Family Nano’s Air Fryer For Some to-Die-for Camping Recipes

(Last Updated On: June 4, 2017)

Are you looking for some air fryer that can produce awesome camping recipes? Do not worry! We got the right solution for you!

Have you ever looked for an air fryer in a shop and wondered what the use of the fryer is? Air fryers are the most advanced way of cooking food. Air frying may yield the result in just a few minutes compared to regular cooking. It can also replace the slow cooker you use at home, producing the same results.

That’s why Family Nano provides air fryers with the healthier option, especially for people who loves to fry their food. You can use a small amount or no oil during the cooking method using the tool. It can be easier than regular cooking process; that’s why most people opt for this cooking device when dealing with the most intricate air fryer recipes.


Have you asked yourself: do you want to eat healthier foods, but you do not want to give up its taste and texture? Our air fryer that will allow you to be healthy, yet you can still enjoy the flavour of your meal. With its unique rapid air technology, our air fryer will bake, grill, fry, and roast your food with a little or no oil at all! Thus, it is the ideal solution for quicker and healthier snacks and meals, especially when you are camping.

We will also feature a variety of camping recipes that you will be able to apply using our air fryer. Our air fryer will produce some easy-to-cook snacks like French fries to roast pork and air fried dumplings. Our air fryer’s ability to bake, fry, grill, and roast is just unbelievable! That is until you obtain one and try it yourself. With that, we have gathered some of the campers’ favourite air fryer recipes for you and your family all together.

How Does it Work?

Before revealing our mouth-watering camping recipes, we want our valued clients to understand first how the system works. You see, when we say air fryers, they use the rapid air technology. And by this, we mean cooking various types of foods that will otherwise dip in fats. Such advanced technology functions by circulating the air in high degrees Celsius. It can even reach up to 200 degrees Celsius to cook your meals like chips, fish, chicken, etc. The rapid air technology used in this system will bring the newest innovation in cooking appliances. Also, it will help you discover the new era of cooking techniques. Air fryers provide some of the most perfectly cooked foods with less fat. In fact, it can remove up to 80 percent of fats from the food as compared to other methods of food preparation.

Airs Fryers are User-Friendly


Our air fryers’ cooking segments give off heat from a heating constituent close to the food. Hence, you may cook your food more appropriately and efficiently. Its exhaust fan just above the cooking area aids in providing enough airflow from the base of the fryer. It will allow the hot air to pass through the food you are cooking continuously. As a result, each part of the food obtains the same heating temperature produced by the fryer. Using the fan and grill will facilitate the airfryer to discharge the heated air at its maximum speed. With that, you will achieve the right properties that you don’t usually observe with just the conventional fried food. It is such a straightforward yet innovative way to cook your food, right?

Our air fryer, just like a rice cooker, has a large removable tray too. The dish serves up fresh, hot meals in just a few minutes. Although it may seem fried because of the food’s crispiness, the cooking in the airfryer is healthier. It is mainly because of the reduction of calories in the meal. So, we have produced a highly developed solution to contribute to your wellness and health. You can cook any camping meals you can think of, from chips to chicken to pork with just a little amount of oil. And in just a few minutes, everything will be ready and served.

In a similar manner, our air fryer will also give you your favourite meals like French fries, hamburgers, steaks, and more in just a short while. It will keep you astonished, right? However, what’s even better is that you can bake a whole cake in our air fryer in just a few minutes too!

The exhaust structure of the fryer will also control its temperature that the internal pressure increases. It also gives off some additional air to cook the food thoroughly. The air fryer will also evenly filter the extra air before it releases it. Thus, it also promotes a better effect on our environment. And in that sense, our air fryer is both environment and user-friendly, especially that it is odourless and harmless.

Air Fryer Cooling System

Our air fryer uses air at its maximum limit. Thus, you do not need to be afraid of the superheated air used to cook your meal. Our air fryer comes with a complete cooling system just in case the hot air runs out of control. It has a fan mounted on its motor axis that manipulates the internal temperature of the fryer. The fan will make sure that the setting inside the fryer stays healthy and clean. Its cooling system will also enable the fresh air to get through the filters. Then, it may head to the bottom of the air fryer. It allows the route of fresh air to help the fryer to cool each of its parts.

Benefits of Air Frying


Our air fryer’s perks are endless. Aside from that it is different from a traditional cooking tool, it also helps nervous people to cook their food properly. It also avoids them to burn the food, unlike a conventional frying pan. The controlled temperature and cooling system enable the fryer to protect itself. Healthier food, better tasting meals, and environmentally friendly, are some of the benefits. Try to use our fryer yourself and explore more benefits!

Camping Recipes Using Our Air Fryer

It is easy to use, with so many options, and with never-ending recipes. Using our air fryer will result in a flawlessly served dish daily. Do you need some inspiration to surprise your friends and family while camping? You may take a look at our straightforward and convenient camping recipes. For starters, you may prepare a simple French fries. And for the main course, you may make a chicken or a pork meal. Here are some of the air fryer camping recipes you may follow:

Air-Fried Crisps

Have you purchased a pack of crisps and you do not want to eat it? Do you feel like there is more air inside the bag that the potato? Well, we feel the same way too. Most of the chips we buy in stores are terribly salty. Thus, we have come up with air fried chips for your camping trip. Aside from the fact that you can quickly prepare it, it is also cheaper. You can also control how exactly you want the crisps done. You may also choose to add some healthy ingredients for your do-it-yourself chips. Plus, it does not only use potatoes as the main ingredient. You may also use some apple, mixed vegetables, beetroot, and parsnip.

Air-Fried Crispy Dumplings

If you are a boring eater, then you may use our air fryer. If you just want some traditional pies or casserole, then you may use our fryer. But for a more Asian twist, you may choose to cook some crispy dumplings for your camping adventure. The air fried dumplings are the same as those soaked sets you have with casseroles. They are ideal for serving up a huge group for camping and other outdoor activities. They are also very fast to cook using our air fryer.

Air-Fried Spicy Barbecue Chicken Drumsticks

In a traditional cooking method, it may take up to 30 to 45 minutes to cook chicken drumsticks. However, with the use of our air fryer, you do not need to consume much time. You may choose to create your marinade and just infuse them into your chicken as you heat your fryer. Then, you may just fry it for 15 to 20 minutes at a low temperature and roast it for another 10 minutes. Our air fryer will leave your chicken crispy outside while keeping its juiciness inside.

Air-Fried Crispy Roast Pork

Does not see how versatile our air fryer is yet? The only key here is how you prepare your food. You need to put the spices into the pricked pork to inculcate all of the flavours. Then, you may observe the air fryer as it turns the pork crunchy and crispy. More than that, when you use our air fryer, the pork will still retain its moisture and flavour.

Air-Fried Vegetable Spring Roll

For an Asian dish for your camping, you may use to cook vegetable spring rolls. Aside from that, they are unique; they are also delicious. When you just shop ready-to-cook spring rolls, it may have a lot of preservatives and other unhealthy contents. Thus, you may opt just to prepare your spring rolls. Once you try our air fried spring rolls, you will ask for more. You will use a little amount of oil during the frying process. So, you will still get the freshness of the vegetables and the other ingredients. They are also crispier without too much grease. It is also easy and fast to cook using our fryer. So, for your spring rolls, make sure to try our air fryer.


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