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Oct 18

Going Hiking In The Winter? Here’s What You Need To Know


Some of you may think the idea of camping during the winter is insane. Surely only a glutton for punishment or a hardcore outdoors lover would dream up such a crazy scheme. You love the outdoors, but your camping is only going to happen in the summer.

The truth is, winter camping can actually be quite refreshing.

If you are looking for some solitude and snow, a winter camping trip is the perfect getaway. Instead of flocking to the beach to find rest and relaxation, try bundling up and heading north.

However, before you begin your excursion it is important to understand the specific types of shelter, food, and clothing needed to prepare yourself for the adventure ahead. The worst thing you can do is wander into the frigid wilderness unprepared. That’s a recipe for disaster.

Here’s what you need to know before your next winter camping trip.


Camping Shelter

Having a suitable base camp to return to after a long day of hiking is essential for your safety and comfort during the trip. Your tent must be sturdy and able to protect you from elements like wind, ice, and cold nights.

Can you imagine having your tent ripped off you in subzero weather at 2:00 AM? It’s like something out of The Revenant. The right shelter is crucial.

Three-Season Tent

Three-Season Tents will work for a trip in a mild climate that has stable weather patterns. If you’re heading to places like Colorado or Utah, a three season tent will be the perfect shelter. When using this tent, ensure that you situate your camp in a sheltered area to minimize wind exposure. For extra protection against ice storms, bring a tarp to cover your tent in inclement weather.

And remember the first rule of winter camping: The moment you say, “Surely there won’t be any ice storms,” you’re going to find yourself buried in block of ice.

Four-Season Tent

Four season tents are invaluable when heading to harsher climates. These tents are made with a heavy-duty double walled canvas material and are available in a circle or square shape. Four season tents sometimes have a space for a for a stove to keep your shelter warm. Four season tents are more expensive , but are a good investment for serious hikers and hunters.

Snow Shelter

Snow Shelter

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, building a snow shelter is your warmest option. The simplest structure to build is a quinzee–also known as an igloo!

A few guidelines for building a quinzee that would make even the most rugged outdoorsman proud. Katie Roberts recommends:

  • Mark a circle in the snow sufficient to sleep in and allowing for the thickness of the walls of your quinzee. Remember, you’re going to be fitting your entire body in this thing. Give yourself enough space.
  • Stir up the snow in the center of your circle while adding more snow from outside the circle.
  • Continue adding and mixing up the snow until you have a large mound that domes at the top.
  • Poke a few sticks into this mound about 12 to 18 inches. This will be a gauge for the thickness of your walls

After taking a lunch break, head inside to smooth the inside walls and get situated. Perhaps consider adding some decorations, such as a few throw rugs, some antique furniture, and a television. Just kidding.

Sleeping Bag

Winter Sleeping Bag

Your sleeping bag is an essential part the shelter needed for your trip. Your sleeping bag will act as an extra layer of protection from the cold while in your shelter. Bags are available in the traditional rectangle sharp and “mummy” shapes.

Mummy bags are available in longer lengths, giving you an extra storage space at the bottom of your bag. Mummy bags also offer superior insulation because of the distinct shape. The top is wider than the bottom, wrapping you tightly in a “mummy” position.

Most winter bags are rated for cold temperatures. Choose the rating of your bag depending on the climate you are exploring.

Sleeping Pad

The final layer of protection is a sleeping pad. Sleeping pads are inserted into your sleeping bag and act as extra insulation for your body. Plus, they keep your body from pressing against the hard ground all night, which is a bonus the more old and rickety your become.

These pads are usually inflatable, designed to make packing a breeze. Typically, the best sleeping pad options include a foam and air core. So essentially it’s like you’re sleeping on a Nike Air shoe. Sort of.

Durable shelters protect you physically, but also act as a place of comfort after a testing day. Preparing your shelter, from the tent to your physical core warmth is important for your safety during your trip. Remember, after a day of hiking, you’re going to be cold and exhausted. You want a place to come back and warm up. If you skimp on the shelter you’re going to regret it down the road.


Winter Clothing

Once you have secured your shelter, ensure that you have the appropriate clothing for your excursion. Like your shelter, the key to winter camping clothing is layering. You will need layers like long underwear, core warmers, and insulating jackets. It’s always better to overdress for your climate than be unprepared for unexpected cold. If necessary you can strip layers off.

Dry wicking socks will assist in protecting your feet from the sweat produced that can create discomfort. Many seasoned hikers suggest layering your socks. However, if the layering makes your boots too tight do not use this tip.

If your boots become too tight, layering your socks works against you by cutting off circulation – you need blood flowing to your feet to keep them warm.

The most important layer to consider is your boots. Light hiking boots will not work on a winter excursion. Those Uggs your mom bought you for Christmas? Leave them home. Winter boots need to be waterproof and insulating.

Extra Gear


Crampons are a tool that attach to your boots to offer stronger traction. Many crampon options are available for moderate to extreme terrain. Be sure to ask an expert which style suits your trek the best. Crampons are especially important if you’re going to be hiking over ice.


Snowshoes and Skis are used when trekking through snow deeper than one foot. They assist you in staying on the surface and allow you to maneuver through both soft and hard packed snow. Trying to hike mile after mile through knee deep snow will exhaust you in a matter of moments.


Winter Camping

The human body burns more calories when it’s cold, simply to keep warm. According to Princeton University, a person on a winter backpacking trip needs 4,500 to 5,000 calories a day.

This means that your diet for the trip must include high levels of carbs, fats, and protein throughout the day to keep your body fueled. Luckily, it is much easier to pack perishable foods during winter trips because the outdoors is your refridgerator! This allows you to bring things like meat, cheese, and butter– foods that will work to keep your body fueled.

This is also your excuse to double down on all those foods you normally don’t eat. Consider your entire trip one long cheat day on your diet!

For breakfast, double down on protein. Try spreading peanut butter on an english muffin for a quick and easy meal. Also, enjoy your cup of coffee to start the day off warm.

Lunch should include more protein and carbs. Because you can pack meat, it’s easy to make a sandwich with lunchmeat and cheese to refuel.

Dinner should balance protein, carbs, and fats to keep you warm overnight. Try cooking some chicken and rice smothered in butter.

Snacks are easy for winter trips. Bring along things like nuts, almonds, cheese sticks, and chocolate filled gorp (your chocolate won’t melt).

Also, anything you cook with a stove in the cold will use three times the fuel it would during the summer.

Finally, the most important part of your diet on the trip is water. Because your body is burning so many calories, you dehydrate faster. It is easy to forget to drink water when you’re cold, but you must be consciously drinking throughout the day. Drinks like hot cocoa and tea should only boost your calories.

Tips for Trekking

Many other factors, including navigation and downtime, play into the safety and success of your trip. In addition to your three basics needs, mind these factors while you prepare:

  • Don’t rely on your tracks to lead you back to camp. Wind and snow will wipe them away.
  • You will be in your sleeping bag most of the time in your tent. Bring activities like cards that you can play as a group to pass the time.
  • Keep your blood flowing even during downtime. Periodically do jumping jacks, sit ups, or go for a walk to stay warm.
  • Most importantly, it is easier to STAY warm than to GET warm. Check your weather forecast daily and plan your layers accordingly.

Where Should I Go?

Winter Hiking Trials

With so many beautiful locations for a winter camping trip, it’s hard to decide where to explore! Start by visiting these 5 beautiful parks in the United States:

  • Mt. Hood National Forest
    • Located in Oregon, east of Portland
    • Large forest is often overlooked for winter trips with lots of trails for skiing and snowshoeing.
  • National Lakeshore
    • Located on Lake Michigan
    • Plan to visit Pictured Rocks, a popular summer destination is even more beautiful in the winter
  • Yosemite National Park
    • World famous park located in California
    • Easy access to campground during winter months
    • View its sequoias covered in snow from the Wawona Meadow trail or Glacier Point
  • Adirondack Mountains
    • Located in New York
    • Lakes freeze and give access to places you can’t reach during summer months
  • Acadia National Park
    • Located on the Maine coastline
    • Climb up the Gorham Mountain trail for spectacular 360 views

Visiting any of these locations during the winter is sure to keep you wanting more!


Winter camping isn’t just for extremists. As long as you know what you’re doing, and don’t do something stupid like hike in only a t-shirt for hours on end, you can thoroughly enjoy your trip.

During your trip, ensure the fulfillment of your three basic needs: food, clothing, and shelter. Before embarking on your journey, ensure that you have the proper supplies to meet you needs. By taking care of these essentials, you will free yourself to enjoy the world you are exploring and have a successful winter camping trip.

camping food list
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Janet - Family Tent Center

In order to prepare for an excellent camping trip, a camping menu idea is considered an indispensable factor, especially for the novice campers. There are many suggested best camping recipes from various sources with different plans for your choice. However,  the term of good food may vary according to personal taste. In this article, we give you a camping food list that includes HEALTHY, SAFE, and easy camping recipes . The list is also SUPER SIMPLE so you are able to spend more time and energy with your family, instead of cooking most of the time.


Basically, a camping food list is the tool of the camping-meal planning, which summarizes all of the necessary food in preparing for your camping trip. But it is not that simple to have a healthy and safe camping food list by just adding up all the food you think of. “Every woman who aims to have a great camping food list need to spend much of time for researching and planning” – said Katherine (CEO of Minimalist Meal).


Firstly, you should be aware of what the good camping food before picking up them for your meal. The good food for camping should be fresh, nutritious, non-perishable, sturdy and super simple to be carried out and cooked easily. You do not want your food be spoiled or waste too much money on complicated but perishable recipes, don’t you?

The food, in general, and the camping food, in special, can be divided into several types based on their nature, the usage time and the cooking methods. Some typical kinds of camping food comprise of beverages and drinks, ready-to-eat (dry and fresh food), fridge food, cold served food, roasting food, cooked food, condiments, and spices.

camping food list

When we plan for a camping trip, most of us may think of the indulged time for weekends or for few days. Even the shortest picnic usually lasts for the whole day. That means the good camping planner will have to prepare the meal for breakfast, lunch, dinner and also snacks.

  • The typical camping food used for breakfast may comprise of sausages, eggs, bacon, milk, pancake, bananas, oranges, and cookies.
  • For lunch or dinner (main meals), you can use bread, salami roasted turkey, ham, canned tuna fish, cheese, butter and some kinds of fruits to eat. The menu for the dinner can vary, from steak, chicken, ground beef, spaghetti, rice, to potatoes, black beans, tomatoes, lettuce and red pepper.
  • Chocolate bars, pretzel nuggets, and chips are popular options for your snacks.
  • The remaining necessary element for a great camping meal is the drinks.
  • There are several types for your choice, such as adult beverages, energy drinks, bottled water, sports drinks, sodas, and juices.


In order to have a healthy and food camping list, you cannot bring your cooked meals and some dry food. In the case of more than 2-day trip, such cooked meals will be pale, spoiled and unable to eat. Only dry food may not provide sufficient nutrients for your family. For this reason, you have to prepare yourself to do cooking on your camping trip. Hence, there are some camping cooking equipment and tools you should add to your list in case you want to open fire cooking:

  • Folding table & chairs.
  • Camping cook set: stove, fuel, frying pan, coffee pot.
  • Constructive eating set: dishes, bowls, eating utensils
  • Food storage, cooler, zip lock bags.

If you are first time backpackers, you can read this backpacking gear list.


After having a general understanding of the healthy and safe camping food list, you should start making the list for yourself by following some below tips.


You will be able to create a better camping food list while being determined of your trip regarding the place, the duration, the number of participants and sometimes, the weather also takes effect. If your camping trip will last for more than 1 day, please pay more attention in storage items and especially the types of sturdy food.

camping meal plan

Make a very detail camping meal plan by answering 5W1H questions

You can plan what food to carry and how much of them based on how long your camping trip is. The departure and arrival time are also important for you to arrange the order of the meal. Then, you should make a plan for the breakfast, lunch, dinner, also drinks and snacks for each day.

