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Apr 07

Sleeping mats and airbeds for camping

By Robert | HOW TO

Along with good tents for camping, sleeping mats (with good mattress topper) and airbeds are becoming indispensable items for campers.

You purchase sleeping mats and airbeds mainly for two reasons: sleep comfort (bedding) and the thermal insulation. A good sleeping mat or airbed is necessary!

Whether you then choose a sleeping mat or airbed depends mainly on your camping plans, your budget and personal preference. Below, we discuss various options.

The development of sleeping mats and sleeping bags

Previously, the campers do not have many opportunities to spend the night comfortably. On the one hand there was the rubber / canvas mattress that need to be inflated with the foot, hence causes difficulty and takes a lot of space. On the other hand, there was the so-called eggshells mattress which is not comfortable and offers less insulation.

The introduction of the self-inflatable (self-inflating) sleeping mat in the 70s unleashed a revolution for vacationers. These mats not only were folded compactly, but also were light, and offered good comfort and gave an excellent insulation. The price for these mats was initially a stumbling block, but it soon became apparent that a good quality sleeping mat worth every penny.

In recent years, there has also been a new and interesting development in air mattresses industry. The traditional air bed (like the SoundAsleep camping model) has been replaced by a much lighter version which insulates well, is extremely comfortable and is compact to carry along. The disadvantage is still the high purchase price and to a lesser extent, the vulnerability of the mat.

Types sleeping mats and airbeds

Below we discuss the different types of sleeping mats and airbeds

  • Insulation mats (foam sleeping mats)
  • Airbeds
  • Self-inflatable mats

1. Insulation mats

insulation mat

This is the classic backpackmat. Insulation mats have open cell foam and closed cell foam (polyethylene). The first one has lower insulation value than closed cell foam sleeping mat, hence the second is more suitable. The disadvantage is that closed cell foam mats are quite voluminous, rapidly become dirty and require proper clean. The advantage, however, is the friendly price they normally have. Moreover, they can take a beating, flat tires and go almost a lifetime. They are especially suitable for long-term and heavy use. For those who are really looking for comfort and insulation and is willing to pay, the mat with closed cell foam is a good choice.

2. Airbeds

The traditional air mattress of canvas and PVC has long been the norm for campers. The disadvantage was that this type of mattress insulated badly, because cold air can circulate in the mattress and nothing was “held”. In addition, this type of air mattress was hard and it took a long time before it was pumped by foot.

For camping, now we have better alternatives. A new generation of air mattresses (air mattresses) approaches the self-inflatable sleeping mat in terms of insulation, weight, and comfort. They are waterproof and filled with feather or synthetic padding. For lightweight campers, these mats are certainly interesting.

3. Self-inflating sleeping mats (self-inflatable mattress)

In contrast to an air mattress, a sleeping mat is made of insulating plastic material. Self-inflating sleeping mats can be purchased in a thickness of 2.5 to 10 cm and insulate very well. Single sleeping mats available in widths between 51 and 79 cm wide, but there are also double versions. Sleeping mats can be a coupling set “simple bind together to form a double ‘bed’. The advantage of sleeping mats compared to traditional air mattresses is that they are a lot lighter, thus easier to carry and can not pump.

Backpackers, cyclists, and motorcyclists are especially prefer compact, lightweight self-inflating sleeping mats. This isolate still good, but due to the reduced thickness, you should add some on for comfortable sleeping. Because air may become self-inflatables leak; So always make sure you have a repair kit with you to fix them.

What to notice when buying a sleeping mat or airbed?

Length and width. Especially in winter conditions, an appropriate mat is essential because all body parts must take full advantage of the insulating properties of sleeping mat.

  • Packing volume: The lighter the equipment needs to be, the more valid the pack size of the tent.
  • Comfort: The thicker the mat, the more comfortable. But against more comfort, is again more weight.
  • Weight: Weight plays a role, depending on your vacation plans. Itinerant campers opt for a light mat or airbed.
  • R-value. The insulating value of a sleeping mat is indicated by the so-called R-value (where the R stands for Resistance or resistance). The higher the R-value, the better the insulation.

