Go Car Camping Series: Never Forget Your Cable Jumpers

(Last Updated On: March 28, 2017)

Why do you even need cable jumpers for your car for car-camping? Are you treating it is a necessity? Well, let me share you a story of mine.

A “Cable Jumper For Your Car” Story

I once traversed Kansas to Nebraska using my Subaru Escape for a road camping. I planned that long journey very well. Everything was packed already in the trunk–food, beverages, and other camping amenities. I even prepare a hammock tent, a camp kitchen, and my best atv-winch. After all, I did prepare, right? But while cruising to Highway 70, something went wrong. My battery is going low. The worst of all, I don’t have any jumper cables with me.

Luckily, a Chevrolet Malibu passed after a couple of minutes. The driver rolled down his window and asked me what happened. I told that my battery juice is running out. He dropped to his car and accessed his trunk. He took his jumper cable and let me connect to his battery. Fortunately, our batteries have almost the same kind of voltage, so nothing really went wrong.

After a few starts, my engine finally came back from the dead. I quite felt a sense of relief. After all, nobody wants to get stuck in the middle of the road–not especially on highways like that. With all my adoration, I thanked the random Good Samaritan and returned to my journey. In the same manner, I scolded myself for not bringing such valuable tool in my travel.

While I am in Nebraska, I went to a local auto shop there (I think it was Yeck’s Tire and Auto) to find a cable jumper for my car. I have never been petrified in my life except to that particular time when I almost got stuck and helpless. It was one of the biggest lessons I learned as a driver. If you are a vehicle owner just like me, always make it mandatory always to bring cable jumpers for your car.

Moral Lessons

I don’t want to be a hypocrite, but it quite bothers me why many drivers today fail to bring this important survival device in their toolbox dur car-camping. If you really want to have a foolproof journey, then at least try to be responsive. Not all of us (even I) are keen when it comes to preventive car maintenance. This is the reason that I pledged to myself that I will pack the right survival gears wherever I travel. Once my car needs resuscitation, I can always respond.

Cable Jumpers For Your Car: How To Choose One?


There are a lot of choices when it comes to jumper cables. Moreover, you will not run out of option where to buy one. You have your local auto shops that you can always visit anytime. If you are too lazy or busy to go these stores, ordering a pair online won’t be a problem also.

I got my second pair of cable jumpers from the site “My Garage Story.” It was a reliable, no-scam site that sells various car amenities. Later, I will tell you how this website helped me in finding the different tools I need for my car.

For now, I really want to discuss first how to choose the right cable jumpers for your vehicle. This session is quite important because a wrong jumper cable for the right battery won’t still make the cut. Moreover, you cannot expect that your battery will function again if you have a low-quality pair of this device. We don’t want to waste money, right? Therefore, getting a good cable jumper for your car in one good is the most optimal choice you have right now.

Take note: a cable jumper is never too expensive for a car owner!

Key Specifications for A Jumper Cable

Wire Gauge

The wire gauge refers to the thickness of the cable. When it comes to cable jumpers, the thicker, the better. You will need a heavy duty cable each and every time who will jump-start your car. Always remember that it requires high current flow to resuscitate the battery of your vehicle. Specifically, you cannot expect that thinner wires can perform better than the thicker ones.

Usually, cable jumpers that have flimsy pricing might always fail to this critical specification. Since we are looking for the best cable jumpers, try to choose a pair that is no smaller than eight and six gauge. In cable jumpers, a lower number indicates that the cable is thicker than the rest.

Presence of Insulation

If you are trying to look for a heavy duty cable jumper, then choose the one that has sturdy insulation. The insulation prevents the cable from overheating. Always take note that we are dealing with current here. You should expect that the transfer of flow will generate heat as a by-product.

Moreover, try to be cautious when choosing a jumper cable. Always double check each product because some cables only appear thick. The truth is, they might thin and have less insulation as well.

Length of The Cable

This is perhaps the most critical key factor in choosing the right cable jumpers. Always try to imagine the positioning between two cars when jump-starting. Will be the other car will be able to pull over beside your vehicle? Not all situations will allow you to have such kind of benefit, especially if it involves safety. Therefore, you will need a jumper cable that has the greatest length.

For me, I will advise you to choose a cable that measures more than 16 inches. Any shorter than that will lessen the portability of cables wires. Eventually, this will result in a more cumbersome process of jump-starting of your car.

Heavy Duty Clamps

You will need a cable jumper that has a set of heavy duty clamps. These clamps are your car’s access from connecting to the side and top terminals of the other vehicle’s battery. Of course, you will need your clamps to be sturdy and compact so that they can make a secure connection.

A black cable clamp is my personal choice when it comes to this matter. This type of clamp is always reliable in making a secure connection to any ground under your hood–such as the engine block’s bolt.

Aside from this, try to look for a clamp that is larger in size. This feature can save your hands from the possible sparks from jump-starting your car.

In your choices, you can actually opt for the Astro SP0616 Smart Plug 6 Gauge 16-Feet Booster Cables, Heavy Duty 16′ 6 Gauge Jumper Cables, or the Coleman Cable 08660 Heavy-Duty 4-Gauge Auto Battery Jumper Cables with Polar Glo-Watt Clamps. There are still other options, but these three are some of the most popular out there.

My Garage Story: My Car’s Heaven


Now that I explained all of these key aspects in choosing a cable jumper for your car, let me start tackling a little more of “where to buy them.” Of course, the final choice will always be yours. However, treat this part as a recommendation and an extra-service as well for car owners.

I clearly know for myself that there are a lot of retailers for different car parts and accessories. It is not a wonder anymore. You may call it a blessing or not, but for me, having many choices is a burden. The reason is quite simple: too many choices can lead to confusion. It can even drag to you the point where you will be discouraged to buy because you don’t know anymore which of them to believe.

Luckily, I found this site called My Garage Story. It is quite a simple website. Even the not-so-geek car owners can easily comprehend the tutorials and guides this site is offering. I have never been compelled by an online retail site until I met MGS.

The website is pretty straightforward. They don’t offer you products that won’t be beneficial for your vehicle at all. Moreover, the site has no clear traces of clear marketing stunts just to take your money.

In short, My Garage Story is a pretty nice place to buy all of your car amenities–from cable jumpers down to Antigravity Batteries.

Furthermore, the site offers an excellent selection of car accessories such as blind-spot mirrors, gel pads, seat belt cutter and window breaker, and so much more.

Either way, just go to the site and see for yourself!


I don’t know how many of you are in love to long-distance travels. All I know is that most of us drive our car. Regardless of the length, I think it is quite necessary for us to bring these emergency tools. After all, everything that happens on the road is always unprecedented. There are simply times where the inevitable strikes. When these unfortunate moments hit you, are you really prepared?

Well, I learned my lessons a couple of years ago. As a fellow driver, I want to incorporate the same lessons to you as well. I know it is quite miserable, but better learn from my previous mistakes. If you find your life too short to learn from the flaws of other people, then start foolproofing yourself!

Consider a cable jumper for your car as a necessity. Nothing beats preparation. Once everything goes bad, you can get always the chance to bounce back!



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