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coleman instant cabin tent 4 6 8 10
May 03



Will YoungExpert says: This Coleman Instant Cabin Tent family is truly the Best Seller camping cabin tent / instant tent all over the US market. Coleman has released this model with 4 size options:

  • Coleman 4 Person Instant Tent (or Coleman Instant Tent 4)
  • Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent (or Coleman Instant Tent 6)
  • Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent (or Coleman Instant Tent 8)
  • Coleman 10 Person Instant Tent (or Coleman Instant Tent 10 and our best 10 person instant tent)


Coleman has been making a variety of fine camping gear products since 1900. The company has become synonymous with tents and other similar products. This Coleman Instant Cabin Tent is made with a special design and arrangement to make it lead to the technology of setting up. Also, When used properly, this helps to keep the tent sturdy and less likely to bear with problems relating to keeping the surface relaxed.




  • Uses 16 and 20 mm steel poles to keep the tent up
  • Zipper cuffs protect the zippers
  • Anti-wicking polyester fabric
  • WeatherTec system integrated around its body
  • Vented rainfly


  • Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)The rating based on our researches. This one is best for a couple.
  • Read 454+ ReviewsCustomer Reviews on Amazon
  • Family Size: 4 Persons
  • Color: Brown / Black
    Weight: 18 pounds
    Dimensions: 8f (W) x 7f (D) x 4.1f (H)Easy to Carry/Transport
  • 01 Room Only Comfortable
  • Number of Door: 1 Door
  • $$Great
  • Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)The rating based on our researches.
  • Read 1,009+ ReviewsCustomer Reviews on Amazon
  • Family Size: 6 Persons
  • Color: Brown & Black
    Weight: 24.9 pounds
    Dimensions: 10f (W) x 9f (D) x 6.2 (H)Easy to Carry/Transport
  • 02 RoomsVery Comfortable
  • Number of Door: 1 Door
  • $$Very Good
  • Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)The rating based on our researches.
  • Read 1,307+ ReviewsCustomer Reviews on Amazon
  • Family Size: 8 Persons
  • Color: Brown / Black / Blue
    Weight: 18 pounds
    Dimensions: 8f (W) x 7f (D) x 4.1f (H)Available in 3 colors (Blue is cheapest)
  • 02 RoomsDeluxe Class
  • Number of Door: 2 DoorsVery Easy to Get In or Out
  • $$$Very Reasonable


The great points about the Coleman Instant Tent entail many unique features dedicated to showing off some appealing functions that make it easier for people to release:

  • The WeatherTec system uses a series of welded floors and inverted seams around the body of the surface. It helps to keep water out from the rest of the space.
  • The vented rainfly is built into the tent. This allows air to move through while creating consistent protection from the weather.
  • The illuminated lines around the outside is very visible.
  • The pre-assembled poles are arranged around the body of the tent to make it easier for the tent to be set up.
  • The rainfly uses Velcro attachments to keep the tent’s body intact while keeping the setup from wearing out over time.
  • A coated polyester body is especially used here. This uses an anti-wicking body that keeps the tent dry and prevents it from being hurt by any large amounts of pressure caused by precipitation.

These features make the tent particularly helpful and easy to handle. However, it is also a tent that is not going to leak all that easily and is far from complicated to handle when trying to pitch and install it.


It’s often a challenge for typical tents to have a series of leaks around the bottom floor, thus making everyone in the tent feel uncomfortable. However, this problem is not an issue with the Coleman 6-Person Instant Tent. This tent instead uses a fully-welded waterproof floor that strengthens its surface so leaks are a thing of the past.

In addition, the welded design on the floor keeps it from being at risk of leaking. There are no needle holes around the area, thus reducing the overall risk of water flowing into the tent.

However, the best feature here is it can be setup within a min, or even in the dark. It is not only the best instant tent among Coleman easy up tent also among easy up camping tents.


Coleman Instant Tent 6 8 10

This is a tent that has made a name for itself as a popular model for sale at Much of this is thanks to the sturdy body of the tent and the fact that it’s so easy to set up. The dual pole setup on this tent makes it easier for people to get it set up and ready for use. More importantly, it does not use any bothersome snags that might be overly challenging for people to use as required.

For me, personally, I love its views (see the video). You go camping for to get the nature, right? It’s one of my luxury camping tents.

The poles are particularly pre-assembled and don’t require a lot of outside materials to make them work. This, in turn, allows the user to quickly make this tent work for one’s needs without being overly complicated or otherwise harder to use than needed.

