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Apr 06
(Last Updated On: April 12, 2020)

Are you a genuine camping lover? Do you wish to enjoy camping with your family members? Choosing a family camping tent is an investment you do not wish to make a wrong decision. Read this article and learn about what really matters in a family camping tent, so that you only pay for what you need, no nonsense!

Before deciding on which family tent, it is a good practice to go through all available options in the market, compare their features and settle on one that meets your family’s needs, yet is still affordable. With so many different types, shapes, sizes and features on offer, which can be quite intimidating if you don’t know what you’re looking for, and if you get it wrong you may be in for a long night.


First Thing First, Price!

This article focuses on family camping tents that are affordable with practical features, based on user reviews and popularity, which can be found on Amazon.

– High price: 200+ USD

– Medium price: 100 ~ 200USD

– Low price: <100USD

This will also change based on the size of your tent, be it a smaller 4-man tent to a larger 10-man tent.

Tips & Tricks from Actual Users:

Users who have purchased and actually experienced using the above family camping tents share their tips and tricks to enhance the user experience, such as the choice of camping tent material, ways for easier installation and setup and tool to complement the tent.

  • Tent material choice for different seasons and weathers:

Some camping tents focus on good ventilation feature, which leads to the walls being made from mostly mesh, not fabric. Because of this, the camping tent will not seal up tightly. Mesh excels in warm and hot weather because air can easily flow through it, but is a poor choice for cold temperatures or dusty conditions.

  • Easier tent installation and setup:

You are advised to prepare some tent pegs that are easy to drive into the ground. Because the tent pegs that come with the tent might not be as good as third part tent pegs. This is a common aspect campers tend to overlook, which may increase the tent setup time significantly.

The other top tip shared by actual users is to get a heavy duty tarp for the bottom of the tent, for the purpose of protecting the camping tent bottom fabric, while also increasing the comfort for the campers when resting.

When choosing the camping tent location, pitch the tent on higher ground slightly sloping downwards so that the water flows downward and away from you. This prevents water from accumulating underneath or around your camping tent, which can seep into your tent and causes discomfort.

Many users find it difficult to roll back the tent and fit it back inside the camping tent bag with all accessories. You might try to unzip all the doors and windows in order to let all the air out and then rolls up the tent tightly.

  • Tool to complement the tent:

During raining, water may seep through the seams on the tent, which causes discomfort to the campers inside the tent with the moisture it brings. Seam sealer can be applied along the seams on the tent to counter this problem, which minimises the water from seeping into the tent through the seams.

Therefore, be sure to cover all those seams! Especially the seams where the tarp material meets tent material.

Amazon Shopping Guide:

Amazon is one of the world largest online shopping website, if you wish to purchase your family camping tent on Amazon, simply access and type in the keywords into the search bar.

  • Filter: As the search results appear, on the left column, you can filter out the results by choose only criterias you are looking for. My recommendations are:
    • Avg. Customer Review: 4+
    • Tent Capacity: Check all 4, 5, 6, 7+ options (since we mainly talk about “family tent”)
    • Brand: Depend on you (the best brand is Coleman)
    • Condition: New (or Used)
    • Price: 0~100USD
  • Reviews:

In the product page, you should look into the review section where the number of reviews and the quality of reviews will be able to tell you more about the user experience of the tent. The quality of the reviews means how well other users agree with a particular review, the more the users who express that the review is helpful, generally the more truthful it is.

I always choose one which has 4+ rated and more than 20 reviews. Another useful tip is you should take a look at recent reviews. It will tell you that people keeping buying this tent or not.

  • Customer Questions & Answers:

In Customer Questions & Answers section, we can post any question related to the product and others will reply with the answer very quick. Alternatively, if you’re after a wide range of new tents and other camping equipment, check out Planet Camping.

And the Best Affordable Family Camping Tent Is…

Based on the online community user reviews and ratings, as well as the popularity,

Coleman Sundome Tent is the most balanced affordable family camping tent in terms of features and pricing …

The following lists out the features where Coleman Sundome Tent excels at:

  • Airy
  • Spacious, actual users shared that it can fit 2 queen mattresses comfortably while having extra storage space for bags and gears.
  • Hanger to hang up a flashlight and ample storage space in the side pockets.
  • Door can be used as a screen door, also, it is big enough for camper to enter or exit the camping tent.
  • Doormat helps to keep sand and dirt out of the tent.
  • Option to take the rainfly off and sleep under the stars.
  • Overall, actual users also expressed that the tent feels sturdy, even with wind blowing at it.

Inside the Coleman Sundome Tent, there is a clip at the top for a light source, e.g. lantern or flashlight. Besides, two pockets for storage and a small pass thru for bringing an extension cord inside the tent are the features that bring convenience to the campers.

What satisfies campers is that Coleman Sundome Tent is light, can be packed away with little effort and also easy to clean. The tent is well made and very quick to setup. Most users can get it up in under ten minutes, with straightforward and intuitive process.

Two of the four walls are made from mostly mesh, therefore the tent is very well ventilated, and campers can feel the cold air flowing in and out of the tent, creating an airy atmosphere. The rainfly which is made of high quality material, and the back vent can be stacked out for an even better airflow.

The design is of good quality, for instance, the tent floor is made of robust polyethylene. Users expressed that the fiberglass poles feel substantial. There are continuous pole sleeves, which makes it easy to thread the poles.

Regarding the capacity of Coleman Sundome Tent, one of the users had 1 adult and 2 teenagers in the tent and a 75 lb lab and they felt very comfortable with enough room to turn while sleeping. Other users also expressed that the tent has enough room for 3 people and a dog. However, if you are using this as a backpacking tent and plan to store large amount of gears, then it is advisable to only fit in 2 people. In summary, the tent is nicely sized for 2 adults with gear, or perhaps 3-4 adults without gear.

Most pleasing part of Coleman Sundome Tent is that the interior rises to 6 feet tall, allowing most people to stand up inside, which is a real luxury when camping and many users appreciate this feature. For car camping where weight is not a concern, it’s difficult to go wrong with a large tent like this.

As for rain, some users had initial concerns about the rainfly design because it appears to extend barely far enough down to cover the open mesh walls, leaving little overlap for rain; nevertheless, after experiencing the camping tent for several nights in light to moderate rain, users reported that water does not leak into the tent, even with water puddled under the tent. On the other hand, the tent comes with a doormat for taking off dirty shoes!


In conclusion, Coleman Sundome Tent has the best balance between features and pricing. Actual users report positive experiences with it.

Have you made up your mind? We welcome you at Planet Camping! Visit us and you may find something you can purchase for your next family camping trip!

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