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Feb 19
Family Tent Center Best Buy Today
(Last Updated On: February 19, 2017)


Will Young

Hello, it’s me, Will Young again,

Today I’m very excited to introduced you a new feature of Family Tent Center and it’s called BEST BUY TODAY.

What is benefit of BEST BUY TODAY?

You can now quickly access to top 4 tents that you need to buy, just in seconds!

That’s mean …

No more wasting time to hang around many sale pages/stores.

No more frustrating

No more confusing in choosing

… because there are too many tents to consider.

We already choose the best for you! No matter what you need, backpacking tents, family tents, instant tents, canopies, tens for 1 2 3 … persons, … We already choose the best for you!

With only 4 tents, you can quickly address what tent is best for you!

The Story

… Ah, the scientists proved that most people works best if they have only 3~5 things to focus.

Steve Jobs is one of the best speaker in our time, and he has never mentioned more than 5 things to his audience.

We are exactly the same!

I’ve been hardly to find a product just because there are too many similar things, … And most of us have to face this problem when we try to buy something new!

So now we Family Tent Center take the hardest works for you! We’ve spent many days and effort to:

  • Collect all the information
  • Read all the reviews
  • Watch many videos
  • Even buy some and experience them ourselves

Just to make a short list of 4 best products on all type of tents for you.

How to Use the Best Buy Today feature?

Awesome, just in 4 clicks and you can buy what tent you want!

First click, click on the Best Buy Today button on the right side of the top menu bar (on the Family Tent Center site)

best buy today family tent center

It leads you to a category page. Choose a category that you need. If you want a tent for your small size family, then you may click on 4 Person Family Tent.

best buy today family tent center 2

It will take you to another page looks like below:

family tent center best buy today 3

Ex, you are on the budget. Then, click on CHEAP to see the best cheap 4 person family tents.

Best buy today family tent center 4Now, you can enjoy your short list!

Thanks for reading!


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