It can actually take CLOSE TO A MINUTE just to get the tent set up. This means the user doesn’t have to worry about loads of difficult or painstaking work just to make the tent work out right and stay functional as needed.


In addition to the floor not being at risk of leaking and the tent being rather easy to set up, there are many other benefits that make this a unique and helpful tent for all people to enjoy using for their camping needs. Here’s a look at some of the best special features that come with this unique tent:

  • The interior has enough room for two standard queen beds. The sides are specially arranged to where the user can easily sleep in the tent without the walls looking to be too slim.
  • The steel poles are steady enough to where they can handle strong wind gusts. The potential for the tent to be blown away or to collapse due to wind gusts is extremely minimal.
  • There are also two inner pockets on the inside parts of the walls to all people to store things inside the tent.
  • The rainfly can be quickly adjusted as necessary. This is used with a sturdy and quick body that is easy to follow through with as desired.

There are several windows on all sides of the tent. These include plenty of windows that are not too large and should be easy for people to handle when getting light into the tent.

These are all appealing and attractive options to check out when finding a great way to camp. This is a particularly interesting tent that is not too hard to set up and works with a sturdy body that is efficient and useful for all kinds of special camping activities and should certainly be considered when finding a high-end model to stick with for camping purposes.


coleman 10 person instant cabin tentThis tent is best for use among a good grouping of friends. The large inside body of the Coleman 6-Person Instant Tent allows exactly six adults to get into the tent quite well. The sturdy body allows for plenty of space without having people crawl over others when trying to sleep in the space.

The fact that this tent is about six feet in height around much of its space makes it so most adults can easily stand on the inside. This, in turn, will allow the user to easily do things inside the tent.

This is also a good model for larger families to use. The size is comfortable enough to fit in a few air beds and plenty of sleeping bags. It should not be tough for people to enjoy using this tent for their various special needs when it comes to getting a good design ready for use in any particular case one might have.

  • Coleman 4 Person Instant Tent: Great for a couple with a small kid
  • Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent: Great for 4 men or a couple with small kids
  • Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent: Great for a group up to 6 men or a normal family
  • Coleman 10 Person Instant Tent: Great for a group up to 6 men or a normal family




The customers who have bought this product have particularly given this six-person tent plenty of good reviews. They have given plenty of four and five-star reviews for the most part. These include great reviews that suggest that the tent is easy to support and can be affixed properly in just a matter of seconds if used right.

People are also glowing about how the tent is so easy to add and link up to a surface. They state that this is a tent that is easy to sleep in without being overly burdensome in terms of trying to keep it intact or upright at any given moment.


[scrapeazon asin=”B004E4ERHA” width=”650″ height=”400″ border=”false” country=”us”]


The Amazon reviews for this tent suggest that this is a great option that is easy for all to try out and use. According to reviewers on the site, there are many interesting parts of the tent to check out:

  • The windows are large and spacious.
  • The tent is easy to control by keeping the windows up or down as desired.
  • It is just as easy to take the tent down as it is to keep it up.
  • The ventilation features are very useful. In particular, they are organized quite well around all parts of the tent to keep it open and ready for use in a variety of different situations.
  • Some say that the tent will keep water out but it is important to watch for how water forms around the outside so the surface will not become too soft or otherwise hard to sleep around.


The process of setting up this large Coleman tent is promoted as being very easy to follow through on. The tent can be quickly set up with a few sensible steps:

  1. First, the poles around the tent will have to be organized carefully. They must be expanded by opening them up and locking them into their positions.
  2. The fabric for the tent must then be straightened out. This includes organizing the tent’s poles to make it more functional and easier to use as required.
  3. The poles should then be adjusted to where they both interact at the very top. The may have to be expanded a little further to get into the best possible spots on the surface.
  4. Some anchors may also be added to the bottom part of the tent. This is to keep the tent in its place as required after it has been fully set up.


People who are looking for good ways to enjoy the great outdoors should see how the Coleman Instant Cabin Tent is designed. This is a fine cabin that is unique for how it is not only large enough for most people but also because it is sturdy and flexible while providing a good surface to sleep on. The adjustable nature of the tent is especially helpful. This makes for a great tent for larger parties that need a little bit of help with enjoying a good time out while camping.

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Sep 03



I’m so excited to introduce you this wonderful tent. Most of my readers have agreed and bought it. It’s not only a best 8 person tent but also best Coleman 8 Person tent (IMO). If you want to enjoy an eventful camping trip with your whole family, then the Coleman 8 Person Red Canyon Tent is the perfect tent for you. This tent is large enough to perfectly serve 5-6 men at ago and will give you all the comfortable you need.

