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Oct 11
kitchen for camping
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Along with good camping tents, a camping kitchen, also known as campers kitchen is a practical camping furniture for people who also want to cook during their camping trip comfortably. The camping kitchen usually consists of an aluminum frame, a sturdy polyester fabric and some loose shelves. This makes camping kitchen light and easy to set up. The worksheet includes a handy mudguards and in some cases a built-in sink or a space for a gas bottle. The mudguard (is also called windshield or windshield cooking) is not included in all outdoor kitchens. Different brands sell spare fenders fit on each sheet.

Countertops or tops are usually not included as standard with a camping kitchen. These can be ordered separately. They serve as a sheet to put your things, prepare food or to cook on. It is always advisable to take a countertop in your new camping kitchen. Please note that not all countertops are suitable for cooking!

Plenty of storage space in camping cupboards
A camping cupboard is ideal for campers who want to cook comfortably. But in a tent or caravan you usually do not have a lot of space. Thanks to a camping cupboard you can comfortably and safely cook in the tent. In addition, a camping cupboard has plenty of storage space. Moreover, you can keep your utensils, pots, a gas cylinder storage etc. and a camping kitchen becomes a handy ‘kitchen organizer. Besides, camping cupboard can also serve as a pantry where no flies and other pests reach. The rear of the camp kitchen is often provided with a mesh so that you will have proper ventilation in the cupboard.

Adjustable in height
The legs of a good camp kitchen are height-adjustable, allowing you to adjust the kitchen perfectly. Therefore, your camping kitchen are still stable on uneven surfaces. Most cabinets are square or rectangular, but there are special corner cabinets.

Recommended Camping kitchen and accompanied accesssories

Bardani Camping Kitchen

Product information

The Bardani Bollitura camp kitchen is a convenient cabinet to place a stove. The camping kitchen is easy to set up and has a sturdy chassis. At the same time useful cupboard provides the campers with more storage space.
Two with zippers shelves
Under the sheet of this camp kitchen, there are two spacious shelves. The shelves can be closed with a zipper. Each shelf has a load capacity of about 20 kg.
Handy camping kitchen
The cabinet is surrounded by a handy wind and splash guard. Thus, the cooking area is well protected. Also, it is to roll on the table top, which make the storage of the camp kitchen easy. The lightweight cooking island is easy to move to it makes favouable condition for you to prepare your meal.
Compact for storage
The camp kitchen is simple to set up and fold back. Folded, the kitchen takes up little space. The Bollitura is easy storage in the included carrying case.

Kampa Camping kitchen Commander

The Kampa Commander is an outdoor kitchen with a large worktop 61x49cm divided into two layers. The Commander comes with a storage bag, shelf / rack and lockable two-layer locker. Very quick and easy to install and tear down.

Standard delivered with carrying bag.

Campart Camping kitchen

Handy, lightweight camping kitchen with double storage compartment left and right. In the middle of a cooking appliance can be placed. This course includes a dodger.
The tops are made of MDF and shelves are finished with a sturdy aluminum edge.
The camp kitchen is equipped with adjustable feet and can be easily created. Compact when folded and packed in bag.

Lightweight aluminum frame 19 mm
Dimensions: 172x48x79,5 / 110,5cm.
Load capacity 30kg.
Color: blue
Weight 10.4 kg

Tristar Camping kitchen Alicante


This rugged camping kitchen is ideal for those who like to cook themselves at the campsite. The kitchen is equipped with a splash guard around so you will have clean and safe cook. The gas bottle can be easily stored in the special gas cylinder space.

Camping Kitchen
• With extra space for gas cylinder
• Lightweight aluminum frame
• Includes carrying case and shelves
• 4 Adjustable feet
• Luxurious top, with washbasin
• With windshield
• Storage pockets on sides
• Size: 102x48x85cm / 116cm
• Weight: 10,0kg

With well preparation, you will sure have a wonderful camping trip. Let’s imagine how excited your kids will be when your family have a dinner on the camping grill together under the sky. Enjoy!

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