Mountain Trails Grand Pass Tent – 10 Person Reviews


Apr 03
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Mountain Trails Grand Pass Tent – 10 Person Reviews

Will YoungA happy camping experience is never complete without a spacious and affordable, good quality tent. Whether for a family with kids or for friends a big tent is an absolute requirement. Mountain trails grand pass tent is one such product that fits in ten people well and is an amazing value for money product that is “cheap with superb quality and fantastic waterproof ability “which can also stand firm in a storm. This is a perfect tent for somebody with a large family and pets that is on a budget but is looking to buy a huge, comfortable camping tent. You can see our list of the best 10-person tents for more here.



  • It has a floor measuring 18X10 ft
  • It measures 76” from the centre
  • This tent Comes with 170 square feet of spacious interior
  • It can comfortably sleep 10 persons in
  • This model has a 2D type entry
  • Windows are equipped with polyester mesh
  • Frame is made up of shock cord fiberglass material
  • The floor has fused polythene

Features of Mountain Trails Grand Pass Tent – 10 Persons:

  • This tent has a dimension of 120”X216”X76” which facilitates the campers for easy movement and also helps them to store their gears and utilities comfortably. This tent measures approximately 21.1 pounds (upon shipping) which is moderately heavy and relatively easy to carry.
  • The tent has excellent ventilation, thanks to the huge mesh roof airways with windows. Due to this the tent will remain cool even during hot camping days.
  • To keep the floor unsoiled this tent comes with fused polythene and mud mats.
  • If one is looking for extra privacy this spacious tent has a divider screen to separate the interior into two rooms.
  • An easy and uncomplicated entry and exit into this tent is facilitated by 2 D fashioned Dutch doors.
  • This tent also has a rimmed fly frame for supplementary strength and protection from rain
  • The tent is designed based on stow ‘n’ go duffel technique which comprises of easy set up, dismantle and storage that can be performed quickly.

Why is this product a bestseller in the market?

  • This tent is quite cheap and even a large family of 10 on a strict budget can easily afford this spacious shelter that has been made from top quality material with tremendous waterproof potential.
  • It can fit in two regular or queen sized beds at the ends inside, still there will be some space in the middle for the movement
  • The rain-fly is very tight, once rightly placed on the tent. It would not allow any small insect to invade your privacy.
  • When the tent is shut during nights, you can still feel good air circulation inside the tent because of the meshed vents.
  • Even though it is a large tent, 1-2 persons can easily set up and dismantle this tent within 10 minutes.
  • If staked firm, this tent can hold up against heavy wind even in desserts.
  • Being large tent, storage is not an issue as there are many storage nets.
  • This tent has been built using quality materials and it holds extremely well against rains.
  • It has a removable rain cover feature that can be used on any beautiful day to catch glimpse of nature amidst camping.

Additional benefits

  • The tent is visually appealing as it looks big and beautiful with two large windows on either side of the entrance.
  • Once sprayed with waterproof sealer the tent is good to go in the rain. High quality covers keep the tent dry and warm during rains.
  • There is a small loop in the centre of the tent ceiling for hanging flashlight or a small bulb for those dark evenings. This tiny feature enables you to spend a peaceful evening with your favourite book or chat with your kids to spend quality family time together.
  • This palatial tent can be very comfortable even for people who are as tall as 5”8 and above. They can easily stand, stretch and walk in the tent with ease.
  • It is very easy to dismantle and pack this tent as it has clearly marked tabs to fold back. All you need to do is to follow the directions while folding it.


  • With a large family especially with small kids and pets
  • Who require a large quality tent but or on a budget
  • Regular campers who would like to slip into woods for some quality time either with their friends or family
  • Who want a large tent to camp during high temperatures under hot days
  • Who want to learn to set up camping tents and are willing to explore outdoor camping
  • Who are a busy family on the go, as they can set up and tear down the tent in no time
  • Who want to use the tent for temporary storage purposes in the backyard while the house/living space is being fixed

Advantages of this tent:


What Amazon customers say?

  • Can’t believe the price!!!
  • Survived a thunder storm with a tornado watch…..
  • Big tent, solid value but comes with some challenges
  • Taj Mahal!
  • Excellent investment!
  • Roomy tent, easy set up with sturdy zippers
  • Excellent value and great customer service
  • Home away from home
  • Great tent for a family with kids
  • Survived Wakarusa 2013
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Summary of Amazon Customer Reviews:


This tent looks very good and it is very spacious with 5 large windows on all sides and meshed vents for added airflow. The tent comes in attractive colour combinations too.