This Coleman 8 Person Tent has 3 color options with Red, Blue, and Black. The Red one is the highest price and the Black one is the lowest.




The major specifications of the Coleman 8- person Tent include:

  • Size: 17 x10 feet
  • Centre Height: 72 inches
  • Rooms: 1 to 3 (depending on your requirements)
  • Capacity: maximum of 8 people
  • Color: Red, Blue, Black (Lowest price)
  • Sleep: up to 8 people
  • Weight: 21.5 pounds


The Coleman 8 Person Red Canyon Tent is a top of cheap tents for sale that you should consider buying. It is loaded with numerous important features to ensure that you and you family have a comfortable and successful camping trip. Some of the most important features includes:

  • The tent is spacious with a 72 ice height which is perfect for tall people and a 17×10 feet floor.
  • It comes with a room divider that allows for the division to create up to 3 different rooms.
  • This is an important specification as it helps create lots of privacy especially if you have children and adults on the same trip.
  • The tent’s exclusive Weathertec System ensures that you remain dry even if you encounter an unexpected wet condition during your trip.
  • The tent is quite easy to set up as it comes with shock corded poles and has simple and easy to follow set up instructions. This makes it a perfect family tent especially if you have little camping experience.
  • The tent is also designed with a cool air pot as well as a veriflo adjustable venting system which lets you control the airflow in the tent hence the temperature.
  • The Coleman 8 person Red Canyon tent has a unique design that makes it a must have family camping tent. The tent is built with a strong, high-quality, durable polyester-coated waterproof materials to ensure that you are not disturbed by leakages of any kind.
  • The floor is also strong and waterproof which makes it ideal especially if you are camping during the wet seasons.
  • The tent also has a wind strong frame and zipper protections to ensure that you can withstand windy weather conditions.
  • It has a great rainfly with fully taped seams and velcro frame to cover doors and windows thus giving you maximum protection from unfavorable weather conditions.
  • To prevent water from seeping through the floor, the seams on the floor are reversed so that they cancel the needle holes on the tent. In addition, the welding technology is employed to give the floor additional strength.
  • To make the tent stronger, its poles are made strong and wind responsive and are made into guy out triangles so as to ensure that your tent is firmly anchored.


coleman 8 person red canyon tent


The Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon tent is a spacious, waterproof durable and affordable, must-have versatile family tent. It is large measuring about 170 square feet and can comfortably accommodate 8 campers. Given that an average family is between 4 and 6 people, there is plenty of room for everyone. It is also ideal for the family because it can be divided into separate rooms which of a lot of privacy especially when changing clothes. You can also create an extra room for storage of for your pets.

Other than being specious the tent is very comfortable. It is made from tough and quality materials to provide a comfortable shelter even in the extremely wet and windy conditions. This heavy duty family tent has waterproof exteriors and well-ventilated interiors to offer you and your family members maximum comfort. The Tents is made with a wide variety of features specifications to ensure that you and your family have a great camping trip. If you are planning a camping trip then this is the tent you should go for. It is comfortable, reliable and quite durable.

The Coleman 8 Person Red Canyon Tent performs extremely well in various weather conditions. It is quite affordable for the range of features and comfort it offers. It is large and offers sufficient space for both standing and sleep for even the tall guys. Because of its size, this tent is a popular choice for many families. It can fit is a 2 queen air mattress which makes camping more comfortable. The floor on its part is made with polyethylene materials to prevent water seepage from the ground. The tent frame is made with strong shock corded fiberglass poles that can withstand windy conditions. In addition, they are easy to assemble and hence making it easy to set up and set down the tent.


Coleman 8 Person Red Canyon Tent Black Blue Red

Black Color is the cheapest

Buying this tent gives you and your family a lot of other numerous benefits. These benefits include:

  • The Coleman 8 person Red Canyon tent is extremely is to set up and maintain. Made with colored poles this tent is extremely easy to follow the setup instructions. In fact, a single individual can easily set up the whole tent in less than 20 minutes. It is also quite spacious which makes it easy to organize and maintain, once it has been set up.
  • The tent also has a gear net attached to the ceiling which gives additional storage space for keys, phones, wallets and torches among other things.
  • The tent also has interior pockets which provide the additional storage facility.
  • The tent is made from weather-resistant materials and has both waterproof floors and leak free seams to ensure that you remain dry even in very wet conditions.
  • For ventilation and temperature control, the tent has cool air gear and adjustable ventilation system to ensure that you get fresh air at all times.
  • It is easy to carry around and set up and thus ideal for a great weekend camping trip.


