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Janet - Family Tent CenterCamping in the garden is one of the funniest and most helpful outdoor activities that parents should do with children.

I know it might not look exciting at all because you cannot go anywhere far from your home. So you may not have any feelings of adventures, see anything new, or watch the wildlife. However, life is getting busier and busier nowadays. And camping in a caravan park or any place far from your house can take quite a much effort. You have to pack the car, prepare things before at least two days, and drive a long way to get camping.

Meanwhile, camping in the garden can still bring you the excitement of going out in nature and enjoying peace. You can sit in the tent while it’s raining and still feel warm, or lie on the grass under the starry night, which is not different from camping in the woods at all. Besides, it has more conveniences when camping in the garden, such as you can still get in the kitchen and get some foods or snacks, or go to the toilet whenever you want.

So why don’t you have a camp in the garden with your children, or your friends and lover next week? I’ll show you what to prepare right in this article.

What You Need (Equipment)?

For Camping:

  • Tent
  • Tarp
  • Sleeping bags
  • Pillows
  • Matches
  • Firewood
  • Newspaper (or anything to read)
  • Flashlight

For Cooking:

Because you will prepare foods mostly in your kitchen, so you can take advantage of any kitchenware.

Other Items:

  • Sunscreen
  • Warm clothes
  • Bug spray
  • Soap
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste

How To Camp?

First, you need to set up the whole plan with your family or the ones you are going to camp with. Then, list out everything you need for camping, agree the day and assign tasks for each one. In that way, it will be much easier for everyone when the day comes.

  • Finding An Appropriate Place To Camp

A small space like your garden or backyard is not as large as a caravan park, but it is certainly easier to find a decent place to pitch a tent. Any flat surface with no rocks and sticks can be suitable

  • Set Up A Camp

Clean Up The Area Before Setting Up:

If your garden is usually cleaned up, you may not need to do this. However, if you only take care of it occasionally, tidying the area is necessary before setting up anything. You don’t want to be bitten by ants while sleeping, do you?

The Tents:

You should choose a great quality tent because that may be where you will sleep in. There are three basic types that you can choose: A-frame tent, tunnel tent, and dome tent. Whatever you choose, it must be a place that can protect you from rain, wind, or insects at night. Moreover, if you want to sleep in it, it needs to be airtight to keep you warm through the evening.

In the case that you have kept your tent in the garage for a long time, it would be dirty and a little fusty. Expose it to the sun some days before the camping day and clean it with vinegar water or mild cleaner. It will be ready for camping.

And it depends on the number of people attending that you should decide how many tents are needed. However, you usually need more than one. If you invite more than two people, you can ask them to bring their tents.

How To Pitch A Tent:


Step 1: Unpack the tent

Step 2: Lay a canvas or a tarp on the surface you choose

Step 3: You will see some poles. Just put them through the body of the tent. They will play as the backbones of your tent and help it stand straight. This step takes most of the time, so be patient.

Step 4: Raise the tent up straight

Step 5: Fix the tent pegs by hammering the spikes into the ground. This move will stabilize your tent and prevent it from being collapsed by the strong winds.

Step 6: Cover your tent with a flysheet. Because a tent is not waterproof, a flysheet usually comes with it. It is vital to preserve your tent so that you can use it various times later, and a flysheet is one of the best methods to do it.

And then you are done. It can be a little difficult at the first time because you might mistake among the spikes or feel confused while getting the tent up. You can ask somebody who is experienced in pitching up a tent to help you in the first steps, and then do the rest yourself. It is more exciting when you can do it on your own.

Set Up Where To Sleep:

It should be a surface that is relaxed enough to lie on. You can unwind an air mattress, a comforter, or a cushion. Otherwise, it is best to have a sleeping bag, which is waterproof and will keep you warm during the night. Mainly, if you have kids and want them to be comfortable, you can put some toys, pillows, and a wool blanket inside the tent. Your children will be very exciting and certainly want to camp another time.

Set Up Where To Sit:

Besides a place to sleep, you need somewhere to lay all of the foods or spend time with one another. That is why a place to sit is necessary. A small picnic table or a blanket to lay out on the grass and some lawn chairs will be the most suitable items. Make sure that the lawn is not wet or the blanket is waterproof before laying it out.

The whole process of setting up a camp is the part that everyone can involve, especially when you have kids. They will have a chance to practice teamwork. You will be able to watch how they solve the conflicts and problems occurring. That is why camping is an excellent occasion for you to teach your children lessons that they cannot learn from school. It is also terrific times to let your kids enjoy the outdoor atmosphere instead of holding an iPad or iPhone all day. They will be allowed to lift the woods, light up the campfire, and make the dishes themselves.

