling protection, which also protects against mildew. BTC paintings of the features and characteristics have determined the choice of light poles DAC “Press-Fit”. These are the strongest and light poles on the market for family tents.

Cotton swells when gets wet and is sealed in this way. Cotton also offers improved UV resistance, which is a real advantage if you go south and if the tent can be exposed to strong sunlight. Moreover, as they are 100% breathable, BTC tents provide a more pleasant indoor climate than tents made of synthetic fabric.

Production tent poles technology

Their products are expensive because Eureka Europe uses only the best aluminum tent poles, manufactured by the best provider of tent poles in the world, thanks to integrated extrusion technology. This technology provides an aluminum microstructure, which is the basis of the strength of the reinforcement of your tents. They use the PAS plate welding method, because of its fragility, a significant problem (The bending alters the microstructure and weakens the aluminum poles). However, this method is used by most producers of lower quality tents, because it is an efficient and economic.

The different types of tent poles

Pole Press – Fit

Traditional tent poles using glue to attach the gasket / ferrule in the main tube. However, the glue crepe is not always reliable. To ensure that the seal and the main pipe are fixed, they use the method ‘press fit’. Although this is a complex method, their supplier is successfully able to achieve a tolerance of +/- 0.01 tolerances.

Combination Pole

These tent poles offer the possibility of using poles of different diameters without creating intensified constraints. It is the strongest method compared to the price of making a great solid family tent. For the selection of poles of different diameters to be used, the poles are carefully tested to check the stiffness under pressure and the point is not exceeded.


To obtain the perfect balance between the main tubes, one end has to be stamped, just enough to maintain the proper stiffness deployment. The other end has been expanded to accommodate the embossed portion.

Featherlite SL

Featherlite SL is the latest of Featherlite series. It combines the characteristics of the original series Featherlite, the Featherlite series and a pole combination. Featherlite SL allows applying the RC Reverse Combi technology – without weakening the joint.

You have had general information about the technology of Eureka Europe. Besides, there are a lot of other famous brands of best family tent, such as Coleman or Wenzel. Hope you find one for yourself.


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