Any person as tall as 6 feet can easily walk around and stand in the tent. It can comfortably accommodate beds and yet leave some space for people to walk. The inner storage nets and hoops are excellent. One can also set up a small play area for 1-2 kids in the tent!

The tent material can withstand rough use, be it kids or pets the flooring is well fused and very thick with extra mud mats for the rainy days.

The removable rain fly is also very tight once it has been placed on the tent. It can protect the tent well from rains and bugs.

Weather suitability:

This gigantic tent is perfect for camping on a hot day or under hot weather. This can be used for moderately cold nights with additional sleeping bags for extra warmth however it is definitely not for extreme cold weathers.

Tent’s high quality material can be trusted upon during windy camping days however it is advisable to buy a set of strong stakes as this tent comes with rather weak stake set which is not ideal for extended usage. These stakes that comes with the tent are also not suitable to peg the tent in loose soil or on a beach.

Rains are handled pretty well by this tent; however a waterproof sealant spray is a must for those heavy showers. One must also remember to use the rain-fly and shut the windows with zippers to avoid inner leakage during rains.

How to setup, storage, transport, maintenance, etc …?

The set up and tear down:

The ease of setting up without much complexity makes this tent ideal for inexperience campers. All it takes is 1-2 persons and 10 minutes. Just as in set up, dismantling the tent is a breeze. While rolling it in, one can notice well marked tabs indicating the direction toward which tent has to be folded.

Storage and transport:

At the time of purchase this product does not come with carry bag. However once the tent is dismantled two straps can be seen to roll the tent in for storage but these straps may not be able to hold this enormous tent to store and this is why it requires a sturdy carrier bag. Hence it is highly recommended to buy a duffel bag for easy storage.

This moderate weight tent can be easily carried on the back upon tearing down for short distances. Due to its enormity it is ideal to carry it car or on any such transport.

Repair and maintenance:

The zippers though sturdy tend to get jammed if pulled hard; extra care must be taken to use the zippers to avoid tearing the flap. It is a well waterproofed tent however timely spray of sealant can make sure the usability of this tent in rains.

Upon purchase one needs to upgrade the stakes for sturdier ones in order to extend the life of this tent.

The 2 D fashioned doors are somewhat oriented skywards. This can bring is lot of water during rains if the tent door is open. Hence one needs to make sure to close the tent door on the onset of rain.

Even with polythene welded floor the flooring can get messy during continuous showers and make it very uncomfortable. To mitigate this situation one can carry an extra bag or a cover to put in all the wet shoes and gears.

How to install this tent?

  • On a clean, firm and levelled ground this tent should be very easy to set up due to its shock guarded fiberglass poles and a pin and the ring system.
  • This can be assembled in 10 minutes by 1 or 2 persons by following the instructions. Just make sure to lay all the components of the package on the ground to start off setting up in an organised way.
  • Refer this video link for easy instructions.


  • Any big family with children and pets that is looking out for an affordable but huge tent can definitely go ahead and buy this” cheap tent with superior quality and great waterproof capability” that can hold out well even in a storm.
  • This tent is all about great features and it saves a lot of your time and effort needed for tent set up and dismantling. Added privacy features and completely removable rain fly can be quite helpful when you are sharing this tent with many people.
  • This is ideal to use under hot and tropical weathers due the easy ventilation inside the tent. While camping if there are couple of cold nights this tent can pass off easily with a tent heater to keep the interior warm.
  • However it is not a good option for very cold climates or extreme weather conditions as the air ventilation can dissipate the warmth created by tent heater in some time making it hard to sleep comfortably.
  • This tent is well suited for families with kids and pets as one need not to worry about the space. It is not at all a bad buy for somebody with a large family, with minimum budget and who is inexperienced in camping.
  • All in all it is a value buy and it does offer most of the things stated in the product description.

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Brennon February 13, 2017

I agree with your review. We have the Mountain Trails Grand Pass Tent. We used it all last year for camping season. It held up well in the cold; campers just have to layer up well to keep warm. The set up can be done quickly with two people and I usually take the tent down myself in about 5 minutes. My con would also be that there is no carry bag, so I usually fold it as tightly as possible and tuck it in a clear, plastic carry bag that I picked up from Dollar Tree.

FamilyTentCenter February 18, 2017

Tks a lot Brennon! Keep update for us how good this tent is.

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