What To Eat?

Some foods you may be interested in:

  • Hotdogs or sausage
  • Sandwiches
  • Chips and dips
  • Ground vegetables
  • Marshmallows
  • Chocolate
  • Eggs
  • Cereal and milk
  • Drinking water and some additional beverages
  • Snacks (cookies, popcorn)
  • Pizza
  • Fries

You can have lunch or dinner with a barbecue party. My children and I love barbecue party in the garden, so we usually prepare a broiler before camping out. Sometimes, we changed to other types of foods, such as golden pompano fish, spare ribs, pork, or beef. They have a fantastic taste when being grilled and I love eating them while camping.

If you want your kids to join in cooking, you can have pizza or sandwiches with sausage. It will be safer than allowing them to touch the grid. Besides, they will be very excited to choose the ingredients to put in the burgers or sandwiches. Perhaps, you will be surprised at the flavor of the foods they make.

After dinner, you can light up a small campfire to roast marshmallows. This is one of the most favorite activities of my kids. Gathering around an open campfire is also an excellent way to bring your family members closer to one another. Try it, and you will love it.

Who To Invite?

It’s not difficult to decide which one to invite to your camp. Any friend of yours who has free time can join in this event. According to me, it depends on the purpose of the camp. If I want to meet my friends after long time no see or just to have some beer, various participants mean more fun. In contrast, if I want it to be a private and extraordinary occasion for my family and kids, I’d rather invite nobody.

So identify the purpose of your camp and make a list of people you want to invite.

What Games To Play?

Games are not one of my strong points; however, I know quite many games that you can play with your kids and have fun. Here are some of them:

  • The copies

–    For preparation: String Phone

–    Number of players: more than three people

–    How to play: Everyone stands in one circle. Then, the first one whispers some message in the second person’s ear and so son. They have to pass the message until it gets back to the first one, who will see if the message is correct or not. This is a funny game, and you will laugh when you know what the last result is.

  • Simon says

–    For preparation: Just think of some actions in your head

–    Number of players: more than five people

–    How to play: One person acts as the commander and others will have to obey his orders. However, only when he starts with “Simon says” can the players do what he says. If the commander says something that does not begin with “Simon says” and the players do it, they are out of the game. This game is classic, and I am sure many of you have known it; but still, it is a terrific game.

  • Let’s see who blinks

–    For preparation: Perhaps you need an eyewash to play this game

–    Number of players: two people or more

–    How to play: Does it sound funny when I said you would need to wash your eyes when playing this game? I was not kidding because two players have to look at each other’s eyes until one blinks or laughs. If you are a player and you blink or smile first, you lose. You can try this if you want to test your eyes.

  • What am I drawing?

–    For preparation: sheets of paper and pens

–    Number of players: four people or more

–    How to play: First, cut the paper into small pieces and write some objectives or items on them. Then, divide the players into two or three teams, depending on the number of participants. Each person from each team will pick a piece of paper and describe the items by drawing on paper. If members of a team can guess correct answers of pictures drawn by their teammates, they get points. At the end, which team has the highest points is the winner. It can be a tricky game, but it is fun and stimulates your imagination.

  • Telling stories

–    For preparation: nothing

–    Number of players: more than five people

–    How to play: This game is easy to understand. Everyone will tell a story together by speaking only one particular word. For instance, if the first player says “my,” the next one can say “father,” and the player after that can say “is,” and so on. The tricky part is that each person must think of something logical enough to connect with another. I’m sure that you will be very curious while waiting for the end of the story everyone is telling.

Some Suggestions For You To Relax While Camping In The Garden

  • Turn off your home phone and cellphone
  • Disable the internet and stay away from computers or video games
  • Television is unnecessary, so don’t watch it.
  • Forget about chores, such as doing the laundry, washing the dishes, doing your homework, or anything that makes you stressful
  • Dress up just like when you go to a real camp, which will make your more excited and cheerful.
  • If you don’t want to light a real campfire due to your children’s safety, you can create a fake one by putting a flashlight into a bunch of woods or buy a fake fire on eBay.


Is camping in the garden seem more fantastic to you now? I hope it is and wish that you will have the best camps ever after reading these tips. Thank you for reading my article about “6 essentials to prepare for camping in the garden.” Goodbye.

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