One more thing to add to your plan is the cooking type in the camp. Whether you need to bring a handheld gas stove or you can utilize a campfire or a barbecue at the destination. For each cooking type, there are different related kitchen tools and equipment. For example, you should not use a pan to cook with the campfire otherwise all of your food will be burned soon. After having sufficient information relating to the cooking type along with the kitchen items, please come back with our camping food list.

Now you should think about the ingredients and each meal which are recommended to match with the conditions at the campsite as well as the cooking utensils and method. You are able to avoid redundancies and utilize all of the ingredients for the camping trip by answering following questions:

  • What type of heating is required to prepare a healthy meal? Can you make a camping fire cooking? Is it a MUST for a cooking over a fire? If it is, you can search on Google for the keyword “campfire cooking recipes“, “campfire food ideas“, “campfire dinner recipes“, “camp fire cooking” and “easy campfire recipes“.
  • Do you need vegetarian camping recipes?
  • Can the ingredients be used for more than one meal?
  • How long does a dish take for preparation and cooking? (Try to estimate for each dish and a meal to arrange sufficient time)
  • What type of meal can be cooked in advance (before going to the camp)?

Frankly, creating a menu is not easy at all as you have to combine different dishes into a meal and ensure that such combination will not cause the allergy for people or degenerate their taste. But preparing a healthy camping meal is much more difficult. You not only need to consider of the nutrient provided for each meal but also the nature of the food which should be easy to eat and carry out, simple to cook.


According to the suggestion of some nutrient experts and by synthesizing many food lists from prestige websites, we propose the following healthy and safe camping food list for your reference.

Best Easy Camping Breakfast Ideas

  • Breadbest camping breakfast
  • Eggs
  • Cereal
  • Jam
  • Maple syrup
  • Yogurt
  • Orange juice
  • Cheese
  • Sausages
  • Bacon
  • Fruits (apples, bananas, oranges, strawberries, blueberries, peaches and raspberries)

Easy Camping Lunch Ideas

  • Breadcamping lunch ideas
  • Mayonaise
  • Salami
  • Roasted turkey
  • Ham
  • Butter
  • Meat slices, tuna fish, pate (for sandwich)
  • Lettuce
  • Cheese slices
  • Tomatoes

Easy Camping Dinner Ideas

  • Pastacamping dinner ideas
  • Pre-processed meals
  • Rice
  • Tortillas
  • Noodles
  • Salsa
  • Chicken
  • Steak
  • Sauce jars (sour, curry and sweet)
  • Jars of spices and herbs
  • Jar of crushed garlic

Best Easy Camping Snack Ideas

  • Nutscamping dinner ideas
  • Dried fruit
  • Seeds
  • Trail bars, flapjack
  • Chocolate bars
  • Pretzel nuggets
  • Chips
  • Cookies

Easy Camping Drink Ideas

  • Bottled watercamping meal ideas
  • Milk
  • Coffee
  • Wine (Bring a cask of wine is the cheapest and most convenient way)
  • Beer
  • Energy drinks
  • Juices
  • Sports drinks
  • Soda


  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Onions
  • Cooking oil
  • Sugar
  • Seasoning
  • Soy sauce

Kitchen Essentials

  • Water (An adult needs about 3 quarts of water for daily drinking and may be more from the meal)
  • Folding Table and chair
  • Fuel and stove (if needed)
  • Dutch oven and frying pan
  • Plastic bowls
  • Coffee pot (for heating water)
  • Eating utensils – forks, knives, and spoons
  • Plastic cutting board
  • Cooking utensils – can opening key, sharp knife, large spoon
  • Cooler (for keeping frozen foods)
  • Aluminum foil (for food wrapping)
  • Bags with lock zips or any camper storage ideas (for food storage).


best camping recipes

The most important objective of the camping food should be super simple. As we are not going to a cooking campaign, we should spend more time to relax and hang out with our family and friends instead of sticking with the kitchen. Therefore, you should keep this opinion in your mind when considering your own camping food list.

Based on our suggested healthy camping food list, you can write down each planned meal for the picnic. Do not worry as listing down things will not take lots of your time. After finished the writing, you can try to shorten it by re-thinking of some superseded and useful ingredients along with removing any unnecessary items. You should repeat this step for two or three times until getting the acceptable list. Then, bring this list with you for shopping.


It might not a simple task as you have to keep all the food and kitchen utensils together in a logic order. You also should arrange them according to the order of the meal so they will not intricately tangled when you take them out of the box.

good camping food

At first, you should start with all types of food which need refrigeration. After classifying them, it is very easy to put them in the cooler or fridge. But remember to put ice packs on the food to keep their cool temperature during the camping trip.

The remaining items can be divided into three groups: the non-perishable ingredients, staples and kitchen gears, which should be placed in three different boxes.

  • With the non-perishable ingredients, a strong plastic box is the best option to contain them. In order to fill all of the ingredients into the box, you should place the largest and heaviest items at the bottom and the lighter one on the top. Please try to fill them up the box. If you cannot, some papers will help to keep that box filled and stable to avoid inside things be disordered. In addition, you should keep the raw foods separately with another type of foods. Never bring poultry products or meat without a cooler to keep them safe.
  • The second box is used for storing the staples which are some important items but not belong to the first group. Some examples of the staples are olive oil, salt, pepper, spices, coffee, tea, food wraps, sugar, sauce, etc. This box can be smaller than the first one. You should choose the size of the box to completely fit with contained items inside.
  • All of your kitchen utensils will be kept in the last box. As most of the cooking gears are big and heavy so you need to consider carefully which equipment to carry out with you.   To save your limited space, try to take one gear that can use for more than one dish. A small thing to consider is the available space permits. Sometimes you do not have enough space for these above three boxes due to the car is full of people. Then, you have to re-arrange those stuffs into two boxes instead of.


Now let’s make great camping meals for a whole long day! In case you want to have some more options, you can go to Google and typing “camping cooking ideas” to get more camping food recipes.

Breakfast: oatmeal, eggs, turkey bacon, milk, bread, and berries.

One of the tip in planning the meals is to keep your breakfast be fuss free and simple. A gourmet camping recipes is not always a good idea, especially when you have to leave the camp this morning. The suggested breakfast here is super simple, easy to cook and of course, healthy for your family.

easy camping breakfast


  • Boil eggs in advance, properly before leaving your house, then put them in the cooler. Before eating, you pick the eggs out the box and re-boil for about 2 minutes.
  • Chop berries and mix with the oatmeal also put the mixture in the cooler. Before eating, you need to pick the mixture out and stew a little bit to remove the ice.
  • The turkey bacon was already put in your fridge and you only to take them out and cut in thin slices.
  • Cut the bread and put into a dish. Also, place slices of the turkey bacon, eggs into the dish with a little bit of oatmeal and berries.
  • Pour milk into cups for each person.

Now you can enjoy a super simple breakfast from your camping food list.

Lunch: Meat slices, tuna fish, ham, lettuce, cheese slices, butter, tomatoes (for sandwich), bagels, orange or apple juices, melon.

healthy camping food


  • Cut the ingredients into slices, comprise of meat, ham and tuna fish.
  • Chop all our vegetables and fruits, the put them in the cooler before leaving.
  • Wash the tomatoes and also cut into slices.
  • Bring all the ingredients for sandwiches and put into the bagels on the taste of each person. You can use bagels to replace the bread as they can keep inside things better.
  • Pour the juices into the cup for each person and enjoy your lunch.

Dinner: Macaroni, cheese, canned stews and chili, grilled cheese, beef soup, beans and rice dish.

easy camping recipes


  • Take all the above ingredients out from the cooler to increase their heat
  • For canned food, open the can and pour out the macaroni, stews, and chili.
  • Cook rice for 20 minutes until it’s well-done. Then, add chopped onions and tomatoes as well as black beans into the rice pot.
  • Heat them up and put cilantro, lime juice and salt into. Serve bean mixes on rice with shredded sharp cheese.
  • Grill sliced cheese for 5 minutes
  • Cut the beef into small pieces, rinse and put into boiled water. Then, pour the broth in, add favor and coriander before serving.

Dessert: Apple pie and ice cream

camper storage ideas


  • You can prepare the apple pie at home, keep it in the fridge. Now, take it out and warm it up. Then, cut into slices and put in the dish.
  • There is no need to prepare anything for ice cream. After buying them from the store, you can put them immediately in the cooler and take them out when you want to eat.

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best 8 men tent
Feb 03



Will Young

8-person family tents are one of the most popular choices a family makes when it comes to choosing the best family camping tent for their camping trip. We have chosen some of the top rated 8-person family tents to review for you based on brand, the most popular, the highest-quality, affordability, and weather protection.

Why Should I Purchase an 8-Person Tent?

If you are planning on taking a long trip with a group of people, then you probably already know how important it is to have a good-sized tent. Having one larger tent is also more feasible than having to purchase and tote around several smaller tents. Doing so may also mean more in fees at the camping site to accommodate the extra tents.


  • Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)The rating based on our research.
  • Read 1,642+ ReviewsCustomer Reviews on Amazon
  • Color: Black / Blue / Red
    Weight: 24.2 pounds
    Dimensions: 17f (W) x 10f (D) x 7.2 (H)Available in 3 model (Black is cheapest) - Very Easy to Carry/Transport -
  • 8 Persons Family Size
  • 03 RoomsDeluxe Class
  • Setting Up Time: 7~15 minutesEasy Setup
  • $$Great
  • Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)The rating based on our researches.
  • Read 1,328+ ReviewsCustomer Reviews on Amazon
  • Color: Brown & Blue & Black
    Weight: 43.8 pounds
    Dimensions: 14f (W) x 10f (D) x 6.5f (H)Price: Brown < Blue < Black
  • 4, 6, 8 & 10 Persons Family Size
  • 02 RoomsVery Comfortable
  • Setting Up Time: CLOSE TO A MINUTEExtremely Easy Setup
  • $$$Very Reasonable
  • Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)The rating based on our reserch.
  • Read 670+ ReviewsCustomer Reviews on Amazon
  • Color: Grey/Taupe
    Weight: 27.3 pounds
    Dimensions: 16 x 6.5 x 11 feet (W x H x D)Extremely Easy to Carry/Transport
  • 8 Persons Family Size
  • 02 Rooms Very Comfortable
  • Setting Up Time: 15-20 minutes (2 Adults)Easy Setup
  • $$$Very Reasonable
  • Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)The rating based on our researches.
  • Read 615+ ReviewsCustomer Reviews on Amazon
  • Color: Green
    Weight: 26.38 pounds
    Dimensions: 15f (W) x 12f (D) x 7.2 (H)OK to Carry/Transport
  • 6 & 8 Persons Family Size
  • 02 RoomsVery Comfortable
  • Setting Up Time: 15-20 minutes (2 Adults)Easy Setup
  • $$Great



COLEMAN 8 PERSON RED CANYON TENT – Best 8 person tent for the money

coleman red canyon tent best 8 person tent

The Coleman 8-Person Canyon Tent tends to be one of the leading brand names with regard to extra-large tents that offer simple setup and take down.  This Crimson Canyon Tent is not excluded from this. This tent is high on the list because of its water-resistant construction, affordable price, and ease of use. It is actually easy for one person to set up this tent by themselves and the instructions come attached to the inside of the bag close to the zipper, as they always are with Coleman tents.

Or Read Our Full Coleman 8 Canyon Tent review

What makes this tent very easy to set up is the color-coded poles that utilize reddish and gray stickers which makes it easy to understand where each pole is supposed to go. It takes the guesswork out of setting up the tent. Overall, the surface and interior of this tent are made to be sophisticated but still earthy and rugged.

All in all, this is the Best family tent among consumers since it delivers on its promises. Owning this tent can be an investment for families who love the outdoors and love to camp and want something close to the convenience and comfort of home. This tent also features weather protection just in case you find yourself camping in less than ideal conditions for part of your trip.

The Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent is one of the most affordable tents in the marketplace right now. You can purchase this tent at a more than reasonable price point of within $100 and $300.

Interesting Features

  • Taped rain fly seams with easy-to-use Velcro frame attachments
  • Covered polyester fabric attached with anti-wicking fiber, zippers plus webbing protects from the rain
  • Inverted floor stitching to improve the level of resistance to the weather
  • Welding technology makes the ground waterproof, so campers stay dry and comfortable
  • Frame designed to be stronger and more resistant to wind and makes use of redesigned poles plus guy-out triangles to anchor the tent and offer more in the way of stability and performance

Or Read Our Full Coleman 8 person Red Canyon Tent review


COLEMAN 8 PERSON INSTANT TENT – Best 8 person tent to BUY

Coleman 8 person instant tent

Coleman is among the leading manufacturers of outdoor products and gear that are designed to assist you on all of your adventurous outings. This 8-person quick tent measures 14 feet x 10 feet and may be the perfect answer for a larger family that loves to camp but don’t want to sacrifice space and comfort.

This particular tent performs just like a champ in numerous different climates, plus it is incredibly easy to set up. Once the tent has made its way out of the bag, you simply invert the bend from the corners of the exterior frame so that the rods extend out plus down instead of down and up.

Then you simply lengthen the four extending poles that expand from the biggest point of the tent to the four corners and then snap them into position after they reach their maximum extension easily. Overall, it is a fantastic family tent choice that is also designed to withstand sun and rain and is engineered to last.

Or Read Our Full Best Coleman 8 Instant Tent Reviews

Just like other Coleman tents, the 14×10-foot Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent has been manufactured with Weather Tec technology to withstand serious weather conditions. This advanced and innovative technology includes veneered polyester materials as well as webbing and zippers that provide improved protection against heavy rainfall.

It also features powerful pole-seams and a water-resistant foundation making the tent virtually flood proof as well. The anchors provide the tent with even more stability, so it can stand strong against even the most high-powered winds.

Additionally, this tent can be set up quickly and easily in just minutes without any headache or hassle. It allows you more time to spend with the family on your camping trip.

Interesting Features

  • Exclusive Weather Tec Method with thick water-resistant wall space and welded floor
  • Poles arrive pre-connected to the tent, making sure it can be set up in one minute or less
  • Spacious 8-person tent with two rooms and detachable divider
  • Two doorways and seven windows for full air flow and circulation
  • Base measures 14 × 10 feet; center height of 6 feet 5 inches
  • Comes with a 12-month warranty

Or Read Our Full Best Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent Reviews




The Coleman Montana 8 Tent feels more like a house than just a shelter at the campsite due to its cabin tent-like design plus a lot of spacious rooms. The 16-foot x7 foot floor size is generous, and assembly is easy.

The shock-corded fiberglass poles proceed to utilize color-coded clips and sleeves for the better of two systems which allow for simple and straightforward assembly.

The waterproof instructions are usually sewn to the handbag for the convenience. The broad hinged door is also simple and easy to utilize. Great air flow is supplied by a few windows and a fine mesh ceiling. The durable poly floor and the taped fly stitches help keep water outside where it belongs, rather than allow it to seep into the tent.

The included porch stretches beyond the entrance way to provide you with a dry and clean spot to leave your sneakers or even to simply sit down and unwind with friends and family after a fun day of hiking or fishing.

The Montana 8 is also lightweight and is probably among the most affordable big family tent options currently available in the marketplace.

Interesting Features:

  • Cabin tent design along with specifically angled home windows keep rainfall out even when they are open
  • Ideal for family vehicle travelers, scout leaders, prolonged camping trips and much more
  • Detachable rain fly for weather safety and protection
  • Snag-free pole sleeves to lend to easy setup
  • Interior gear wallet makes storing small and essential items easy and keeps them close



The Wenzel Klondike tent is a great family base camp tent that has actually been around for several years. This particular tent features a full mesh roof, detachable fly, and an attached display room. With a lot of space and room to operate inside, a grouped family of 4-6 people could have an enjoyable experience in this two-room tent.

The screen space in the front has a ground cover, and this area may be used as a bug-free eating area, a sunroom, storage room, or even as another bedroom if needed. The panels can be conveniently zip-closed for privacy. Big windows provide additional air circulation, improved ventilation, and great views.

The enormous screened-in porch area also increases square footage and space once the windows are closed. The trunk wall of the household cabin dome camping tent includes a lower zippered vent which allows more airflow closer to the floor. This feature keeps you cooler on those warmer summer nights.

Finally, this tent is one of the most comfortable tents in the marketplace right now. It can comfortably accommodate eight people. This tent is very easy to set up, and it can be set up within only 20 minutes. It is sturdy and durable as well as highly weather resistant. In spite of its big size, it is still pretty lightweight and easily portable when it is collapsed.

The Wenzel Klondike 8 Person Family Tent is a great choice for your family and will offer you comfort with all the space you need to accommodate your entire family.

Interesting Features

  • Large windows in the primary tent area allow for better air circulation
  • Weather-repellent polyester materials with polyurethane material coating
  • Large display porch area includes a sewn-in P. E. ground cover and adds to the available space in the tent
  • Back walls feature a lower zippered vent for improved airflow near the floor to help keep you and your family cool and comfortable on those warm summer evenings
  • Patented “power corner” style creates a far more stable tent when faced with windy conditions



Coleman Evanston Screened Tent

This is the best 8 person tent with screened porch, click on the link to get more information



8-person tents are the best option for those that love to camp with their bigger family. These tents offer ample space to comfortably sleep several people while also allowing enough room to store everyone’s gear. They typically also come with the option of a room divider so that the space can be divided up and used appropriately while also allowing for a bit more privacy while in the tent.

The Fundamental Ridge Tent

Ridge tents tend to be remarkably sturdy and range from small one-person tents right up to big marquees. Today they are trouble-free to pitch and make excellent shelters.

The main disadvantage of this type of large family tent is in head height – even the biggest units of this tent type can experience limited height. A ridge tent is designed so that the roof slopes down from a central ridgepole and this sloping is what limits the available space within the tent.

3 Season Tent

A Three Season tent is made to keep you cozy and dry while camping in all weather conditions. These tents are designed to handle high winds. The walls of these tents are typically made from a variety of mesh materials plus other solid components to provide a balance between protection and proper ventilation.

Three season tents are not suitable to be used during the Winter months because they cannot adequately withstand snowy conditions.

Convertible Tent

This kind of camping tent is for campers that prefer to dabble in a variety of different climates. Convertible tents feature hybrid designed function poles, a vestibule, and also include rain fly options so that the tent can be adjusted to suit whatever kind of weather conditions you are going to experience on your camping trip.

These tents are incredibly versatile, but you will find that they are much heavier than other tent types. However, they are a very durable option.

Dome Tent

Nowadays you’ll see a lot of flexible pole tents in the marketplace. The essential shape bends a versatile pole right into a half circle and is then fixed to a solid tape or webbing band that runs across the foundation of the tent and is also usually part of the groundsheet as well.

Two flexible poles crossing in a square by the middle dome and three rods are in a hexagon shape. The sides tend to be more vertical, so overall, you will find more headroom toward the center of a dome tent than you will find at the sides.

Stability will be great in smaller versions but, unlike the particular ridge tent, domes will get less stable as they scale upward in size.

Instant or Quick-pitch Tent

Instant tents, or a pop-up tent, are usually produced by a number of different manufacturers and are the latest within a variety of tents that basically assemble on their own. An extended, coiled, jumped frame is completely fitted into the material of the tent.

Simply by twisting the framework, the tent gets a circular package. They require minimal work in the way of setup and take down. It is a quick and straightforward process.

Unleash the springtime – in some instances throw the tent into the air, and the sprung framework turns the material bag into an amazingly elegant and useful shelter.

The color of this tent may become a little bit faded if it is kept in the sun for a long time. Moreover, it is very excellent as a family tent.

Frame Camping Tent

The flexible rod hasn’t carried out aside with the original rigid frame tents. They are very popular among the campers. They work with a rigid framework associated with right poles (usually metal) along with angled joints and may still offer plenty of space including great headroom, plus stability when erected.

On the downside, framework tents are usually heavier and take somewhat more time to assemble than other tents.



Space and Height:

8 man tent
There should be space and height for a man can stand and walk easily.

The Best 8-person family tent is big and spacious when it is assembled but is also compact when they are folded up making them easy to transport and store. They are usually lightweight and easy to carry together with your other camping components. These tents are constructed with a sturdy polyester material. The mesh material which functions as the ventilator is made from opaque materials, and the frames are really strong because of the fiberglass and metal elements. Family tents are approximately 20 feet broad and can accommodate 4 or 5 people comfortably. Bigger models can accommodate even more people.

With Kids (Ex: 1-8, 8-12, 12+) or Pets:

Tents should be the ideal sanctuary for children or pets wherever you might be including popular locales such as the beach, a resort, recreation area, or a friend’s home. They should offer a nice reprieve from the hot sun and any other less than ideal weather conditions.

A zippered door with cover-up and three windows provide circulation and visibility. The kids’ play tent works equally as nice as a furry friend shelter when traveling or camping out. It can provide some much-needed isolation as well as a cushy and comfortable spot to rest.

Inside Design for Convenient:

The 8-person tent has been carefully designed to sleep around eight people comfortably. The interior design is very attractive and convenient as well. The enormous size offers a sufficient area of two rooms.

It has used a 190T polyester material to generate the flysheet and provide the tent with the ability to protect you and your family from the elements.

The same may also be said for the durable PE 1500mm water-resistant base. Sleeping pods have been installed along with a mosquito mesh to safeguard you from bugs. You can also find some extra comfort and convenience with the inclusion of storage pockets along with a lantern hook for all those late nights.

Transportation and Setup Procedure:

Family tents usually accommodate from 4 to 12 individuals. They’re meant to be utilized by groups that will need to experience every part of this outdoor exercise together.

Because of their dimension, family tents generally offer more comfort and ease than smaller tents but tend to be harder to store and transport.

However, the maximum eight individual tents are usually easier to transport and also typically come with an easier assembly process.

Weather & Seasons:

Weather and seasons are always a vital issue to consider when you are going to be camping in tents. This is especially true if you will be camping during the wetter seasons of the year.

The ground curves a few inches in the tent’s wall to avoid leaks during wet climate. To enhance this particular effect, you should make certain that the rain fly overlaps the floor’s perimeters by quite a few inches. This will go further to help ensure that no moisture will enter the tent, so you and your group can stay warm and dry even in the wettest weather conditions.

The most common materials found in tents are usually nylon or polyester for the canopy and vinyl, nylon, or even polyethylene for the ground. Choice of material is essential when using tents on more challenging terrain or even in specific climates.

Brand & Price:

When choosing an 8-person tent, you will want to try to stick to brand name manufacturers that you know provide consumers with a reliable and high-quality product. You don’t want to waste your money on an inferior product that won’t be able to withstand your many family camping trips. Stick the bigger name companies and always do your research and read reviews before choosing the best eight-person tent for your family.



Take a look at the following purchasing hints below to make your buying journey a little easier:

Floor Area: With regard to floor space, be certain to check the actual sizes and not just the square footage. Depending on your stature and needs, you may require more headroom or more floor space.

Headroom: A lot of people overlook this; however, the available headroom will be dictated by the walls slope. Consider the number of individuals that will be using the tent coupled with the type of weather you may encounter. If you’re likely to be trapped within the tent for an extended amount of time due to inclement weather, then you’re likely to want some ample headroom, because you will be inside a lot and may want to be able to stand upright while inside the tent.

Shape: You should also always consider the form and overall design and shape of your tent. A high-roofed rectangular styled tent will offer you more dried out storage space and a secure place to prepare when it’s turbulent and rainy outdoors.

Ceiling Loops: These are ideal for dangling lanterns, so you have some light inside of the tent at night.