Currently, you will find a variety of different sleeping mats and airbeds. Air mattresses: Aerobed, Exped, High Peak, Intex, Safarica and Therm-a-Rest. Sleeping Mats: Bardani, DWS, Exped, High Peak, Safarica and Therm-a-Rest.

Hope you find a good one for your vacation!

camping portable table chairs
Dec 14

Choosing Chairs & Table For Camping

By Robert | HOW TO

Similar to good camping tents, the offer in camping chairs and tables is huge for campers. Customers can choose from a wide variety of types, models, and sizes. So you can opt for a simple folding chair or just for an extra comfortable relaxation chair. The following tips will help you in buying the right camping chair and camping table for your camping vacation.

camping portable table chairs


Even if you’re on vacation, you want to be able to sit comfortably. Therefore, it is important to consider your posture when choosing camping chairs. If you are tall, a chair with a high seat, for example, is more comfortable than a chair with a low seat. There are camping chairs that can carry a weight of 200 kilos.

Who is looking for a combination between relax and sit, should choose a relaxing chair? Please be aware that a relaxing chair does not fit under any camping table. In many cases, you will also take it as an extra seat. If you do not have much space in the car, but you occasionally want to relax, you can think of a footstool. This extends your ‘normal’ camping chair into a kind of lounge chair. Many brands have an ottoman in the same color as the chair.

This allows you to lie on your back as well as your stomach. Some stretchers or beds have a sunroof; ideal if you want to read a book in the sun. The advantage is that you can take it easily with you to the beach or put in your backyard.


Portable Table and ChairsHow do you travel to your holiday destination, determines to a large extent how your camping chairs can be. If you bring little baggage, you should opt for a lightweight folding camping chair. If space plays no role, you can also opt for a luxury adjustable camping chair.

Many people are mistaken about the space of a camping chair. Make sure when your purchase that the chairs that you buy actually fit in your car. Many models of Crespo example, you can fold very flat which saves space in your trunk or roof box.

Folding chairs can easily be arranged among your other luggage. Moreover, they are by their low weight also easy to transport in a carrying case.

For small children, there are special ‘little’ camping chairs. Toddlers who can not sit independently, you can safely put in special children’s chairs with a removable child seat. One example is the Bardani Bambino.


Most folding chairs have a frame made of reinforced aluminum and a plastic seat and back: nylon, polyester (Batyline) or Textilene. Aluminum is strong, light and requires little maintenance. Plastic is mold-free and therefore can resist against rain well. Textilene is a woven all-weather fabric that is suitable for outdoor use and easy cleaning. The material is strong, dimensionally stable and UV resistant.


The ideal camping table is weather resistant, stable and easy to store and carry. Especially weather resistance is an important issue if you regularly leave your table outside. A non-weather-resistant table approaches to “bulge”. It is also useful because the legs of your camping table are adjustable. So you can put the table on any surface. An adjustable camping table is not necessary if you use the table on a level surface. If you use the table on multiple surfaces, always opt for an adjustable table.

best folding camping table

Go for lightweight, then an aluminum camping table is the best choice. With some camping tables, you can remove the leaves and roll up to give you a small package on hold. One example is the Bardani Primato.


Now there is a very wide range of camping tables, camping chairs, and comfortable lounge chairs. Popular camping chairs, the lounge chairs is Lafuma and Crespo. Other frequently bought camping chairs includes Bardani, Bo-Camp, Crespo, Safarica and Westfield.

Popular camping tables include Bardani, Bo-Camp, Crespo, Lafuma and Sieger.

