Selecting an Extra Large Duffle Bag for Travels

(Last Updated On: October 18, 2016)

Does packing your traveling essentials a pain in your butt? What you need is an extra large duffle bag for your international travels!


When you go for adventure a thousand miles away, all you need is a well-trusted travel bag, right? In the Sky We Fly, we believe that one of the vital parts of the adventure is packing your things lightly and smartly. That is why a lot of people want to purchase durable and lightweight travel bags. We know for a fact that it is pretty difficult to squeeze every essential thing in a bag.

So, when you are already panicking in packing your stuff into your travel bag, you need to look into luggage that will have lots of pockets for organisation. You will also want some smart features like easy to zip zippers. Whether you are looking for the best convenience and lightweight duffle bag, we have the solution for you. That’s why we have created an extra large duffle bag for your travels locally and internationally.

Whether you are an occasional traveler or a frequent adventure seeker, you do not want to buy a cumbersome and low-quality duffle bag. Thus, you need to take some time to think about what you need on your trip. Also, choose an extra large duffle bag for travel and pack your things accordingly.

What to consider before buying?

Recognising what to expect and how many things do you need to pack will allow you to choose the travel bag that’s right for you easily. You may also consider some of the features that help you in your travels, especially handles, wheels, the size of the bag, and other organisational add-ons. So, to make sure that you select an excellent duffle bag that is ideal for your travel needs, here are some of the factors you need to reflect on:

Duration of the Travel


Ask yourself: how much time will you need to complete your travel? For a long journey, you will want to consider a lightweight bag with a lot of pockets. It will make sure that you have a lot of room for your travel essentials. For a weekend trip or a trip for a day or two, you may want to fit everything into a lightweight carry-on duffle bag.

Consider the Modes of Transportation

Also, you may want to ask yourself if you will have a lot of flights or layovers before you reach your destination. Are you going to have a bus or train rides before you arrive at the place? Are you going to be on-the-go and constantly moving between one transportation to another? If yes, you will have to consider getting a lightweight carry-on, most notably a duffle bag. Not only that they are easy to carry, but they also fit well in overhead compartments of buses, trains, and planes.

Type of Travel You are Going to Have

Are you going on a camping trip on a remote island or a resort? The type and amount of travel bag should depend on how and where you are traveling. A traveler who is on-the-go will always search for the lightest travel bag possible. For some people, especially those who are staying in hotels, most likely consider using luggage with wheels.

Activities You Will Do

Another thing you have to do is to ask yourself on which events you are planning to do. Then, what do you need to pack in your travel bag so you could execute such activities? If you are planning to spend more time on the beach, then you have to pack sarongs, hats, slippers, and bathing suits. Also, your bag will be a whole lot different than the bag you are using on your camping trips and other outdoor activities.

You must also remember that in doing such activities for every journey, you need the right piece of bag that will fit everything you need. Whether you are looking for a piece of a travel bag or a collection, it will make your adventures so much simpler.  Not only that it will promote convenience, but it will also make you more equipped. So, now that you know your travel requirements, you are now ready to choose the features that suit you. We have broken down some of the features you should have in your travel bag, especially in a duffle bag.

Unique Features of Your Duffle Bag

Here are some of the most important features you need to think about when purchasing a duffle bag for your travels:

Storage and Compartment


When looking for a travel duffle bag with the easiness of packing, you may want to consider the chamber of the bag. Also, you need to find the compartment zipper’s placement, the shape and the size of the opening, as well as the number of storage and pockets. You may also want to consider how you can store large things in and out of the bag.

Another thing to consider is how comfortable you are going to look for the items inside the bag. Generally, for a duffle bag’s zipper, the D-shape is better than the vertical zipper. Why is that so? It is because it will enable you to look for the items and you will also access more room in the bag.

Our XL Duffle Bag is the most convenient packs released in the market today because of its D-shaped opening. If you want to store longer items like trekking poles, our duffle bag can provide more space for these things. The number of compartments and how trouble-free it is to access the storages also play a vital role. And as a whole, a convenient and accessible pocket, storage, and compartment are some of the most important features you need to consider.

Transport and Carry Modes

Consider these three modes of carrying your bag: slung over your shoulder, placed in your hand, and positioned on your back. You must take note that some travel bags don’t have straps for comfortable carrying capacity. And it is such a disappointment, especially for people who want to take long walks going to the airport.

You see, the backpack straps offer different levels of comfort. It all depends on how thick the cushion of the straps and where they fasten. The duffle bag that we provide has the entire options that you need: carry straps, backpack, and over-the-shoulder strap. Moreover, you must consider how quickly you can remove the straps of your duffle bag. A few of the bags may have ingenious ways to put away the straps without the necessity to take them out.

Other essential features to consider are the huge points and compression straps of the bag. It will help you with when it comes to attachment to buses, and just fitting into tight areas. Duffle bags that you can stash, and carry in the possible methods are the best ones to purchase.

 Also, you need to search for a duffle bag by a large grip loops at every end. You will need them when you want to pull or drag the bag in or out of the vehicle. It is very applicable especially when the bag is too cumbersome and stuffed. The quickest way to carry and transport an extra large duffle bag is in backpack form. It will ensure that you will have the ease and functionality with the back straps positioned on your back.

Durability of the Bag

When you are looking for the durability of your duffle bag, you should take into consideration the material of the duffle bag you want to purchase. You should also see the sustainability of the seams and the type of zipper they have. A lot of duffle bags have solid polyurethane component. It is the most durable and water-resistant material ever made. However, other elements such as the nylon are also durable enough. But the only downside is that it lacks the waterproof feature.

Weight of the Duffle Bag


The weight of the bag plays an important role, especially for most airline companies. They will just limit you to up to 50 pounds for every luggage. If you are traveling outside of the U.S., you are only allowed to have 22 kilogrammes or 48.5 pounds per bag. Hence, every pound matters. That’s why a lot of people go with lightweight and extra large duffle bags. They are also easy to carry, and they are also about nine pounds lighter than other wheeled luggage or bags.

Waterproof Bag

Last but not the least, you should also consider another vital function of your extra large duffle bag. Whether you need it in a stormy day while camping or when you are traveling in a snowy place, you will most likely want to have a duffle bag. Most duffle bags are easy to carry in any weather conditions because most of them have water-resistant properties.  It is also ideal for travelers going to Patagonia or somewhere else that needs you to move quickly. Another place that you might consider is Alaska. When you head into such area, most residents often put their duffle bag in their sleigh for easy transportation.



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