Metallic Pole Junctures: They are called hubs and allow for more sturdiness and also permit poles of various lengths to join with each other. These junctures also help cut the weight and draw the canopy outward to generate vertical walls to provide you with more livable space.

Internal Pockets: These are ideal for storing small products within the tent so smaller items do not get lost and they are within easy reach.

Guylines: These offer extra balance throughout rain, wind, and even snowfall. You attach them to the guy-out loops that can be found on the edge of the tent and on the rain fly. It’s far better to use reflective cords to avoid tripping on the guylines at night time.



  1. Question: The set-up instructions for my tent have been lost. Can I get brand new ones?
    Answer:Yes, definitely. Call the customer satisfaction department with the tent design name, and they can deliver a photocopy of the tents instructions.
  1. Question: Is it easier and better to roll a tent for a backpacking journey?
    Answer:By rolling, you are essentially getting the tent to be much smaller and more manageable so that it can be easily placed into the storage bag. A rolled tent may also be easier to set up. However, folding and rolling a tent can crease it in exactly the same place each time and this can cause some serious damage to the waterproof coating of the tent. Stuffing the tent into the storage bag can also distress and damage the coating of the tent as well.
  1. Question: How do polyester tents differ from nylon tents?
    Answer:Polyester has been proven to be more resistant to ultraviolet abrasion and harm than nylon fabrics. Polyester also offers much better structural integrity — it generally does not stretch out or even sag when damp from rainfall, snowfall or dew, this means the inner tent stays dried out and protected.
  1. Question: What will it mean whenever my tent sticks collectively?
    Answer:Whenever your camping tent begins to stick together it means that the waterproofing on your own tent may be getting old. The organic portions of the protective coating of the tent may be breaking down and causing the stickiness to happen. If this is the case with your tent, you should carefully read and follow the guidelines on how to reapply the water-resistant coating to your tent.
  1. Question: What are the benefits of rod and clips pockets?
    Answer:Rod and clips pockets provide added steadiness and stability to a new dome style tent. In addition, ventilation is improved, and the air is able to freely circulate more, because of the open region the clips produce, between your tent fly and wall.
  1. Question: Exactly how easy is it to set up an eight man tent?
    Answer:8-person tents are generally lightweight and easy to set up. Nylon tents weigh about 50 % of exactly what their canvas equivalent weighs, so right from the start, you’re working with a material that is a lot lighter and easier to handle. Shock-corded poles are pre-connected inside a pole section.

There is no guessing as to just how many pieces constitute the pole area. The particular self- assisting data compression arch framework that’s formed in establishing the pole areas lends framework plus support during installation. Once the tent is set up, it is also easy to maneuver it around the campsite without having to stake it down for stability.

  1. Question: What else could harm the tent?
    Answer:1. Chemical pollutants can damage your own tent. These ingredients include insect repellents, stove gas, tresses sprays, fruit drinks, plus acid from leaking torch batteries. Make sure all these items stay clear of your tent at all times.

Sand or dust may also erode a new zipper and can cause it to be harder to close. If you are using your tent within the sandy soil, clear the zippers by flushing them with fresh drinking water frequently.

  1. Question: What is the goal of the rain travel?
    Answer:The rain travel protects the permeable part of the camping tent. In every nylon tent, the rainfall travel is an integral section of the total tent construction. The water repellant roofing fabric allows warmth and allows any water vapor to go out of the camping tent to help limit and minimize moisture build-up and condensation within the tent. The water-resistant travel (outer layer) offers rainfall protection and also traps condensation. If a large amount of condensation has collected within your fly, I suggest that you take away the fly and also get rid of the dampness.



Ultra Violet (UV) Exposure:

Big tents like 8-person tents are usually made of UV resistant polyester fabric that unfortunately may not be impervious to the damaging ramifications of long-term sun exposure.

Seam Closing:

It is recommended that the seams in the bottom of the windows be sealed using an item such as McNett Seam to avoid dampness from the needle holes. Adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines when pertaining seam sealer.


You should never store your tent while it is damp or wet.  Mildew will begin to demolish a tents’ water-resistant covering. Allow your tent to dry out completely then store it in a dry place.

Wash Your Camping Tent:

Never machine wash your 8-person tent. Doing so may damage the waterproof coating. Instead, hand clean the tent with a moderate soap and rinse with clear water and then allow the tent to dry completely before storing. An extremely dirty camping tent could be set upward and washed just like a car, or it could be washed in a bathtub using your fingers in order to agitate the water.

8-person tents are generally a more suitable size for a camping party of five to six people, so no one feels cramped, and there is plenty of room for everyone’s gear and space to move around.

An 8-person camping tent usually has interior areas that are divided to generate individual rooms. The room divider makes assigning sleeping places for couples or sets of friends easier to do on your camping trip. In addition, it can separate the particular adult bedroom area from the children’s region which allows for more privacy and space for everyone.

Numerous 8-person tents are log cabin tents (you can visit our Instant Cabin Tent review) and are often two room tents. If you want more in the way of separate rooms, then you may find that there are very few options and you might have better luck if you take a look at some of our ten person tent reviews.

An 8-person tent allows enough room for campers to utilize comfortable accommodations such as air mattresses in the space for a better night’s sleep.

Note: In case of you need a higher-quality 8- person tent for a glamping trip, you can read our luxury camping reviews of Kodiak Canvas Flex-bow Deluxe 8 Person Tent, or Big Agnes Flying Diamond 4 6 8 Person Tent.





Purchasing a high-quality eight-person family tent for your camping trips is a smart investment and will cost significantly less than it would to buy several smaller tents. They will provide you and your family with plenty of room to move around and will offer a nice retreat from adverse weather or even just a little shade on those hotter summer days.

Before purchasing your new eight-person family tent, remember to do your research and read reviews to pinpoint the features you would like to have and determine a realistic budget.

Jul 25




Firstly, we should start with the definition of a canopy. It is basically a structure which attracts shade net or PVC material to support your building or upright poles in order to provide shelter or shade. There are many different canopies for your choice, yet the typical type should be enough lightweight, compact and durable.


Our guide will assist you to pick up your canopies for sale based on your own preference as well as the specific outdoor setting you own. There are six common types of canopies for your consideration, including:

  • The pop up canopy is known as the shelter which is easy to fold up to carry out with you. Hence, the main feature of this canopy type should be portable. You can decide the comfortable size of a pop up canopy for your trade shows, festivals, and sporting events. The very popular sizes are 8×8, 10×10 and 12×12 canopies.
  • The EZ up canopy (EZ up = easy up) is one canopy type which is set up easily and quickly, preferable for backpackers. Like this name, you can choose the canopy made of aluminum to collapse down in a facile way. Ez up can be used for military activities.
  • The outdoor canopy is the most well-known type of canopy so far. Actually, you are able to use a compact and durable outdoor canopy for all of your outdoor events. Such event may comprise of the wedding feast dedicated for your extended family and even parking your trailer, vehicle or RV.
  • The beach canopy can protect you and your family from the sun, rain and wind during your outing or camping to your favorite beach. When buying this canopy type, you should pay more attention to its durability and the specific function of water resistance.
  • The gazebo canopy is widely utilized in any backyard/garden activities, such as a party. In order to maximize its capability, the users might consider some portable, affordable and lightweight garden canopies.

After letting you know of the basic understandings regarding canopies for sale as well as some typical types of canopies, our next discussion will be over following parts:

  • Further information about those canopy types
  • Top Canopies for each types/purposes & Short Reviews for each individual canopy tent.
  • Step-by-step buying guide
  • Very practical experience tips.



Slant Leg Easy Pop-Up Canopy Party Tent

  • Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)The rating based on our researches.
  • Read 184+ Reviews
    Customer Reviews on Amazon
  • 8x8, 10x10Camping, Party, Commercial Fair Shelter, Car Shelter
  • $Great
  • Color: Many

    Weight: 22.7 poundsVery Easy to Carry/Transport
  • Read Our ReviewShort Review


  • Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)The rating based on our researches.
  • Read 43+ Reviews
    Customer Reviews on Amazon
  • 8x8Camping, Party, Commercial Fair Shelter, Car Shelter
  • $Great
  • Color: Many

    Weight: 30.6 poundsVery Easy to Carry/Transport
  • Read Our ReviewShort Review

Pop up 4 Wall Canopy Party Tent Gazebo Ez Pink Zebra

  • Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)BEST SELLER TENT FOR 4 MEN
  • Read 25+ Reviews
    Customer Reviews on Amazon
  • 10x10Camping, Party, Commercial Fair Shelter, Car Shelter
  • $$Good
  • Color: Pink

    Weight: 70 poundsVery Easy to Carry/Transport
  • Read Our ReviewFull Review


  • Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)The rating based on our researches.
  • Read 45+ ReviewsCustomer Reviews on Amazon
  • 10x10, 15x10, 20x10Camping, Party, Commercial Fair Shelter, Car Shelter
  • $$Good
  • Color: Many

    Weight:Very Easy to Carry/Transport
  • Read Our ReviewShort Review



best backpacking tents
May 26



Jeremy AllenJeremy Allen: Hello, I would like to give a warm welcome to anyone planning to buy the best family backpacking tent for their family. This guide is broken down based on the number of backpackers in your family.

In the first part, you will have a general look at each recommended family backpacking tent group (for 1, 2, 3 and 4 man). Then, I am pleased to provide you features and detailed information about twelve different backpacking tents. This article also gives you short reviews of each tent as well as pros and cons from real usage of many people.

In the second part, some useful tips and advice will be provided so that you can have better knowledge of criteria to choose a good backpacking tent. Through true stories from other users, I would bring to you real experience in using backpacking tents. I hope that will help you more.

The last but not least part is some questions about tents and related issues. There are four other helpful and reliable sources of information will be given in order to help you make better decisions on choosing this must-have thing in your list of necessary items for camping trip.

Basing on the number of tent users (1-person, 2-person, 3-person and 4-person), there are a number of backpacking tents which are suitable for your purpose and financial capacity. In this article, I will introduce twelve backpacking tents to you. This guide also includes a small comparison between best backpacking tents so that you could choose the most suitable one for your trip.




This table provides general information about best backpacking tents for one man tentS.

LYNX 1 TENT 2015

  • Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)The rating based on our researches. This one is best for single person.
  • Read 221+ ReviewsCustomer Reviews on Amazon
  • 1, 2 & 4 Persons Backpacker(s)
  • 01 Door Only Very Comfortable
  • Setting Up Time: ~05 minutesVery Easy Setup
  • $Great
  • Color: Clay Rust

    Weight: 3.15 pounds

    Dimensions: 7'6" x 2'8" x 3" (H)Extremely Easy to Carry/Transport
  • Read Our ReviewShort Review


  • Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)BEST QUALITY!!!
  • Read 152+ ReviewsCustomer Reviews on Amazon
  • 1 Persons OnlyLone Backpacker
  • 01 Door OnlyDeluxe Class
  • Setting Up Time: 5 minutesVery Easy to Setup
  • $$$Luxury Backpacking Tent
  • Color: Sky Blue/Sand

    Weight: 2.12 pounds

    Dimensions: 108" L x 42" W x 40" HSuper Ultralight Backpacking Tent
  • Read Our ReviewShort Review

  • Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)BEST SELLER TENT FOR ONE MAN
  • Read 459+ Reviews
    Customer Reviews on Amazon
  • 1 Person Lone Backpacker
  • 01 Door OnlyVery Comfortable
  • Setting Up Time: <2 minutesExtremely Easy Setup
  • $Great
  • Color: Black

    Weight: 3.5 pounds

    Dimensions: 96" L x 32" W x 28" HVery Easy to Carry/Transport
  • Read Our ReviewShort Review


  • Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)The rating based on our researches.
  • Read 145+ ReviewsCustomer Reviews on Amazon
  • 1 Person Lone Backpacker
  • 01 Door OnlyVery Comfortable
  • Setting Up Time: ~1 minutesExtremely Easy to Setup
  • $Great
  • Color: As the picture

    Weight: 3.5 pounds

    Dimensions: 6f7 x 2f5 x 43" (H)Extremely Easy to Carry/Transport
  • Read Our ReviewShort Review



2-person tents tend to be the most popular models. A backpacking tent for 2-person can be used for solo hikes or with a partner. This table will provide some necessary information about three best backpacking tents for 2 persons to compare.


  • Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)BEST QUALITY 2 PERSON TENT
  • Read 322+ Reviews
    Customer Reviews on Amazon
  • 2 & 3 PersonsBackpacker(s)
  • 02 DoorsVery Comfortable - Go Out without Step over Other People
  • Setting Up Time: ~2 minutesExtremely Easy Setup
  • $$Good for the Money
  • Color: As the Picture

    Weight: 5.53 pounds

    Dimensions: 56" x 43" x 92" (W x H x D)Very Easy to Carry/Transport
  • Read Our ReviewShort Review

  • Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)BEST SELLER TENT FOR TWO MEN
  • Read 654+ Reviews
    Customer Reviews on Amazon
  • 2, 3, 4 & 6 PersonsBackpacker(s) or Family
  • 01 DoorsVery Comfortable
  • Setting Up Time: ~10 minutesEasy Setup
  • $Great
  • Color: Green

    Weight: 6.38 pounds

    Dimensions: 7' (D) x 5' (W) x 48" (H)Easy to Carry/Transport
  • Read Our ReviewFull Review


  • Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)BEST SELLER TENT FOR TWO MEN
  • Read 425+ ReviewsCustomer Reviews on Amazon
  • 2 Persons Backpacker(s)
  • 01 Door OnlyVery Comfortable
  • Setting Up Time: 2~3 minutesExtremely Easy to Setup
  • Color: Forest Green

    Weight: 3.8 pounds

    Dimensions: 54" (W) x 36" (H) x 78" (D)Very Easy to Carry/Transport
  • Read Our ReviewShort Review


  • Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)The rating based on our researches.
  • Read 417+ ReviewsCustomer Reviews on Amazon
  • 2 Persons Backpacker(s)
  • 01 DoorComfortable
  • Setting Up Time: ~5 minutesVery Easy to Setup
  • Color: As the picture

    Weight: 2.8 pounds

    Dimensions: 76 x 60 x 42 inches (H)Super Ultralight Backpacking Tent - Very Easy to Carry/Transport
  • Read Our ReviewShort Review



This table will provide some necessary information about three best backpacking tents for 3-person to compare.


  • Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)The rating based on our researches.
  • Read 187+ Reviews
    Customer Reviews on Amazon
  • 3 PersonsBackpackers
  • 02 DoorsVery Comfortable - Go Out without Step over Other People
  • Setting Up Time: 3 minutesExtremely Easy to Setup
  • $Great
  • Color: Blue & Light Grey

    Weight: 6.25 pounds

    Dimensions: 7' x 7' x 50" (W x D x H)Very Easy to Carry/Transport - Different Colors are Different Prices
  • Read Our ReviewShort Review

  • Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)BEST SELLER TENT FOR 3 MEN
  • Read 617+ Reviews
    Customer Reviews on Amazon
  • 2, 3, 4 & 6 PersonsBackpacker(s) or Family
  • 01 DoorsComfortable
  • Setting Up Time: ~8 minutesEasy Setup
  • $Great
  • Color: Green & Navy

    Weight: 6.38 pounds

    Dimensions: 7' (D) x 5' (W) x 48" (H)Easy to Carry/Transport - Different Colors are Different Prices
  • Read Our ReviewFull Review


  • Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)The rating based on our researches.
  • Read 476+ ReviewsCustomer Reviews on Amazon
  • 3 Persons Backpacker(s)
  • 01 DoorsComfortable
  • Setting Up Time: 12 minutesOK to Setup
  • $Great
  • Color: Grey/Blue

    Weight: 8.0 pounds

    Dimensions: 8.5 x 4 x 8 feet (W x H x D)Easy to Carry/Transport
  • Read Our ReviewShort Review



This table will provide some necessary information about three best backpacking tents for 4-person to compare.


  • Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)The rating based on our researches.
  • Read 145+ Reviews
    Customer Reviews on Amazon
  • 4 PersonsBackpacker(s)
  • 01 Door OnlyComfortable
  • Setting Up Time: 2 minutesExtremely Easy to Setup
  • $Great
  • Color: As the picture

    Weight: 6.95 pounds

    Dimensions: 9 x 4.3 x 7 feet (W x H x D)Very Easy to Carry/Transport
  • Read Our ReviewShort Review

  • Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)BEST FOR THE MONEY
  • Read 613+ Reviews
    Customer Reviews on Amazon
  • 2, 3 & 4 PersonsBackpackers & Family
  • 01 DoorsComfortable
  • Setting Up Time: ~10 minutesEasy to Setup
  • $Great
  • Color: Red

    Weight: 11.6 pounds

    Dimensions: 108" L x 84" W x 58" HEasy to Carry/Transport
  • Read Our ReviewShort Review

  • Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)BEST SELLER TENT FOR 4 MEN
  • Read 1,136+ Reviews
    Customer Reviews on Amazon
  • 2, 3, 4 & 6 PersonsBackpacker(s) or Family
  • 01 DoorsComfortable
  • Setting Up Time: ~10 minutesEasy Setup
  • $Great
  • Color: Green & Navy

    Weight: 10.62 pounds

    Dimensions: 9' (D) x 7' (W) x 4'11" (H)Easy to Carry/Transport - Different Colors are Different Prices
  • Read Our ReviewFull Review


  • Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)The rating based on our researches.
  • Read 113+ ReviewsCustomer Reviews on Amazon
  • 2, 3 & 4 Persons Backpacker(s)
  • 02 DoorsVery Comfortable
  • Setting Up Time: 2 minutesExtremely Easy to Setup
  • $$Still Great for The Money
  • Color: Green, Blue, Orange & Azure

    Weight: 5.8 pounds

    Dimensions: 85.2" x 51.6" x 85.2" (W x H x D)Very Easy to Carry/Transport - Different Colors are Different Prices
  • Read Our ReviewShort Review



The Alps Mountaineering Lynx 1 Tent is roomy enough for one person to sleep comfortably in any position. I can even stretch my arms and legs even (but not too much). The large vestibule feature enables you to store your backpack and extra gear. This tent is freestanding with two pole clips that quickly attach to the aluminum poles, you will find it easier to set up. Polyester fly resists UV damage. ALPS has the factory seal the fly and floor seams and coats the floor with 2000mm for the best weather protection, it enables you to keep dry even in a rain shower.

Other featuresone person tent

  • Free standing 2 pole design with 7000 series aluminum poles
  • Easy assembly with pole clips
  • 75D 185T polyester fly resists UV damage and stays taut
  • Factory sealed fly & floor seams give best weather protection
  • 75D 185T poly taffeta floor with 2000mm coating
  • Extra large #8 zippers on door and vestibule
  • Vestibule for gear storage and extra weather protection
  • Weatherproof fly buckles on for maximum adjustability and protection
  • Half mesh walls increase ventilation
  • Mesh storage pockets, gear loft, 7075 aluminum stakes and guy ropes included


  • Portability
  • Extra vestibule space
  • Durable construction
  • Can resist the wind
  • High-quality zipper
  • Ease of assembly


  • Thin floor
  • Rain fly fits poorly
  • Hard to enter and exit


(The ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1 Tent)




Available size: 2 person tent & 3 person tent

This freestanding three-season, two-person tent recently recognized with 2011 Backpacker Gear Guide “Killer Deal” and “Killer Value” awards. Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person 3 Season Tent features two pole design with two master hooks at the top making it easy to setup. This tent provides 35 square feet of interior usable space which accommodates 2 adults in comfort. Two-door design with doors that zip off almost completely for an open air feel and extra views.

Other features

  • Two doors / Two vestibule layout
  • Tent fly ventilation windows
  • Bathtub floor construction
  • Taped floor seams
  • No-see-um mesh wall panels
  • Detachable ceiling loft pocket
  • Interior mesh storage pockets
  • Clip-pole attachment for lighter weight and better breathability
  • Reflective guy lines with tension lock cord adjustment

Pros:2 man tent

  • Easy to set-up
  • Roomy
  • Well-ventilated


  • Low-quality poles and stakes
  • Low vestibule doors


(Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person 3 Season Tent)




Available: 2 person tent, 3 person tent, 4 person tent and 6 person tent.

The Coleman Sundome 2 Person Tent (Green and Navy color options) is part of Sundome series of tents from Coleman. Heavy duty 1000D polyethylene bathtub floor for extra durability and welded leak proof seams even in the corners. Freestanding design with two poles makes it easy to setup. A large door for easy entry with large rear hooded window provides airflow for ventilation. Mesh vents on the roof provide additional ventilation. Coated polyester fly and wall fabrics (450mm coating) with a rainfly included for extra weather protection so that it is up to 33% more water-resistant than a Comparable standard Coleman tent.

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Other features

  • Exclusive WeatherTec™ system to keep you dry if it rains2 man tent
  • 7′ x 5′ tent, 4′ center height
  • Dome structure, easy to transport & simple to set up
  • Great for weekend car campers, short backpack trips and 1st-time campers
  • Durable carry bag with separate storage bags for tents, poles and stakes
  • Rain fly included
  • Privacy vent window
  • Interior gear pocket
  • Electrical access port
  • Easy set up with continuous pole sleeves
  • Easy to follow instructions sewn into durable carry bag
  • Pin and ring design and InstaClip™ attachments make tent simple to set up


(Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person 3 Season Tent)


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WENZEL RIDGELINE 3 PERSON TENTultralight backpacking tents

Wenzel Ridgeline 3 Person Tent’s sealed fly and a welded polyethylene floor keep you dry. The Weather Armor polyester fly has good UV properties and protects you from worst weather climates. The shock-corded fiberglass frame uses multi-diameter poles create a stronger and more head room and livable space, as well as easier, setting up. Two ‘D’ doors with an inside flap zipper window for easy in and out access.

Other features

  • Integrated tent light reflection system
  • Easy access “D” style door with inside flap zippered window
  • Shock corded fiberglass poles with fast feet for easy setup
  • Multi-diameter fiberglass poles provide more head room and livable Space
  • Fly ridge pole provides protective awning over front door and rear window
  • E-Port for electrical cord access
  • Gear loft and convenience pocket
  • Removable seam sealed fly
  • Zippered rear window with inside privacy flapbackpacking tent reviews
  • Mesh roof vents


  • Excellent ventilation
  • Floor is welded (Not sewn)
  • Treated to repel water
  • Affordable price
  • Lightweight construction


  • Limited space
  • Not visible in the dark


(Wenzel Ridgeline 3 Person Tent)




Wenzel Alpine Tent – 3 Person is a great choice for a camping adventure. Its three-pole penta dome design feature creates a vestibule for gear storage and better weather protection. This tent features a shock-corded fiberglass frame (with pole pockets) that can be set up and disassembled quickly. The tent’s weather Armor™ fabric with a polyurethane, water resistant coating and UV resistant gives you a safe place for sleeping and good shelter against bad weather.3 MAN TENT

Other features:

  • Suitable for backpacking or backyard
  • Size of: 8′ 6″ x 8′ with a center height of 4′
  • Easy set-up, 3-pole pentadome tent with removable rain fly
  • Middle pole creates vestibule for gear storage and weather protection
  • Shock corded fiberglass frame poles
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Integrated mud mat with drainage
  • Sonic-sealed polyethylene tub-style floor
  • 2-side zippered windows for added airflow when desired
  • Includes ground stakes, gear loft, hanging storage pocket and storage duffle


  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Light weight
  • Waterproof
  • Withstands strong wind
  • Freestanding when needed
  • Good carry bag
  • Metal stakes
  • Roomy for two people


  • A tight fit for three people
  • Condensation can be a problem, the windows are small
  • Supplied stakes may need to be replaced with longer ones in some situations
  • Not tall enough for adult to stand upright
  • Unsuitable for freezing winter weather


(Wenzel Alpine Tent – 3 Person)





The Mountain Trails South Bend sport dome tent is a good choice for hikers and car campers. This tent features shock-corded fiberglass frame with pin-and-ring system for quick set-up. This tent has our integrated Stow-n-go duffel system that simplifies set-up, take-down, and storage. The tent offers polyester mesh roof vents and windows for ample cross-ventilation which could keep you cool on warm evenings.