Coleman 8 Person Red Canyon Tent Blue

The Coleman 8 Person Red Canyon tent can be suited for many types of users . It is popular with multi small families, a group of friends, and single family with some kids/pets. The most important thing is its very best comfort with high quality and reasonable price.




Amazon Customer Score:

[scrapeazon asin=”B001NZWQ1C” width=”650″ height=”400″ border=”false” country=”us”]

Why Amazon customers said it’s a best tent for camping?

coleman 8 person tent

The Coleman Red Canyon is one of the most reviewed tents on Amazon. The tent has gotten many many good and very few bad reviews. The following are some of the most important reviews:

  • The tent is very spacious and capable of accommodating up to eight people.
  • It is made from high-quality materials and hence very strong, durable and goes at a great price.
  • It has also been commended for being waterproof and having a pleasing and attractive interior.
  • This tent also noted that the tent is quite easy to setup and also to take down and the majority said that they can actually set it up in 10 minutes.
  • Quite a number of customer also noted that the Coleman Red Canyon 8-person Tent did a good job in keeping them dry in bad weather. This is a testimony to the WeatherTec System in this tent that works really well. The Coleman 8 person Red Canyon Tent is built to withstand quite a number of weather conditions.
  • The tent is built with special features to keep off rain water. Such important design features include the rainfly which protects against direct rain, the bathtub shape to prevent stagnant water from entering the tent and the zipper mechanism to make it water tight.
  • The tent also has quite a number of important ventilation features such as the D-shaped doors and the zipper mesh windows that allow free flow of air.
  • On the other hand, the tent has been criticized for being made of poor quality materials especially the poles which are not strong enough in a stormy weather.
  • The rain fly has also been sighted as being poorly designed and thus making the tent less waterproof.


To set up your Coleman Red Canyon Tent follow this simple steps:

    • Before starting to set up your tent, identify a perfect spot that is level, away from trees, and devoid of tree branches, rocks and any other sharp objects that can damage your tent.
    • Layout your tent by placing the door to face your desired location.
    • While keeping the floor taut, stake door the corners using the stake loops.
    • Interlock the four shock-corded poles to assemble the frame poles by inserting them in the pole sleeves so that the longer red poles cross by forming an X at the center of the tent.
    • To connect your tent to the frame start by inserting a pin at the corner of the main pole and insert pressure on the pole from the opposite end so that it forms an arch and insert another pin on the other end. Repeat the process for all other poles.
    • Using frame clips start attaching the tent to the poles along the tent edges. Make any adjustment to ensure that your tent is tight and water proof.
    • Once you have attached the tent to the frame, it is now time to attach the rain fly. First, you have to assemble the rain fly poles in such a manner that the shock corded poles are interlocked. Then insert he rain fly poles into rainfly pole sleeves. Then you drape the rainfly over the tent frame. Then connect the elastic loops with the fabric loops. Then insert the ends of the rainfly poles in the grommets both at the rear and the front of the tent. Finally, secure the rainfly with the attachments.


The Coleman 8 person Red Canyon Tent is a fantastic, spacious family tent ideal for medium size families of up to eight people. This best Coleman 8 person tent is made of high-quality materials to give your family the maximum comfort on your camping trip. It can comfortably house six to eight people at any given time. The tent is strong and completely waterproof and can be used even in adverse weather conditions. It has great ventilation features and can keep you and your family dry and comfortable in any given weather. This tent is also quite easy to set up and use and thus quite appealing to many people without prior camping experience. It is also quite affordable for many families. There are 03 colors  (Red/ Blue/ Black) available and the Black one is cheapest. If you are looking for a comfortable, spacious and durable family tent, then this is the tent for you.

Sep 03

Coleman Hooligan 4-Person Tent Reviews


Coleman Hooligan 4-Person Tent Reviews

These days, there are various tents for different purposes on the market, and you should only make your decision after knowing what is best for you. The Hooligan 4 from Coleman is the best backpacking tent for family that you should take into consideration.

This is an excellent tent for all sorts of small parties to go camping in nice weather conditions. And apparently, even if the weather turns out to be worse than your expectation, you can still enjoy your time with partners inside this spacious tent. There are also many features that make this tent stand out from other tents. But above all, its cheap price is the most appealing aspect. Overall, it’s a good tent at a good price.