Hope you have an interesting and comfortable camping vacation with your family with above information of how to choose camping chairs and a camping table. Enjoy!

kitchen for camping
Oct 11


By Robert | HOW TO

Along with good camping tents, a camping kitchen, also known as campers kitchen is a practical camping furniture for people who also want to cook during their camping trip comfortably. The camping kitchen usually consists of an aluminum frame, a sturdy polyester fabric and some loose shelves. This makes camping kitchen light and easy to set up. The worksheet includes a handy mudguards and in some cases a built-in sink or a space for a gas bottle. The mudguard (is also called windshield or windshield cooking) is not included in all outdoor kitchens. Different brands sell spare fenders fit on each sheet.

Countertops or tops are usually not included as standard with a camping kitchen. These can be ordered separately. They serve as a sheet to put your things, prepare food or to cook on. It is always advisable to take a countertop in your new camping kitchen. Please note that not all countertops are suitable for cooking!

Plenty of storage space in camping cupboards
A camping cupboard is ideal for campers who want to cook comfortably. But in a tent or caravan you usually do not have a lot of space. Thanks to a camping cupboard you can comfortably and safely cook in the tent. In addition, a camping cupboard has plenty of storage space. Moreover, you can keep your utensils, pots, a gas cylinder storage etc. and a camping kitchen becomes a handy ‘kitchen organizer. Besides, camping cupboard can also serve as a pantry where no flies and other pests reach. The rear of the camp kitchen is often provided with a mesh so that you will have proper ventilation in the cupboard.

Adjustable in height
The legs of a good camp kitchen are height-adjustable, allowing you to adjust the kitchen perfectly. Therefore, your camping kitchen are still stable on uneven surfaces. Most cabinets are square or rectangular, but there are special corner cabinets.

Recommended Camping kitchen and accompanied accesssories

Bardani Camping Kitchen

Product information

The Bardani Bollitura camp kitchen is a convenient cabinet to place a stove. The camping kitchen is easy to set up and has a sturdy chassis. At the same time useful cupboard provides the campers with more storage space.
Two with zippers shelves
Under the sheet of this camp kitchen, there are two spacious shelves. The shelves can be closed with a zipper. Each shelf has a load capacity of about 20 kg.
Handy camping kitchen
The cabinet is surrounded by a handy wind and splash guard. Thus, the cooking area is well protected. Also, it is to roll on the table top, which make the storage of the camp kitchen easy. The lightweight cooking island is easy to move to it makes favouable condition for you to prepare your meal.
Compact for storage
The camp kitchen is simple to set up and fold back. Folded, the kitchen takes up little space. The Bollitura is easy storage in the included carrying case.

Kampa Camping kitchen Commander

The Kampa Commander is an outdoor kitchen with a large worktop 61x49cm divided into two layers. The Commander comes with a storage bag, shelf / rack and lockable two-layer locker. Very quick and easy to install and tear down.

Standard delivered with carrying bag.

Campart Camping kitchen

Handy, lightweight camping kitchen with double storage compartment left and right. In the middle of a cooking appliance can be placed. This course includes a dodger.
The tops are made of MDF and shelves are finished with a sturdy aluminum edge.
The camp kitchen is equipped with adjustable feet and can be easily created. Compact when folded and packed in bag.

Lightweight aluminum frame 19 mm
Dimensions: 172x48x79,5 / 110,5cm.
Load capacity 30kg.
Color: blue
Weight 10.4 kg

Tristar Camping kitchen Alicante


This rugged camping kitchen is ideal for those who like to cook themselves at the campsite. The kitchen is equipped with a splash guard around so you will have clean and safe cook. The gas bottle can be easily stored in the special gas cylinder space.

Camping Kitchen
• With extra space for gas cylinder
• Lightweight aluminum frame
• Includes carrying case and shelves
• 4 Adjustable feet
• Luxurious top, with washbasin
• With windshield
• Storage pockets on sides
• Size: 102x48x85cm / 116cm
• Weight: 10,0kg

With well preparation, you will sure have a wonderful camping trip. Let’s imagine how excited your kids will be when your family have a dinner on the camping grill together under the sky. Enjoy!

