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Privacy Policy

Privacy is extremely important to us at and it is created with you in mind. This is primarily the reason why we have added this Privacy Page for your utmost convenience to assure you that we do not reproduce any information we obtain from our users. Kindly spend some time reading the policy.

What information we collect

We would like to inform our users that information such as names or email addresses we obtain are only prompted on “user subscription” basis. This simply means that if you comment and ask to subscribe to our list, please expect that our page administration team will send you email notifications whenever there are news and fresh updates to our site. If you decide not to be a part of our mailing list when you comment on one of our posts, you will simply be sent a confirmation email from our page website administrator confirming that you have made the comment which is purely intended for discussion purposes. Please note that all names and email addresses will not be re-used or sold in any shape or format whatsoever.


Most websites, like our Site, uses a “Cookie” technology. Cookies enable our web server to log files from your browser’s information. Basically this information involves your  personal computer or mobile device’ date and time of your visit on our site, the different types of pages in the site that you visit often and the time you spend on each of these pages you have visited. Information obtained from the use of cookies is only intended to provide us our users’ online behaviour on site access. This information could eventually assist us in improving our website design and ease of access.

Copyright Policy

Under no circumstances can any person or group of persons copy or reuse any content on our website. This includes, but not limited to the following: actual product descriptions, any free reviews or any other promotions we run. Anyone who wishes to use any content on this site shall seek written permission from the page administrator first. All content on this website remains the intellectual property of this site. Non-acceptance of these terms may end in Legal action being taken against all persons involved in violating this policy.

What are IP Addresses?

An IP address or Internet Protocol is used by your computer each time it is linked to a network. This IP address assists a server differentiate computers one from the other. An IP address also aids your network card or Wi-Fi adapter to connect to the internet. All IP addresses are monitored to help us to discover our user database based on a demographical location. It also helps us determine when most users log on our site, otherwise known as “peak traffic” times. Having information on peak traffic data is helpful in ensuring that we release new and original content in time when most of our site users are online.

To Access and/or Edit Your Information

If you will need to gain access or edit to any personal information you provided, you can contact the site administrator for further assistance. Please proceed to the tab “contact us” and fill-up the necessary indicated fields in the form. Rest assured that we will immediately attend to your request.

Can We Legally Disclose Your Personal Information?

Please be reminded that we may only disclose your information if we are legally obliged to do so. If we are asked by the State to disclose this information on a legal matter, we will have to comply ensuring that this is within our legal rights. In addition, we may also give information stored when we have a reason to believe that it is reasonable to identify, contact, or bring forth legal action to any persons that may be violating or Terms and or Services to protect the safety and interest of our users or the Public in general.

Other Websites that are Linked To Ours

We are not responsible for any and all websites that are linked to ours. Each of these websites follows their own Terms and Conditions which clearly do not fall under ours. We would like to emphasize that we are not responsible for any practices, products, or services they provide. For your own safety, please spend some time reading those websites Terms of Use before continuing using them.

Your Consent

In using our website, you confirm that you read and agree to our Terms of Service and use of any of your information described in our Privacy Policy. The page administrator and/or responsible persons for this site shall reserve the right to change this policy at any time with or without any notice.

Your Choice to Subscribe or Unsubscribe

All visitors that come to our site have the option whether to subscribe or ignore any future messages from us. We will discontinue sending the messages to those users who choose to unsubscribe from our service.

Children under the Ages of 14

Please note that as a matter of policy, any child under the ages of 14 years is not permitted to use our site. Unless very necessary, it is strongly advised that the child is accompanied either by the Parent or Guardian in browsing this site.

Acquisition or Change of Ownership

In any event that the website or the assets is acquired by another party or group, any information that you have consented to us will be considered on these assets. Accordingly, this information may be transferred with the assets of the website.

Policy Modifications

We reserve the right to change the Privacy Policy at various stages. If and when changes are made, we shall inform and send an e-mail message to all of our subscribed users whom have given us their permission to do so. On the other hand, it is the responsibility of any unsubscribed user/s to check here periodically any change in the policy to ensure that they are up to date with our privacy policy. Kindly note that we will not make use of the information you have consented us in a manner that is inconsistent with this Privacy Policy, without us seeking your consent.

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