These are important specifications for the Coleman Hooligan 4:

  • Item Dimensions: 7.5 x 7 x 24.5 inches
  • Color: Red
  • Weather Tec(TM) system’s patented welded floors and inverted seams help keep water out
  • Spacious interior, room to move
  • Fully-covered vestibule for dry entry and added wind protection near the door
  • Full rainfly for protection from the cold, sun, wind and rain
  • Full-mesh inner tent for incredible ventilation
  • Large windows help cool the tent
  • Storage pockets keep gear organized
  • Insta-Clip(TM) pole attachments stand up to winds
  • 9 feet x 7 feet footprint
  • 4 feet 10 in-center height
  • Floor Area: 63
  • Item Weight: 11.6 pounds
  • Special Size Type: 108”L x 84”W x 58” H

Feature of Products

coleman hooligan 4 person tentThe most noteworthy part of the Coleman Hooligan for 4 is the Weather Tec(TM) system’s patented welded floors and inverted seams sealed at the factory. The rugged 1000D polyethylene floor in a bathtub style is what adds to this superior factor. As the tent is built with these advance features, the Coleman Hooligan for 4 always perfectly does it job, giving users great assurance of keeping them dry on even the most rainy day. People can absolutely enjoy their time under the shelter of the Coleman Hooligan for 4 without worrying about the weather.

The tent’s vestibule is also well designed. The front one offers spacious room for storage purposes. You can put your gears inside the vestibule without worrying that it might get wet since the zipper flap over the vestibule zipper keeps water out completely. Besides, these special features also add wind protection to the tent.


The Coleman Hooligan for 4 is super easy to put up and take down. Its fiberglass poles fully simplifies set-up. One person can put up a Coleman Hooligan for 4 in 10 minutes without any difficulty.

The ventilation of the Coleman Hooligan for 4 is also another great advantage. All mesh body offers incredible ventilation. Large inner windows also help cool the tent, and the upper vent is also adjustable so that you are able to get plenty of air going through the tent when it warms up. By and large, you can feel absolutely comfortable when using the Coleman Hooligan for 4.

Last but not least, external guy loops on fly is really worth mentioning. This feature is so useful if you are going on a trip to a windy area. Furthermore, with the help of Insta-Clip(TM) pole attachments and full rainfly, the Coleman Hooligan for 4 is ready to stand up to winds.

Why is Coleman Hooligan 4 Person Tent best seller in Amazon?

The Coleman Hooligan for 4 stands out from others because it is very cheap (just cost a little bit more than a Sundome tent) but it is still very spacious (more than the Sundome one), simple and convenient to use. You would certainly love this tent after you experience your first night with the Coleman Hooligan for 4.

Best benefit of Coleman Hooligan 4 Person Tent

The Coleman Hooligan for 4 is one of the most recommended tents on Amazon. People usually rate for it because it is ideal for general purpose, and still, it is in a good price range. Moreover, there are some features that make this low-cost Coleman tent a desirable product for campers in general.

First of all, Vestibule for storage is a very handy and exceptional feature of this Coleman tent. The vestibule can prove its practicality if you need to store your gears. It is big enough to help keep your gears out of the weather.

And some other particular features that make this tent distinguished including Weather Tec(TM) system, full rainfly and full-mesh inner tent are convincing enough to be your best option.

Other benefits

This is quite a spacious tent with lots of space – 6′ by 8′ design leaves plenty of room for you and for storage. It can work best for a small family or two couples but either way, it can provide you with a private and comfortable space at a great price.

What is more, the Coleman Hooligan for 4 offers some great view (if you remove the rainfly) and you don’t feel like you are in a tent at all as it is almost entirely screened in.

The Coleman Hooligan Tent for 4 Persons gives the facility to set up in no more than 10 minutes. This is also why people would highly recommend it because of its easy-to-use.

The pole is hard enough to prop up the whole tent. You can trust the tent’s ability to put up with any harmful effects from the weather.

The floor of the tent is made up of heavy duty plastic tarp material; keeping the water out and making you feel really comfortable when sleeping.

The air and temperature inside the tent can be easily controlled using the upper vent and the front door. This is truly a great benefit since you can adjust what is best for you.

Furthermore, the Coleman Hooligan for 4 wouldn’t make you feel like in a tent since the glow provided by the bright over-fly provides light even on a gloomy day. And as I said earlier, the inner mesh also offers some really great views for you.

Last but not least, the tent is made of fire resistant material. This helps guarantee your safety when using the tent.

Who need it the most?