Other features

  • Fiberglass poles frame
  • Shock-corded fiberglass frame
  • Removable fly and mesh roof ventsultralight backpacking tents
  • Dutch “D” style doors with inside zip windows
  • Reinforced polyethylene tents floors with welded seams


  • Very easy setup
  • Window and door have zippered screen
  • Doormat is permanent
  • Rainfly has awning so can keep gear outside tent


  • Better for three people than four
  • Doesn’t come with carrying bag
  • Stakes don’t hold up well



(Mountain Trails South Bend Tent 4 Person)




Weanas® Waterproof Double Layer 2, 3, 4 Person 3 Season

Weanas® Waterproof Double Layer 2, 3, 4 Person 3 Season Aluminum Rod Double Skylight Outdoor Camping Tent is easy to install. It features a super classic interior design with a door can be opened from inside and outside. When closing the outer layer, you can use it as a storage room for shoes, backpack or other gear. In addition, this tent uses professional waterproof fabric with SPF proof. With high-strength aluminum poles, the tent can stand high pressure.

Other features:best ultralight tent

  • Lashing design, easily rolled up, used for fixing aluminum pole and external tent.
  • Tent door uses two-way zipper, both sides can be tightened, especially add the door curtain pull clasp, more convenient and durable.
  • Two sides of the ventilation windows can be closed or open freely, it can maintain ventilation in the tent.
  • The tent has wind ropes fixed all around, it can effectively windproof.


  • Two doors are convenient: someone can exit without disturbing the other person
  • Extremely quick and easy assembly
  • Couple storage compartments on the inside
  • Gets back into its packaging easily


  • Very lightweight means a trade-off very thin material, concerned that the bottom will rip easily without a footprint.
  • Shoe vestibule is nice but small


(Weanas® Waterproof Double Layer 2, 3, 4 Person 3 Season Aluminum Rod Double Skylight Outdoor Camping Tent)




Choosing a suitable backpacking tent need some tips and more experience. A good backpacking tent not only provides safe shelter or good sleeping bed for you, it also gives you a cozy place for gathering and enjoying your trip. Depending on different purposes of using and financial capability, the definition of a good backpacking tent varies. However, when you find and choose a backpacking tent for your trip, let’s take a look at some criteria below:

lightweight backpacking tents

Number of campers:

The first thing you must count is the number of campers. A 2 person tent often only has  enough space without stretching legs or hands. You also need space for storing your backpack/gears, right? My friend, Smith – a passionate backpacker, bought a solo tent for his first camp. When night fall, it became to rain, he was OK inside the tent. However, he had to keep all his gear inside the tent with him to avoid the rain. So, there was no room for lying. It was a long hard night for Smith. That is the way an exciting trip might become a terrible memory if you cannot sleep well after hard traveling hours. After an awful night, Smith got up with the painful body and did not want to do anything.

In addition, you should consider the number of campers in future trips.

That’s why you are recommended to upsize the tent capacity by one (or even two) person. Backpacking tents are designed for one-person, two-person, three-person, four-person. The best thing is the lightweight of those tents are not different too much. If the number of users is four or five plus, you better choose a  best family tent for your trip.


best 2 person backpacking tent

Using an ultralight backpacking tent is the perfect choice, especially when you travel alone or take part in a long trip. For a hiking, stamina is very important thing. The lighter of the tent, the more stamina you can save. I will give you the ideal weight for each size of backpacking tent.

  • For 1 person tent: 2 to 3.5 pounds
  • For 2 person tent: 3 to 5.5 pounds
  • For 3 person tent: 6 to 7 pounds
  • For 4 person tent: 6 to 7 pounds.

However, keep in mind that the lightweight backpacking tent often is less durable and lower quality.


Purchasing a good backpacking tent with reasonable price is the first priority for everyone. Is “the more expensive, the better” right in all cases? The best backpacking tent is not always the most expensive one! When you are seeking for a good backpacking tent for your trip, you should pay attention to sale program or have a glance at different department or shop to make a comparison between tents. You might find a good backpacking tent with cheaper price.

Some online commercial websites give a big discount and free ship when customers buy products. They would like to increase their sale and encourage customers to buy items. It is a good choice for your purchasing!

There are some very cheap backpacking tents, even as low as 20~30$. My friend is very proud that he bought a backpacking tent on sale with only 16$. And he feels it even better than ~100$ backpacking tent of his friend. However, I believe it is just a luck. Just take a look at STANSPORT “SCOUT” BACKPACK TENT on Amazon, then you will see a lot of bad comments. But, it is still best seller backpacking tent for 2 person. So, the lesson is, if you don’t think about using for long time, then a cheap backpacking tent is a good choice.

Livability / Convenience:

backpacking tents 2 person

When you spend more hours in your backpacking tent, you really need to take good consideration for checking its convenience. Do you feel comfortable when staying in? Does the tent fit your height (when you are sitting)? How many doors do you want? You should pay attention to ceiling height, tent capacity and ground space. It is better to stretch out easily and sit up without difficulty.

The number of doors is an important factor. You don’t want to crawl over other people at the midnight and wake everybody up, right?

Some 1-person backpacking tent is quite narrow and it only provides a place for sleeping. If you want more spacious, let’s choose a tent which has enough room for your gear.


Most tents are made of nylon now. For example, breathable nylon is used for tent walls, coated nylon for the fly and floor, no-see-um mesh for the window screens. If you choose a tent with thicker and denser fabrics, you have to accept its heavy weight. Materials fabric is very important when you buy a backpacking tent for a long journey.

Most tents are designed with either aluminum or fiberglass pole along with an elastic shock cord. Fewer poles will allow you to set up or install faster. With the help of clips and short sleeves, the tent will be stronger. People said that aluminum poles are more durable than fiberglass ones. You should carry along tent emergency repair kit for urgent cases.

Setting-up time

Teenagers build yellow tent themselves in the forest at the camping site together

A simple and easy to setup backpacking tent will be a good choice. When you travel alone or you join a hard trip, spending too much time on setting up tent might drive you mad. Your advice is to take time and try to set the tent up before paying money, or you will regret!

Tent seasonality:

Last but not least. A three-season tent will be able to stand up to heavy rain and wind. This is the most popular choice for camping. Three-season tents are designed for conditions of spring, summer and fall. It can suffer downpours but not for harsh storms or snow. You can be safe from bugs when using this kind of tent.

A four-season tent can be used in any weather conditions. It can withstand substantial snow loads or fierce winds. This tent is equipped with more pole and better fabric.

Basing on the weather condition of the camping site, you can choose the most suitable tent for yourselves. In most case, campers or backpackers often take 3 season tent. No matter what tent you choose, the most important things to consider is a protective feature. You need a good backpacking tent for a good sleeping place, but you also need a safe shelter when some unpredictable things could happen such as heavy downpours, harsh storms, snow loads, etc.


Choosing a famous and reliable brand to spend your money may be a smart choice in many cases. There are a number of well-known brands for your consideration, such as Coleman, Wenzel, Eureka, Mountain Trails. People said that you should choose a tent from favorite brand or company.


The design of tent is really important, especially when you travel to a camping site with extreme weather conditions. Each type of tent design is suitable for the specific climate. My friend chose wrong backpacking tent for her trip last month. She went camping in a mountainous area with strong winds, then A-frame tent is her choice. It was not a smart choice because A-frame tent was not a suggestion for this kind of weather. That tent was light, easy to carry (because she was a girl) but did not stand up with high wind conditions. She had to end her trip sooner than her plan.




This is an example when you order with free shipping on Amazon

Orders including $25 or more of eligible books qualify for FREE Shipping. All orders of $49 or more of eligible items across any product category also qualify for FREE Shipping. With free shipping, your order will be delivered 5-8 business days after all of your items are available to ship, including pre-order items.

Accessories for backpacking tents

Must-have accessories

  • Footprint
  • Emergency repair kit (tool kit)

Should-have accessories

  • Air bed/Sleeping bed
  • Lantern

Real experience in using backpacking tents

Go hiking

When you plan to go hiking, you should choose light things to carry. It is a long journey and you need to be healthy. A backpacking tent which is lightweight and easy to bring with will enable you to save more energy. However, you are advised to pay attention to the weather condition of camping place. In fact, a number of people choose the wrong tent because they do not understand the climates.

An Amazon customer complains that he had a bad trip because of his backpacking tent. As told by the seller, that tent was perfect for hiking because of its light weight. However, he went to a place with the windy condition, and the top cover of the tent moved around so much that it could not cover at all. He was freezing for about 6 hours. That was an unforgettable trip for him.


Travelling to a wilderness needs careful preparation so that you will have a safe and happy trip. You should search for weather conditions, and prepare for extreme weather or emergencies. It is recommended to choose a dome tent due to its light weight and easy setup. It is better to take a tent including both stakes and sidewall ropes in order to increase stability.





What is a free-standing tent?

A free standing tent can stand alone on the surface or ground without the assistance of pegs. This kind of tent can establish the structure of its own and you only need the pegs to keep it from strong winds. In many cases, rocks can be put inside the tent to keep it down, or the tent rely on its own weight to stand firmly.

Is tent with high price is better than a cheap one?

It is not always true. Depending on your condition and purpose of using, you might choose a reasonable tent which suits your financial situation. The best tent is a tent which makes you satisfied and comfortable, not the most expensive one.

What is the major difference between a 4-season tent and 3-season tent?

All 4-season tents are designed for snow campers although they can be used during the rest of the seasons. Three-season tents are designed for conditions of spring, summer and fall. It can suffer downpours but not for harsh storms or snow.




I highly recommend that you should take a look at other sources of information to have better knowledge of backpacking tents and related issues in order to choose a good one for your trip.




A good backpacking tent not only gives a safe shelter but it also provides you a cozy place for sleeping and enjoying for an amazing trip. Whether you have experience in choosing backpacking tent or not, I hope that all useful information above will help you have a clear look at backpacking tent and have a better decision when opening your wallet! Summer is coming and it is time for relaxing, for far-away trips to discover new lands, discover your soul! Let’s choose a good backpacking tent, take your luggage and enjoy life in your own ways!


coleman instant cabin tent 4 6 8 10
May 03



Will YoungExpert says: This Coleman Instant Cabin Tent family is truly the Best Seller camping cabin tent / instant tent all over the US market. Coleman has released this model with 4 size options:

  • Coleman 4 Person Instant Tent (or Coleman Instant Tent 4)
  • Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent (or Coleman Instant Tent 6)
  • Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent (or Coleman Instant Tent 8)
  • Coleman 10 Person Instant Tent (or Coleman Instant Tent 10)

Coleman has been making a variety of fine camping gear products since 1900. The company has become synonymous with tents and other similar products. This Coleman Instant Cabin Tent is made with a special design and arrangement to make it lead to the technology of setting up. Also, When used properly, this helps to keep the tent sturdy and less likely to bear with problems relating to keeping the surface relaxed.




