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Sep 16
Repair a tent
(Last Updated On: October 7, 2018)

Is your tent leaking a few drops at the seams and you want it waterproof? Did you broke a bow and want to fix it? Or after a big season, tent needed a good cleaning? Here are some tips for a long-lasting equipment.

How to fix a broken arch?

If you have a broken arch of your tent, you’re not the first and you will not be the last!

Nowadays, with advanced manufacturers and materials, it has now become rare to break a hoop because of the wind or severe weather. Generally, breaking defects fall more than a careless mistake (such as stepping on a rack, or place a heavy bag on, or abuse in airports, etc.).

If this happens nonetheless, here are 3 tips to repair a broken arch:

  • Use the repair kit supplied: more and more tents are supplied with a kit to temporarily repair the broken arch. Slide the pipe to repair the area. Then secure it with the resistant tape, adhesive tape, or strap. Note that MSR also provides a repair kit, containing a tube to the adjustable diameter.
  • Repair with an ultra-resistant adhesive: If your tent does not have repair tube, you can make an emergency repair using adhesive, by wrapping around to the repair area.
  • Repair with fine cord: It is called Fisherman trick. It is entirely possible to repair a headband with thin cord (1 or 2 mm diameter).

To Care poles of a tent

When you bend the hoops, do not let the segments bend shaking: this could damage the ferrules and anodizing. Check your frame. It should not be cracked because corrosion (after contact with salt water), wash the poles and coat them with silicone spray.

Over time, the poles bend slightly, which makes them less vulnerable to breakage. Do not try to straighten them. You can also tighten the hoops, if necessary. To do this, simply remove the nozzle, to undo the knot, and then do it again in the desired position.

How to repair a hole in the canvas of your tent?

Sometimes it can be very easy to make a hole or tear in the canvas of the tent, either the outer fabric, or the inner fabric. Here are some cases: the canvas flew to a thorny bush, the outer fabric rubs against a too abrasive stone, use a stove inside the tent, an unfortunate stabbing, a dog playing with his claws, etc. Many possible situations and unimaginable!

There are several ways to repair the fabric of the tent:

  • Domestic cotton cloth (or similar): a patch with a needle and thread will be the most effective and sustainable.
  • For indoor and outdoor mesh fabric canvas nylon or polyester ripstop (not silicone) in emergency solution, the easiest and most effective way is to glue on both sides of the two rectangles of fabric by self-adhesive tape. If there is a small hole, and if by chance you have nail polish with you, a varnish application can hold. MSR has also developed its own patches in the Fabric Repair Kit. Finally, glue SeamGrip McNett also is used to repair holes. In any case, when you back at home, a visit to your dealer will be most appropriate for deciding the service to implement.

How to re-waterproofing tent seams?

With the tension caused by the poles, and with time, it is possible that micro-drops can be formed at the seams of a tent. Fortunately, there are many practices lotions to seal the seams.

The SeamGrip glue by McNett.

The SilNet by McNett:


How to wash and waterproof a tent?

Over time, dust accumulated on your tent that will make the fabric less water repellent and waterproof. It should therefore be sometimes wash your outer tent, but not with detergents. NIKWAX has developed a complete range of products to wash and waterproof your various outdoor equipment.

To wash your tent, use the product of NIKWAX: TechWash. It is a gentle laundry without detergent, which cleans without damaging the waterproofing of your equipment. Wash your tent only by hand and using a soft cloth and warm water. Conventional cleaning products may attack the coating and waterproofing your tent. To remove stubborn stains, you can use Nikwax Tech Wash diluted with four volumes of water and rub softly.

After cleaning, you must re-waterproof treated area by using the Tent & Gear Solarproof NIKWAX

How to clean the zipper of his tent?

Zippers are a fragile place in a tent. If they are dirty, clean them with a brush (tooth) and maintain them using graphite (mine of a pencil), or silicone oil, or oil for sewing machine. Apply these products carefully and remove any possible excess with a soft cloth.


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