Since this is a really cheap tent, it fits best for those families who are on budget, or for amateurs that just want something good but not too expensive. It is best used among couples or maybe parents with small kids and pets. Overall, it is a great tent at a great price.

Pros and Cons


Customer Score

Amazon Customer Score

[scrapeazon asin=”B00V85D0EY” width=”650″ height=”400″ border=”false” country=”us”]

Summary of Amazon customers’ reviews: A great tent for the money

Family size

Many people find that Coleman Hooligan for 4 is an ideal option if you are thinking of camping with your small family in the weekend. Those who used Coleman Hooligan 4 believe that a family size of 2 to 3 (parents or parents with a small kid) can adjust easily inside. People feel happy because they can get such a spacious tent for a reasonable price.


People are amazed by how waterproof the Coleman Hooligan for 4 can be. With the Weather Tec(TM) system’s patented welded floors, inverted seams and full rainfly, this product from Coleman can impressively help you remain dry in wet condition. Welded seams, even in four corners, ensure that you can enjoy your night without a single leakage if it rains.


Pin & Ring set up is fast and simple, color coded set up is simple and snag-free continuous pole sleeves simplifies set-up. Overall, this product is remembered as a super easy-to-use tent.


The vestibule is perhaps what mainly contributes to this factor of the tent. The Coleman Hooligan for 4 is equipped with a really useful vestibule in the front. It can keep not only the water out, but also the mud and the dirt. Therefore, your tent can be remained completely clean during wet season.

Brand Coleman’s

People who are using Coleman brand always find it reliable. The Coleman’s sturdiness gives users a great level of assurance when using Coleman tents. The Coleman Hooligan 4 is not an exception. That is why there are so many good reviews on this product, especially from those who have used Brand Coleman for a long time.


Many people express their satisfaction for this tent, and much more, its price. They feel lucky to be able to own this tent at such a great price. Usually, a good tent for 4 costs you up to more than 100 dollars. However, the Coleman Hooligan for 4 would make you surprised since it is only $82.05 on Amazon, to be exact. Therefore, the incredible value of this tent is what people usually discuss. Quote one comment of a man who bought the Coleman Hooligan for 4: “A great tent for the money”

Guide about Setup – Install

General Setup:

  1. In the first phase, you need to assemble and position only.
  2. Make the desired position on which you want to set up the tent.
  3. Stake down all the order through rings.
  4. Keep the floor on the ground and straight
  5. Now just assemble the poles you find inside the package. You can unfold it easily by opening the locks

How to do an easy setup for Coleman Hooligan for 4 within 10 to 15 minutes?

Step by step Set-up instruction for Coleman Hooligan for 4:

  1. The first step is to select a level campsite (make sure that you select a site that is clear of rocks and branches; stay away from bumpy ground).
  2. Position the tent with the door facing the desired direction, with the door unzipped and open. (Remember not to place the door facing the wind if you are camping in a windy area).
  3. Lay out your poles on the ground before beginning the assembly.
  4. Assemble the main shock corded poles. If the poles are color-coded, make certain to insert the poles through the corresponding sleeves.
  5. Apply pressure to the pole to make an arch.
  6. Insert one end of each pole onto the pins on the corners of the tent.
  7. Stretch the corners up until they are tight.
  8. Hammer the stakes through the rings of the pins.
  9. Attach the frame clips on the scenes to the frame poles.
  10. Drape the fly over the tent (make sure the fly is properly positioned).
  11. Attach the poles to the rainfly using the hooks loop tape that are already stitched on the underside of the fly.
  12. Press the elastic loops at the corners.

So basically those are a few simple steps for you to put up a Coleman Hooligan for 4. Now you can enjoy your day with friends and family and may come back to rest and relax in the Coleman Hooligan 4 at any time you want.


The Coleman Hooligan for 4 is the best option for couples and small families to consider for their general camping needs. For such a good tent like the Coleman Hooligan 4, it is somewhat a bargain for you to own one. Let’s take a look back at some great features that this low-priced tent offers:

  • The lightweight, two-pole design of this Coleman tent is easy to carry and easy to set up.
  • Weather Tec(TM) system’s patented welded floors and inverted seams help keep water out
  • The practical vestibule help you remain dry even in heavy rain.
  • The brilliant ventilation system of the tent also makes you feel very comfortable when staying inside the tent.

Overall, the Coleman Hooligan for 4 is what you should take into consideration, not only because of its great feature, but also for the fact that there are not many outstanding products that is sold at such a great price.

