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Rebuild your camping tent
(Last Updated On: April 12, 2020)

Hello, I’m Riordion Victor,  CEO of Victor Crafter (, a website provide wooden power & hand tool reviews. I’m very professional at DIY and hand tools. Today, I want to share some of my experience of rebuilding your camping tent.

During your camping vacation, parts of a tent could sometime break down. To prevent this inconvenience, you equip yourself a tent’s repair kit from some of the specialist in maintenance or learn to fix it by yourself. This article will help you rebuild your tent so you can avoid buying a new tent and save money.



To repair a tear on the canvas, you will need the following materials:

  • Packing tape
  • Urethane-based adhesive such as Freesole or SeamGrip
  • A piece of mosquito net covering the slot plus 5 mm on each side

This repair is almost invisible from the outside, but a transparent surface will be visible for large holes.

  1. On the outer surface, the paste packing tape over the hole or tear avoiding making folds. Do not use duct tape because when it is removed, it leaves a sticky residue.
  2. On the inner surface, spread a thin adhesive layer on the tear more than 5 mm on each side. If the fabric is doubled, open a tear seam near to reach within the tissue.
  3. Place the piece of screen over the adhesive to reinforce the repair.
  4. Let it dry for 24 hours.
  5. Remove the packing tape fabric. If the pieces of fabric exceed, burn them gently with the flame of a lighter.
  6. Sprinkle the talcum powder or cornstarch to prevent stuck when folded.


fixing a tent pole

If a hoop is broken during a storm or hard wind, remove it gently to prevent it tears the fabric of the tent – this often happens with larger tents –  Cover the broken part with the repair sleeve and stick it with adhesive tape. If you do not have a repair sleeve, try to cobble together a splint with twigs and duct tape. Back at home, you can replace the broken section.


No tent is completely immune to water. However, it is possible to re-waterproof the seams. To do this, you will need sealer seams and odorless talc powder.

fix a leaking tent

  1. Go up the tent in a well ventilated room, and open to doors and windows. Do not install the fly.
  2. If the seams are not sealed, apply sealant to the floor seams. Enter the tent and apply a thin layer of sealant on the seams. Remember that seams need to be attached to belt loops.
  3. As the sealant will not adhere to the outer surface of the tent where there is no coating, apply the sealant on the yarn stitching. Make sure you apply enough sealant to penetrate all layers of fabric.
  4. If the fly is leaking, place it on the tent. Apply sealant to the outer seams.
  5. Let dry 24 hours.
  6. Before storing the tent, sprinkle talcum seams to prevent sticking to the fabric.


Clean the tent by hand with a sponge, mild soap without detergent and cold water. Rinse thoroughly so that no soap residue remains and let it dry in the open air while avoiding the sun. Dry cleaning, washing and drying machine are not recommended. It is best to dry the sap stain, and then rub them with talcum powder or sand to prevent them from staining the rest of the tent.


It is essential that the tent and the arches are completely dry before storage. It takes approximately two days to be quite dry. Mold on a tent usually results from its storage while it was still wet. It is advisable to store the tent in a cool, dry and dark place.

Make sure that nothing is left inside the tent before folding. If the poles were exposed to salt or salt water, it is best to rinse with cold water and let them dry before storing. If you store your tent for several months, make sure that the hoops are deployed to minimize the tension of the elastic cord that holds them.

Hope you find helpful information and solution for your tent in this article. Enjoy!

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