Telescopic Fishing Rods For Camping: Why They Are The Best?

(Last Updated On: May 2, 2017)

How beneficial is a telescopic fishing rod for camping? I heard this question asked by a fellow camping junkie while I was camping at Acadia National Park (I assume that he is quite interested in fishing). To be honest, I really want to answer that question.

While it is true that there are a lot of choices when it comes to fishing rods, I think that the telescopic fishing rod works well for beginners and experts, as well.

Before anything else, let me start elucidating some of the best reasons why fishing in camping is always a great idea.

Going to a lake or any bodies of water is ideal for any camping trips. This is especially true if you have a small fishing boat with you. The adventure could be a whole lot fun and different from time to time.

Of course, the art of fishing is not just for leisure also. After all, the fish you caught is not just for aquarium purposes. When I fish, I always inculcate to my mind that my catches are a form of blessings. Nobody really knows when a tragedy will strike. In cases of emergency, knowing how to fish is a paramount survival skill.

In times of leisure, eating a freshly caught fish is nonetheless one of the best feelings my tummy has experienced!

Whenever I go to a lake or a river with my friends or family, I always make it sure that I won’t forget my fishing rods. Well, it is really fun when you are trying to catch deep water creatures, right? If you are going to ask me what fishing rod I am using, then the answer is just only one: a telescopic fishing rod.

What is A Telescopic Fishing Rod?


Many people get the daunting feeling whenever you say the word “telescopic.” The first impressions are usually related to tactical, advanced, and sophisticated stuff. Well, this is somehow true, but not for a telescopic fishing rod.

In fact, a telescopic fishing rod is one of the most basic fishing tools you can find. Aside from that, it is quite very handy because it is not troublesome to use, even for amateur anglers. You can buy this type of rod to any fishing stalls and related online retailers. Recently, I got a nice pair from the “Deep Water Fishery” and “Outdoor Choose.” Later, I will discuss moreĀ about these websites.

A telescopic fishing rod is one of the most portable fishing rods out there. Just like a telescope, this fishing tool has several segments or tubes that slide to one another. This feature makes this bar easy to carry and travel. Packing it to a small compartment will not also give you trouble.

The design of a telescoping fishing rod is somehow the same to the time-honored multi-piece rods. A multi-piece rod has six to eight different segments that you can pull apart. Safe to say, a telescopic fishing rod is somehow a descendant of a multi-piece.

Moreover, there is nothing really special or fancy about a telescopic fishing rod. I am not saying that it is no good use during camping trips. Instead, what I am referring is that there is nothing that you should daunt you when it comes to handling this great fishing tool.

Why A Telescopic Fishing Rod For Camping Is Ideal?

Deep Water Fishery

As I said, there are a lot of tools you can bring when you are going to an outdoor trip near a body of water. Of course, you will have to bring other instruments and implements as well such as reels, hard and soft baits, jigs and rigs, terminal tackles and more. But for now, let me discuss the benefits of bringing a telescopic fishing rod for camping.

One of the best features of a telescopic fishing rod is its portability. You can assemble it very quickly, so it is good to use when the fishes in your area are always moving. Moreover, you can immediately switch off to different catching zones without consuming your time on packing your rod.

Unlike other fishing rods, a telescopic does not consume too much space in your storage. It is quite rare for me to see a disorganized telescopic fishing rod (unless if you are really the messy type).

This feature of the telescopic fishing rod makes it an ideal for camping purposes. We have a lot of equipment and camping gears in our priority. Sometimes, tools for leisure tend to be forgotten or intentionally scratched out. But if you have a telescopic fishing rod, this would never be a problem.

I have my own setup for my telescopic fishing rod. I always leave the rod with its reel fitted and the trace and lure is already on their position. This setup of mine is always handy when I am making short fishing trips.

Precautions in Using a Telescopic Fishing Rod For Camping

The entire construction of a telescopic fishing rod makes it excellent for camping trips. It is sturdy and durable enough to handle the beefiest, fast moving fishes out there.

However, I should remind you that a telescoping fishing rod is quite sensitive to handle. I remembered the time when I broke my first telescopic rod when catching a salmon. Shortly after that, fellow fishermen approached and told me that there is a proper way how to use a telescopic fishing rod smoothly.

The first thing I discovered is that a telescopic rod usually breaks whenever you close it. Therefore, it is important that you should never apply sideway force to the segments of the rod when closing. The best and safest way to close it is to put its lower part on any flat surfaces. After this, you have to push all the segments inside. When it is loose already, you can let the rod slide down.

Another thing that you should know is that you will have the first three segments on the tip of the telescopic fishing rod is particularly sensitive. Therefore, you will need extra care when handling them.

Of course, the way you should take care of a telescopic fishing rod is the same way as other fishing rods. Perhaps, the only difference is the manner of opening. You should never open it in a way that creates a whipping motion. This can trigger breakage of your rod.

Outdoor Choose: The Place I Got My Best Telescopic Fishing Rod

For now, I am really in love with my Berkeley Nomadic Telescopic Fishing Rod. If you don’t know, Berkeley is one of the pioneering brands of high-quality fishing products. Luckily, I bought one at a special price in this site called Outdoor Choose. I guess it was luck when I discovered the website “Outdoor Choose.” Had it not happened, I believe that I will still be settling for average telescopic fishing rods today.

The website offers a lot of fishing amenities and buying guides for amateur anglers. Even the experts will find them helpful as in letting them remember the basics of fishing. What I love about this site is its complete honesty. It doesn’t promote a certain product just because it is expensive. Instead, it gives a thorough explanation why this item can be right or wrong for you.

Of course, they have a complete selection of highly-rated fishing armaments such as hooks, gaffs, traps, tackle boxes, and sinkers.

If you are quite dubious about this, then you can always check the site Outdoor Choose by yourself!

Conclusion and Some Pieces of Advice

Taking a telescopic fishing rod for camping is always the best choice for me. I love the transportability of this tool, much more its service. I do not want to be delayed by any lengthy preparations because that can just spoil the fun. Moreover, it is an ideal fishing armament because it lets you deal with fast and vigorous fishes without worries of breakage (as long as you use it correctly).

Telescopic fishing rods are also used in fly fishing and gives an extra advantage to anglers giving them perfection during cast. If you are looking to know more about fly fishing and learn various techniques then is the perfect place to read.

Also, let me leave you some helpful advice when fishing on a camp:

  • Second, you should use prawns as bait. I know only a few anglers know this, but prawns are good bait. Not sweetcorn, cheese, or luncheon meat. Only a prawn can let those bad boys hog over you!
  • Third, you may not try beach fishing if you are just a beginner. Many think that beach fishing is all easy because of the presence of fishes under the shore. The truth is, it is the contrary. The best way to practice fishing is on secluded bodies of water such as lakes. In these areas, fishes come in schools. Also, it would not be too hard for you to find their lounges.
  • Fourth, fishing is more than just catching fishes. I think this where many anglers fall off. They believe that seizing large, edible fishes is the primary purpose of fishing. No, not at all. For me, fishing is a way to commune with nature. If you can’t catch any, then let nature take away the stress. Remember, you are camping to experience leisure, not for a challenge.

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