  • Uses 16 and 20 mm steel poles to keep the tent up
  • Zipper cuffs protect the zippers
  • Anti-wicking polyester fabric
  • WeatherTec system integrated around its body
  • Vented rainfly


  • Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)The rating based on our researches. This one is best for a couple.
  • Read 454+ ReviewsCustomer Reviews on Amazon
  • Family Size: 4 Persons
  • Color: Brown / Black

    Weight: 18 pounds

    Dimensions: 8f (W) x 7f (D) x 4.1f (H)Easy to Carry/Transport
  • 01 Room Only Comfortable
  • Number of Door: 1 Door
  • $$Great

  • Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)The rating based on our researches.
  • Read 1,009+ ReviewsCustomer Reviews on Amazon
  • Family Size: 6 Persons
  • Color: Brown & Black

    Weight: 24.9 pounds

    Dimensions: 10f (W) x 9f (D) x 6.2 (H)Easy to Carry/Transport
  • 02 RoomsVery Comfortable
  • Number of Door: 1 Door
  • $$Very Good

  • Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)The rating based on our researches.
  • Read 1,307+ ReviewsCustomer Reviews on Amazon
  • Family Size: 8 Persons
  • Color: Brown / Black / Blue

    Weight: 18 pounds

    Dimensions: 8f (W) x 7f (D) x 4.1f (H)Available in 3 colors (Blue is cheapest)
  • 02 RoomsDeluxe Class
  • Number of Door: 2 DoorsVery Easy to Get In or Out
  • $$$Very Reasonable


The great points about the Coleman Instant Tent entail many unique features dedicated to showing off some appealing functions that make it easier for people to release:

  • The WeatherTec system uses a series of welded floors and inverted seams around the body of the surface. It helps to keep water out from the rest of the space.
  • The vented rainfly is built into the tent. This allows air to move through while creating consistent protection from the weather.
  • The illuminated lines around the outside is very visible.
  • The pre-assembled poles are arranged around the body of the tent to make it easier for the tent to be set up.
  • The rainfly uses Velcro attachments to keep the tent’s body intact while keeping the setup from wearing out over time.
  • A coated polyester body is especially used here. This uses an anti-wicking body that keeps the tent dry and prevents it from being hurt by any large amounts of pressure caused by precipitation.

These features make the tent particularly helpful and easy to handle. However, it is also a tent that is not going to leak all that easily and is far from complicated to handle when trying to pitch and install it.


It’s often a challenge for typical tents to have a series of leaks around the bottom floor, thus making everyone in the tent feel uncomfortable. However, this problem is not an issue with the Coleman 6-Person Instant Tent. This tent instead uses a fully-welded waterproof floor that strengthens its surface so leaks are a thing of the past.

In addition, the welded design on the floor keeps it from being at risk of leaking. There are no needle holes around the area, thus reducing the overall risk of water flowing into the tent.

However, the best feature here is it can be setup within a min, or even in the dark. It is not only the best instant tent among Coleman easy up tent also among easy up camping tents.


Coleman Instant Tent 6 8 10

This is a tent that has made a name for itself as a popular model for sale at Much of this is thanks to the sturdy body of the tent and the fact that it’s so easy to set up. The dual pole setup on this tent makes it easier for people to get it set up and ready for use. More importantly, it does not use any bothersome snags that might be overly challenging for people to use as required.

For me, personally, I love its views (see the video). You go camping for to get the nature, right? It’s one of my luxury camping tents.

The poles are particularly pre-assembled and don’t require a lot of outside materials to make them work. This, in turn, allows the user to quickly make this tent work for one’s needs without being overly complicated or otherwise harder to use than needed.

It can actually take CLOSE TO A MINUTE just to get the tent set up. This means the user doesn’t have to worry about loads of difficult or painstaking work just to make the tent work out right and stay functional as needed.


In addition to the floor not being at risk of leaking and the tent being rather easy to set up, there are many other benefits that make this a unique and helpful tent for all people to enjoy using for their camping needs. Here’s a look at some of the best special features that come with this unique tent:

  • The interior has enough room for two standard queen beds. The sides are specially arranged to where the user can easily sleep in the tent without the walls looking to be too slim.
  • The steel poles are steady enough to where they can handle strong wind gusts. The potential for the tent to be blown away or to collapse due to wind gusts is extremely minimal.
  • There are also two inner pockets on the inside parts of the walls to all people to store things inside the tent.
  • The rainfly can be quickly adjusted as necessary. This is used with a sturdy and quick body that is easy to follow through with as desired.

There are several windows on all sides of the tent. These include plenty of windows that are not too large and should be easy for people to handle when getting light into the tent.

These are all appealing and attractive options to check out when finding a great way to camp. This is a particularly interesting tent that is not too hard to set up and works with a sturdy body that is efficient and useful for all kinds of special camping activities and should certainly be considered when finding a high-end model to stick with for camping purposes.


coleman 10 person instant cabin tentThis tent is best for use among a good grouping of friends. The large inside body of the Coleman 6-Person Instant Tent allows exactly six adults to get into the tent quite well. The sturdy body allows for plenty of space without having people crawl over others when trying to sleep in the space.

The fact that this tent is about six feet in height around much of its space makes it so most adults can easily stand on the inside. This, in turn, will allow the user to easily do things inside the tent.

This is also a good model for larger families to use. The size is comfortable enough to fit in a few air beds and plenty of sleeping bags. It should not be tough for people to enjoy using this tent for their various special needs when it comes to getting a good design ready for use in any particular case one might have.

  • Coleman 4 Person Instant Tent: Great for a couple with a small kid
  • Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent: Great for 4 men or a couple with small kids
  • Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent: Great for a group up to 6 men or a normal family
  • Coleman 10 Person Instant Tent: Great for a group up to 6 men or a normal family





The customers who have bought this product have particularly given this six-person tent plenty of good reviews. They have given plenty of four and five-star reviews for the most part. These include great reviews that suggest that the tent is easy to support and can be affixed properly in just a matter of seconds if used right.

People are also glowing about how the tent is so easy to add and link up to a surface. They state that this is a tent that is easy to sleep in without being overly burdensome in terms of trying to keep it intact or upright at any given moment.





The Amazon reviews for this tent suggest that this is a great option that is easy for all to try out and use. According to reviewers on the site, there are many interesting parts of the tent to check out:

  • The windows are large and spacious.
  • The tent is easy to control by keeping the windows up or down as desired.
  • It is just as easy to take the tent down as it is to keep it up.
  • The ventilation features are very useful. In particular, they are organized quite well around all parts of the tent to keep it open and ready for use in a variety of different situations.
  • Some say that the tent will keep water out but it is important to watch for how water forms around the outside so the surface will not become too soft or otherwise hard to sleep around.



The process of setting up this large Coleman tent is promoted as being very easy to follow through on. The tent can be quickly set up with a few sensible steps:

  1. First, the poles around the tent will have to be organized carefully. They must be expanded by opening them up and locking them into their positions.
  2. The fabric for the tent must then be straightened out. This includes organizing the tent’s poles to make it more functional and easier to use as required.
  3. The poles should then be adjusted to where they both interact at the very top. The may have to be expanded a little further to get into the best possible spots on the surface.
  4. Some anchors may also be added to the bottom part of the tent. This is to keep the tent in its place as required after it has been fully set up.


People who are looking for good ways to enjoy the great outdoors should see how the Coleman Instant Cabin Tent is designed. This is a fine cabin that is unique for how it is not only large enough for most people but also because it is sturdy and flexible while providing a good surface to sleep on. The adjustable nature of the tent is especially helpful. This makes for a great tent for larger parties that need a little bit of help with enjoying a good time out while camping.

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luxury camping tents
Apr 30



LUXURY CAMPING TENTS for 4, 6, 8, 10+ persons: Durable, Reliable, Large, Convenience, Easy to Use, Great View & Ventilation.

Will YoungExpert says: When planning to go somewhere to rest and relax, the most important thing to take is your camping tent. Especially if you’re planning a romantic vacation or wonderful family camping trip, the tent must be one of the luxury camping tents. I have some really good experience of this with my wife and the kids. I want you to feel the same! Just imagine your wonderful feelings if you grasp the chance of sleeping next to the seashore and clearly hearing the sound of waves and wind. Or going to dance or telling stories with your family and friends along with enjoying fire dancing nights out of energy!

But we have to go to the point! You are looking for a luxury camping tent, aren’t you? All you need is high quality, durability, reliability and especially convenience. And, the price is no longer a big matter, right? Don’t worry! In next 05 mins, I will help you with:

  • Essential guidance to choose a luxury camping tent.
  • Some “BEST OF HIS CLASS” camping tents: for 6, 8 or 10+ person with car/normal camping.
  • My practical experience to let you have a wonderful camping trip.
  • List of deluxe gears and furniture to assure your trip is “luxury”.


At first, there are obviously many factors which will take effects on your decision of choosing a tent but the foremost one properly is the purpose of usage. The demand of a backpacker for the tent type varies with a whole family in preparation for their camping trip. In the case that you are looking for luxury camping tents, the price is no longer a big matter. In this circumstance, most of the target customers can afford the very high price to exchange for the quality and the convenient interior of the tent.


Spacious and Fabulous Tent Interior

Nowadays, you can pick up a tent with various sizes based on the number of people joined in your camping trip. The standard sizes of tents comprise of 2-person, 4-person, 6 person, 8-person or 10-person tents. Of which the tent size for 2 persons is considered the most popular one with the advantages of the lightweight, low-cost, simple design and easy-to-use. For luxury camping tents, they should be spacious, be very spacious, even had enough room for tables, chairs, beds, even the toilet. Besides, the height of the tent needs to be carefully designed so you can walk comfortably inside.


This is considered the critical feature to assess whether a camping tent can be classified as luxury or not. All luxury camping tents should own the beautiful interior with many doors and windows. Thus, you can sit comfortably inside and still enjoy the fresh air as well as the new romantic outside view. Such wonderful interior can be designed with different styles. Of which, the most common theme is the rustic-inspired decor as it embodies the typical log cabin. Your camping tent can look like the high-end hotel room with the soaking tub.



As a matter of fact, a super camping tent not only needs to be large and wonderful but also is made of sustainable materials. Because it has to complete the basic requirement of a tent which protects you from rain, storms, pests or any sudden circumstance from outside. Along with being used the high-quality materials, you should choose the tent with the solid structure.


Basically, each tent manufacturer will divide its products into different categories and there is always a top list for the luxury camping tents. As far as I know, the famous brands for selling tents, in general, can also be your choices in choosing the best luxury camping tents. If a brand is highly appreciated for its quality of hundreds of products, its top tents are properly offered at the best quality. For this reason, Kodiak is recommended for its ultimate quality as well as customer service.

However, someone who is searching for luxury camping tents may not choose that type of tents. Being focused more on the comfortable interior space to hang out with family and friends, they will prefer the ten for at least 6 people. You can find some useful information from the below details of 6-person, 8-person, and 10-persone tents.

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best 6 men tent
Apr 28



Jeremy AllenExpert says: Hello, I’m Jeremy from Family Tent Center.
We strive to provide all the best family camping tents for sale and recommend them to happy campers. I am a resident backpacking specialist and have been for more than a decade. Before reading this best four-person camping tent review article, you should know that there are different types of campers who are looking for a four-person tent:

  1. A group that consists of four adults. You aren’t sure if a four-person tent will offer enough space for four people and in this case, you should probably opt for a six-person tent instead
  2. You are one half of a couple, and maybe you have some kids as well
  3. You are a backpacker who wants a larger sized tent but also wants it to remain lightweight. Don’t forget to check out our best backpacking tent reviews if this is the case as well

What to Consider When Choosing a Four Person Tent

Size of the Tent

When you begin to take a closer look at the tent’s capacity, you are looking at the square footage and how many sleeping bags will be able to fit comfortably. A four-person tent is the ideal option for two people because it allows extra room to store gear and you will still have a bit of wiggle room.

If you are a family of four and were considering a four-person tent, it may be in your best interests to go a size up and research six-person tent options, so you will have more room to stretch out.

Tent Features

Next, you will look at the tent’s features and construction. Fiberglass poles may be easier to break; however, they are lighter in weight. Aluminum poles are also lightweight but may be a bit more durable.

A rainfly is also recommended because it acts as the tent’s umbrella and helps keep rain and moisture out. You will want to find a tent with a rainfly that comes all the way down the sides of the tent instead of one that just covers the top of the tent. The rainfly is waterproof, but you may also want to consider a tent that is water-repellant.