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Sep 03

Coleman Sundome Tent reviews Cheapest of (4 man) cheap tents for sale


Coleman Sundome Tent

Best of (4 man) cheap tents for sale!!!

Coleman Sundome Tent is available for 2, 3, 4 and 6 person. On our site, 2, 3 and 4 person model are considered as best backpacking tents only the 4 and 6 person model can be considered for family camping. There are many features due to which this tent stands out among others. This season your camping can be no better with this tent solution. The astonishing thing about it is an easy setup. Dome shape tents mostly do no provide ventilation options, but the large windows in this tent for 4 and 6 persons make it favorite.

It has also got Weathertec built in the advance system just like other Coleman’s tents. A Coleman’s tent without complete weather protectiveness is an incomplete one. Therefore, this one make sure that rain and heavy winds do not affect your camping. In other tents, a complete setup takes almost 25 to 60 minutes. Whereas, Coleman Sundome Tent for 4 and 6 Persons just gives the facility to setup in no more than 10 minutes.

This tent has high rating on Amazon as compared to other tents of this category because of the price.


Best Specifications in Dome design Coleman Sundome Tent

  • Warranty for a whole year.
  • Polyester made fabric
  • Provides sleeping space for 4 and six people.
  • The electric port option is
  • The complete ventilation through ground and windows.
  • American-made and imported tent by Coleman Sundome series.
  • An average height of 5’9”.
  • Flood made up of Polyethene.
  • Thick fiberglass poles have a diameter more than 8mm.
  • Bigger room space.
  • 10 to 15 minutes effortless setup.
  • Designed as a dome to look classical.
  • Multiple pockets to keep important things.
  • Complete weather protection through Weather Tec ™ system by Coleman. Also included inverted flood and did not let the water come inside.
  • Carry bag is included in the package
  • Firm Insta-Clips ™ for Pole and protection from the wind

Fascinating features for best camping experience

  • The best Ground Ventilation option through large windows for 4 to 6 person. Remember the air enters from downside, then move upwards.
  • Play and sleep with a Queen bed inside the Coleman Tent for 4 and 6 persons. It is easy to place stuff due to extremely spacious room space. Children can play inside if a 6 person tent is there.
  • Rain protection field powered by Weather Tec system. It also provides shade and do not let the rain come inside. Completely inverted steam that does not let the water come inside even if there is a little flood.
  • Various storage pockets to put things. Avoid the camping experience to become messy. Provides the extremely comfortable experience.
  • Insta Clips, the best pole attachment feature introduced in Coleman’s tent. These clips can stand extreme wind storm in even 4 and 6 person tent. You do not have to worry to plan to camp in some stormy area this season.
  • The smart and easy set up do not let the people waste important minutes from their camping time. One to two person can set up easily within 10 to 15 minutes.
  • You can enjoy a complete year warrant for limited features. People who buy it never needs to claim for any warranty issue. It is a complete and quality passed product.
  • There are many pockets to put things and camping gear.

Coleman Sundome Tent is cheapest among cheap tents for sale

Most of people will looking cheap tents for sale at the first time. This tent is so cheap with its standard features. Campers love a simple camping with very few and light luggage and this tent is THE ONE.

It weighs about 10 Pounds only for 4 to 6 person accommodation. So if you have a car with limited space and more persons, then you can just put it in the trunk with luggage. It can serve as a bag pack tent that is easy to move and set up anywhere. So this is the best thing about Coleman Sundome Tent for 4 and 6 persons.

Why do people prefer it to buy from Amazon?

You must not want something heavy to carry just for camping. Most of the people tried Coleman’s tent earlier, but they want something to be light and easy to carry. We are all familiar with the compact car spaces, and it is no possible to carry big packages in traveling.

The lightweight option at a price less than $100 was never possible before. Coleman Sundome Tent for 4 and 6 persons with 5kgs weight is available in only a very low price. People are finding it a better option over those tents who weigh more than 15 to 20 pounds.

Astonishing advantages for 4 to 6 person camping options

The camping experience becomes best when a Tent or living place is easy to set up. Similarly, once you set up, you will start feeling the fresh air inside the tent. Ten minutes are not a big deal, and even your kids can do it for you. When you start enjoying the then, you realize the real worth of Coleman’s tent.

You can also set a couple of chairs for a nice sitting. The spacious tent provides an option to put a bed and also let others to have a moving space. I mean who can even offer such jumbo camping option with so less weight and price on Amazon?

Why should you buy it?

