Family Tent Design Considerations


Sep 06
(Last Updated On: October 7, 2018)

Family Tent Design Considerations: Tips to purchase a family tent

Most of us spend our lives within the homes made of wood or concrete walls and they lead us to have small or no connection with the beautiful nature and the glory found in nature. To increase the family camping experience and the overall camping trip, we should reside definitely together within the family tent. When a family goes outside their home and spend some time in nature they feel something new and unique when they intend to set their tent.

Since the popularity, as well as the demand of family tent, is growing day by day companies are now creating and offering comfortable and luxurious tents that a family can easily be accommodated in them. There are many options to choose for families in terms of shape, price, type, size, color, and pattern.

Size of tent

Here is an important question that which size should be chosen for a tent? Well, it all depends on a fact that how many members are in the family and what are their needs and how they feel comfort. However, if the family is small, it can be easily resided comfortably within a tent made for a big family, but if the family is big, there is no possibility for residing within a tent designed for a small family. An ideal family tent is able to accommodate every person in the family without making any cause for any inconveniences. Families should select a tent that accommodates easily anywhere between 3 to 15 family members.

Nowadays, there are a lot of companies that are making tents aiming to cater to the individualistic requirements of clients. This is the reason of what we can see today that many family tents along with enough room for each member of the family are being provided as well as  little tents offering limited rooms.

Bedrooms within the family tent

Each member of the family contains his personal needs so it’s clear that a tent should have the facility that meets the requirement of all family members. So, nowadays, manufacturers are designing the tents keeping this idea in their mind. Although, some family members may don’t need to have any privacy as they want to be public, but others may want enough privacy and don’t feel comfortable while they are in the public place for most of their time. Teenagers and their parents may need separate bedrooms because of meeting their private needs. Conversely, parents and their younger children may prefer to live without having any bedroom and also it’s possible that they share the bedroom and live together. Couples that are looking to have some time with their children but they want to reserve some privacy as well simultaneously for themselves, are advised that they should prefer to buy a tent that contains at least one comfortable bedroom.

Tent Design

It’s a fact that the design of any family tent has a lot of effects on the level of family’s comfort. I would like to advise families that they must consider overall design if they need to fulfill their certain requirements. Families that need to get the outdoor enjoyment without opening the entrance of the tent should decide for a tent that contains windows. The weather and tent fabric should be kept in mind by the families if they are planning to camp in places that have extreme weather conditions. Room for seating, storage space, entertainment and sleeping should be kept in mind and taken into account so that way, families will ensure a comfortable camping trip and joyous. Must check and inspect how much the strength of pools is and how much their material is strong.

Weather conditions

Keep in mind that only the fabric is not able to withstand and compete the extreme weather conditions, that’s why you must choose the shape and the structure of your tent accordingly. If the family tent is dome shaped it may provide you a small place to stay and live, but it can withstand the extreme weather and harsh winds. If the tent is like a cabin, it may be spacious and roomy, but you can not use it in the regions that are windy and snowy.


When you purchase a family tent some things should be considered in the terms of convenience, such as ease of assembling and disassembling, usability, and carrying.

Tent Entrance

It’s very important to check your tent entrance. You have to look at how a person can get in and out of the tent you have chosen. There are many tents that have very large openings, that is good only if the weather is sunny, but I don’t think that it’s great in the locations containing cold weather or there are rough winds or rains.

Just think what would occur if the rain is falling on your tent? It’s possible that the rain would drip inside the tent as soon as the door would open. A wider door of a tent was a flaw in the past and companies were not interested in designing such doors, but today, it’s being addressed by the companies and manufacturers. Make sure to check that your tent contains shelters or gullies that can direct the storm and rain away from the door of the tent.

Many things can be found that have the ability to improve the tent, although, they are not so necessary, but if they considered they can provide a difference.

  • Hooks for Lantern: You will see that some tents contain a very small hook in their roof of its living area, so a lightweight light can be hung easily.
  • Strong pockets: It’s great if your tent has at least one small but the strong pocket in its bedroom. There are several tents that have many extra storage pockets in the living space.
  • An entrance for the electric cord: If you need to use an electric hook up, it’s ideal that arrange a cable that connects the power cord and avoid letting it in water if it rains. Avoid taking the power cable via in an open door.
  • Mud Valance: The bottom of the tent contains a skirt material, which is very useful while it is raining because it can direct the rain away from the tent and its door.
  • Guy Line Tidies: Make your life simpler using them, these can help you when you come for the next time.
  • Easy to pitch: Make sure to purchase a tent that can easily be pitched and used simply.

The material of content is also important, so concentrate on its layout as well as its type that is best for you and your family before you worry too much about it. Nowadays, most tents are created from polyester, but the polyester material has difference grades. Mostly, we should look at the hydrostatic head, as you will know by checking it how much the material is waterproof. If the number is higher it will be higher waterproof. If you are looking to purchase more expensive tents consider tents made of polycotton. Polycotton is a blend of cotton and polyster. If we compare polyester and polycotton tents we will know that the polycotton tents can stay warmer if the weather is cold and in the hot weather, they stay cooler. This thing attracts people to buy the polycotton tents even they are expensive.

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