Repair a tent
Sep 16


By Robert | HOW TO

Is your tent leaking a few drops at the seams and you want it waterproof? Did you broke a bow and want to fix it? Or after a big season, tent needed a good cleaning? Here are some tips for a long-lasting equipment.

How to fix a broken arch?

If you have a broken arch of your tent, you’re not the first and you will not be the last!

Nowadays, with advanced manufacturers and materials, it has now become rare to break a hoop because of the wind or severe weather. Generally, breaking defects fall more than a careless mistake (such as stepping on a rack, or place a heavy bag on, or abuse in airports, etc.).

If this happens nonetheless, here are 3 tips to repair a broken arch:

  • Use the repair kit supplied: more and more tents are supplied with a kit to temporarily repair the broken arch. Slide the pipe to repair the area. Then secure it with the resistant tape, adhesive tape, or strap. Note that MSR also provides a repair kit, containing a tube to the adjustable diameter.
  • Repair with an ultra-resistant adhesive: If your tent does not have repair tube, you can make an emergency repair using adhesive, by wrapping around to the repair area.
  • Repair with fine cord: It is called Fisherman trick. It is entirely possible to repair a headband with thin cord (1 or 2 mm diameter).

To Care poles of a tent

When you bend the hoops, do not let the segments bend shaking: this could damage the ferrules and anodizing. Check your frame. It should not be cracked because corrosion (after contact with salt water), wash the poles and coat them with silicone spray.

Over time, the poles bend slightly, which makes them less vulnerable to breakage. Do not try to straighten them. You can also tighten the hoops, if necessary. To do this, simply remove the nozzle, to undo the knot, and then do it again in the desired position.

How to repair a hole in the canvas of your tent?

Sometimes it can be very easy to make a hole or tear in the canvas of the tent, either the outer fabric, or the inner fabric. Here are some cases: the canvas flew to a thorny bush, the outer fabric rubs against a too abrasive stone, use a stove inside the tent, an unfortunate stabbing, a dog playing with his claws, etc. Many possible situations and unimaginable!

There are several ways to repair the fabric of the tent:

  • Domestic cotton cloth (or similar): a patch with a needle and thread will be the most effective and sustainable.
  • For indoor and outdoor mesh fabric canvas nylon or polyester ripstop (not silicone) in emergency solution, the easiest and most effective way is to glue on both sides of the two rectangles of fabric by self-adhesive tape. If there is a small hole, and if by chance you have nail polish with you, a varnish application can hold. MSR has also developed its own patches in the Fabric Repair Kit. Finally, glue SeamGrip McNett also is used to repair holes. In any case, when you back at home, a visit to your dealer will be most appropriate for deciding the service to implement.

How to re-waterproofing tent seams?

With the tension caused by the poles, and with time, it is possible that micro-drops can be formed at the seams of a tent. Fortunately, there are many practices lotions to seal the seams.

The SeamGrip glue by McNett.

The SilNet by McNett:


How to wash and waterproof a tent?

Over time, dust accumulated on your tent that will make the fabric less water repellent and waterproof. It should therefore be sometimes wash your outer tent, but not with detergents. NIKWAX has developed a complete range of products to wash and waterproof your various outdoor equipment.

To wash your tent, use the product of NIKWAX: TechWash. It is a gentle laundry without detergent, which cleans without damaging the waterproofing of your equipment. Wash your tent only by hand and using a soft cloth and warm water. Conventional cleaning products may attack the coating and waterproofing your tent. To remove stubborn stains, you can use Nikwax Tech Wash diluted with four volumes of water and rub softly.

After cleaning, you must re-waterproof treated area by using the Tent & Gear Solarproof NIKWAX

How to clean the zipper of his tent?

Zippers are a fragile place in a tent. If they are dirty, clean them with a brush (tooth) and maintain them using graphite (mine of a pencil), or silicone oil, or oil for sewing machine. Apply these products carefully and remove any possible excess with a soft cloth.