If you are a family of four to six people, then there can be no more great option than this for you. You can let your children play inside without even having a single suffocated feeling. You small wagon can just carry it anywhere, and you do not need to spend more money on just a tent.

If you are planning to camp in a hilly area, then this one ensure the protective weather shield. You are all worries of being hit by a rainwater and storms will vanish once you get it. Your children can easily play while you cuddle with your wife.

How this is the best option?

If you are looking for a tent that is not too comfortable or spacious in less price, then Coleman Sundome Tent for 4 (or 6) person is for you. A single parent with a child can have their unleashed camping experience. Most of the customers on Amazon gave it 5-star rating and also shared the experience of their camping. It is evident from their review that this tent with it low price is the best option if you plan a trip of 2 to 3 days. You can enjoy the weather for 2-3 nights with your child. No better option for a couple or father and son is available in this price range.

Some Pros and Cons


What is better?

  • The pockets with space to put important stuff for use in camping and setting up a tent.
  • It is even good to sleep if you have a long height.
  • An electric access port and space for a connection. Through this, you can easily put your gadgets to charge.
  • It is an American made that indicates a good quality product. It comes with durable insta clips and poles to set up easily.
  • Its color is green which is close to nature. It does not absorb any heat due to polyester. Your temperature will be moderated.

Customer Score

What Amazon Customer Score?

[scrapeazon asin=”B00V85D5ZS” width=”650″ height=”400″ border=”false” country=”us”]

What did customers say on Amazon? – Cheapest but OK, good for simple camping!

Best value

Most of the people find it valuable in such low price. The customers are comparing the cost and benefits being provided with the product. This cost-benefit analysis is extremely important when the customer have limited funds and average requirements. The tent absolutely is the best among the cheap tents for sale.

It’s great for couple, couple with 1~2 kid(s)


Customers with more movability requirements expressed their positive views. According to them it is so easy to get the carry bag attached to a bicycle and motorbike to go for near camping. Riverside camping is extremely easy with this tent.

Family Size

Customers having large family sizes wrote that they do not find it easy for big accommodation. While a family size of 2 to 3 can adjust easily inside. The sleeping and moving space is a little bit less. Whereas, in this price customers are happy to have such an option.

Brand Coleman’s

People who are using Coleman’s tent since years find it trustworthy. The Weather Tec ™ system is always favorite for people who opt for camping in areas having changing weather conditions.

Budget Tent

The tent with multiple options like this is available in a price range of $150 to $300 on Amazon. Whereas customer who purchases the tent 3 to 4 years ago find it easy on their budget. They do not have to spend more on camping.

How to do an easy setup within 10 to 15 minutes?

General Setup

  1. In the first phase, you need to assemble and position only.
  2. Make the desired position on which you want to set up the tent.
  3. Stake down all the order through rings.
  4. Keep the floor on the ground and straight
  5. Now just assemble the poles you find inside the package. You can unfold it easily by opening the locks

What you have to do now, is to put the tough poles inside the sleeves.

In this second phase, you have to connect all of the poles to tent to stand it firm. It can be done with the help of clips. Make an adjustment if you require otherwise the clips will get attach firmly.

Rain protection

Now you should attach the rainfly on the top. Your rainfly will get an attachment through the elastic rope. This rainfly is going to help you in protecting from rain.

Setup your storage

Storage bags should be aligned with the poles to avoid rain garage. The storage bags are easy to fold, and you can do it in a neat manner.


After having a complete analysis of the Tent features. The conclusion is based on the features, advantages and benefits analysis.


It is obvious and clear that no tent can offer such features in low price. It is even offering an electric cable set up and space for an airbed, which is great! Other important things that should be put in the light includes weather protection, space, and rainfly. The windows and up/ down ventilation system is the important feature.


It provides certain advantages like camping in the rainy season and accommodating 4 persons. Whereas the customer reviews exposed that 6 people can sleep, but the movability becomes difficult. However, it has great advantages for 4 people. A family with toddlers can buy it and enjoy a near side camping.

The small size and less weight is an advantage for those families who have small cars. People who love smart carriage concept always appreciate the Coleman Sundome Tent for 4 and 6 persons. Similarly, the insta clips are really helpful and keep the tent firm even in strong winds.


It is going to be with you for long because of the high quality. You can just make a trip of your family a good one by providing them exactly what they need. It is affordable for a middle-income person and can easily be shipped to anywhere. Coleman’s tent options are always beneficial for the camping lovers, and it is one of such option!

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Or if you are a beginner, you can check our backpacking gear list.