Folded seams and double stitching will lend to the tent’s longevity, durability, and strength. It will also help eliminate the chance of water leaking into the tent if the weather conditions are less than ideal for your camping trip.

best 4 person tent


  • Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)The rating based on our researches.
  • Read 104+ ReviewsCustomer Reviews on Amazon
  • Color: Green / Blue / Orage / Azure

    Weight: 6.2 pounds

    Dimension: 7.1f (W) x 4.3f (H) x 7.1f (D)Ultralight Backpacking Tent
  • 2 & 3 & 4 Persons Group Size
  • 01 Room to goComfortable
  • Setting Up Time: 2 minutesExetramely Easy Setup
  • $Great
  • Our Review: Will update soonFind a very most useful information about this product

  • Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)The rating based on our researches.
  • Read 141+ Reviews
    Customer Reviews on Amazon
  • Color: Multi Colors

    Weight: 6.95 pounds

    Dimension: 9f (W) x 4.3f (H) x 7f (D)Ultralight Backpacking Tent
  • 4 Persons Group Size
  • 01 RoomComfortable
  • Setting Up Time: 8 minutesVery Easy Setup
  • $Best Price
  • Our Review: Will update soonFind a very most useful information about this product

  • Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)The rating based on our researches.
  • Read 602+ Reviews
    Customer Reviews on Amazon
  • Color: Red

    Weight: 11.6 pounds

    Dimension: 108" L x 84" W x 58" H
  • 2 & 3 & 4 Persons Family Size
  • 01 Room to goComfortable
  • Setting Up Time: 10 minutesVery Easy Setup
  • $Great
  • Our Review: Will update soonFind a very most useful information about this product

  • Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)The rating based on our researches.
  • Read 1,097+ ReviewsCustomer Reviews on Amazon
  • Color: Green & Navy

    Weight: 10.62 pounds

    Dimensions: 9f (W) x 7f (D) x 4.11f (H)Extremely Easy to Carry/Transport
  • 2, 3, 4 & 6 Persons Family Size
  • 01 Room Only Comfortable
  • Setting Up Time: 15 minutesEasy Setup
  • $Great
  • Our ReviewFind a very most useful information about this product

  • Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)The rating based on our researches.
  • Read 308+ ReviewsCustomer Reviews on Amazon
  • Color: Blue

    Weight: 13.65 pounds

    Dimensions: 10f (W) x 8f (D) x 6 (H)Extremely Easy to Carry/Transport
  • 5 Persons (max 4 adults)Family Size
  • 02 RoomsVery Comfortable
  • Setting Up Time: 10 minutes (2 Adults)Easy Setup
  • $Great
  • Our ReviewFind a very most useful information about this product





You can set up the Weanas® Waterproof Double Layer 2, 3, 4 Person 3 Season Aluminum Rod Double Skylight Outdoor Camping Tent easily and quickly by one person. The tent door uses a two-way zipper. Both sides can be tightened, and it has a door curtain pull clasp that is more convenient and durable. The tent top has two closeable ventilation skylights. When closing the outer layer, you can use it as a storage room for shoes and backpacks or other gear. This tent has a super classic interior design which makes it extremely convenient and comfortable for all of your nights in the great outdoors. And there is no fear of getting drenched in the rain either – the professional waterproof fabric will take care of it for you.

best backpacking tents

    • SPF proof with special UV coating and breathable nylon
    • Professional waterproof fabric, stub adhesive
    • Wind ropes fixed all around
    • Good ventilation cycle system
    • Super Classic Interior Design


    • Easy to set up; one person can do it
    • Good ventilation cycle system
    • Professional waterproof fabric


    • No groundsheet with the tent
    • Weak poles that may not withstand high wind pressure




coleman sundome tent 4 person

The Coleman Sundome Tent has four models which are available on Amazon for 2, 3, four persons and six persons. It is 6 feet in height in the center of the tent so that an average man can stand. It uses a waterproof WeatherTec body and a TC fabric setup that keeps the tent sturdy while ensuring it will not slip off or wear out after a while.

What are the Special Features?

  • The Coleman Sundome Tent is a really well-ventilated, heavy-duty camping tent that may help to make an ideal accessory for the next camping expedition. This particular Coleman Sundome Tent features shock-corded poles that allow simple and fast set up of the tent.
  • The Coleman Sundome Tent is perfect for two The Coleman’s exclusive WeatherTec feature and some other specialized and premium features can help campers to avoid bad weather and unpleasant storms.
  • Coleman designs Climate Tec tents having a coated polyester material coupled with the anti-wicking line, webbing, and zip fasteners. All these features ensure that you remain dry in wet weather conditions.
  • The tents welded waterproof ground, and inverted ground seams significantly raise the water level of resistance by hiding the needle holes in the tent.
  • Coleman is indeed assured in its Climate Tec system and has exposed its Climate Tec tents to some rain in a test space that effectively simulated a nasty downpour. They also utilized a blowing wind machine with the capacity of throwing out hurricane force gusts to test the strength and durability of this tent. Even with these assessments, Coleman guarantees its tents will keep you dry during adverse weather conditions.
  • The tent poles are easy to secure on this model. The risk of water seeping in through the floor is extremely Meanwhile, the poles themselves are very sturdy and will not be at risk of collapsing or easily becoming damaged.

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Summary of Amazon Customer Reviews

Customer reviews on Amazon state that they love this tent because they can easy to setup or taken down. Both actions need only about 10 minutes. Also, they can put a queen size air mattress in the middle but still have a lot of space. The low price but the good quality is the most things they are talking about.


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coleman hooligan tent

Coleman Hooligan Tent is a backpacking/family camping tent which comes in variable sizes for 2, 3 or 4 persons.

Special Features

This family camping tent is thoroughly coated with the polyester fly of 450mm that encases the tent from any rugged weather conditions. It is sheathed by an absolutely waterproof fly with possible extra storage in the vestibule. The tent has a separate space for footwear or gear to make the sleeping area comfortable. The tent also has a spacious base area with a waterproof bathtub base. One can expect good ventilation which can keep the tent cool and at the same time keeps the bugs out during outdoor camping. Here are few pros and cons for you to ponder before you buy.


  • For the features offered, the price range is quite CHEAP.
  • The best 4-person tent with vestibule (Dimension:108″ L x 84″ W x 58″ H)
  • Hooligan’s bright orange color can actually work well if you are camping in a remote area. The dazzling color lets others know that someone is camping, and also is easily noticeable.
  • This tent can be easily set up in less than 10 minutesdue to its single pole design.
  • Upon upgrading stakes, you can expect multiple usages without runaway tents.
  • It has a 6×8 footprintwhich can fit any tall person (larger than Coleman Sundome Tent).


  • Consider the size before buying this tent; you should know that the Coleman Sundome Tent is a little smaller but cheaper than this tent.
  • Single pole design makes the tent simple to set up. On the other hand, the walls of the tent cave in when exposed to strong winds.
  • The stakes are made of aluminum which can be bent easily. Extended use of the tent is questionable if one sticks to these stakes.

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Summary of Amazon Customer Reviews

The best 4 person tent with vestibule! Though it is not an ideal backpacking tent it can be a good buy for a new camper for the price and space offered.


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Full Name: Coleman 4 –person Evanston Tent with Screened Porch Canopy 9ft x 7ft fits Queen Bed

Coleman 4-Person Evanston Tent with Screened Porch Canopy 9 Ft x 7 Ft Fits Queen Bed

Special Features

This tent can sleep four persons and has a large interior with a footprint of 9×7 and a 3ft porch. It measures 68” tall upon setup and weighs 17.9 pounds. This tent comes with a detachable tent-fly which is included in the standard package. It has a middle tent for hanging a lantern and an electrical pole. During rain, the front area will not be affected as there is a drain area which takes the rain. Just pick the floor up and drain the water. Firm Insta-Clip attachments give firmness to the wind tested pole form.


  • Best 4-person tent with porch ever!! AnAMAZING SCREEN PORCH which keeps tent free of dust from inside. We also can keep the pets at night or the kids at daytime in the screened
  • Robust poles with thick tube inners
  • It has a huge space which can fit queen size air bed.
  • It is very easy to set up. One person can peg it in 10 minutes without any support.
  • This tent works fine with the Coleman seam sealer sprayed on to make it waterproof. The porch area interior remains dry even during heavy rain.
  • Relatively lightweight and can be easily slipped back into the carry bag to transport in a car
  • Being a three-season tent, the cost is very cheap for the quality.


  • Although Coleman says you can use it as a backpacking tent, the tent and poles are heavy. It is best suited only for car camping
  • Screen vestibule is not big enough for a folding chair
  • Screen area is not shielded by the Tent-fly which can pose a problem during rains


Summary of Amazon Customer Reviews

This tent is a good pick for car camping but in bad weather, the absence of rain-fly of the porch can be tricky. Overall it is a spacious, affordable and absolutely the best 4 person tent with porch.




Coleman 4 person instant tent

Special Features

This easy up tent is the BEST COLEMAN INSTANT TENT of easy up camping tents. Made of Tough2X Polyguard fabric (150D polyester taffeta), it has a weather Tec system with integrated vented rainfly. The special features such as the illumine reflective guy ropes can help you peg the tent in the night. Pre-attached poles stand true to its name Instant tent.


  • It is much sturdier compared to other Coleman tents in this range.
  • The tent set up will take CLOSE TO A MINUTE. Thanks to the pre-attached poles.
  • Tearing down the tent is just as easy as setting it up
  • It has a large inner space with two storage sections
  • The floor is seamless and smooth
  • Bugs can’t easily crawl in as the flap encasing the door zippers provide optimum coverage.
  • The tent has plenty of air and light supply due to its well-facilitated ventilation.
  • The windows are made of compact mesh


  • As per the claims, it does not sleep four persons in. It can easily pass for a 2-person tent.
  • A rainfly is a must, or the tent can dampen your trip
  • Though the tent has space, once you fill it with a large bed, the headroom disappears.
  • Extremely difficult to clean up as poles with hinges are heavier, and one cannot shake the dust-out.
  • The bottom window could have been better as it gets stuffy. It lacks privacy too, especially at night.

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Summary of Amazon Customer Reviews

This instant tent can be a delight to set up and tear down in a jiffy .This is a great camping tent for weekend trips. But looking at its features, it is not the best tent to use under extreme weather conditions. However, it can perform much better in dry weather.


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two room tentThere are not many 5 man tents on the market. This best 5 person tent from Suisse Sport features a polyethylene body that uses a divider in the middle. The divider can be moved up or down as needed to create two rooms. Normally, under six person tent (under 6 man tents) often has only 1 room so it does not have PRIVACY or much CONVENIENCE. Therefore, Suisse Sport Yosemite 5 Person 2 Room Dome Tent 10′ x 8′ is another best option for those who really want a cheap but comfortable tent.

A double-D door is included for entry and exit purposes. It uses an even divider in the middle so only one half can be open at a time, thus keeping the people on the other end of the tent from being bothered when it is open.

What Features Make This Special?

  • This is very light in weight at only 13.5 pounds.
  • It is six feet in height at the middle.
  • Three mesh windows and a mesh ceiling are included. Each has its own zipper to allow air to move in and out of the tent when necessary.
  • Only four stakes are needed to secure the tent although people can choose to add four more in windy conditions.

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Summary of Amazon Customer Reviews

Amazon’s reviews suggest that the rainfly is comfortable and large enough for most situations while setup is easy, what with there being no side extensions required. However, it also needs extra supports in the event that a windstorm ever comes around. Still, the tent does offer plenty of privacy as the mesh screens are dense and dark without letting in too much light.


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Should I Purchase a Four-Person Tent?

A few other considerations to make before choosing your four-person tent for your family camping trip:

Tent Capacity and Season Use: how many people in your family will need to be accommodated, and during which season will you be using the tent? For summer camping, a four-person tent with adequate ventilation is important to keep cool.

Size and Weight: you will want to make sure that the tent is portable and easy to store and carry with you on all your camping trips. You should also consider how big you want the tent to be. Do you need to be able to stand upright? Are you using sleeping bags or inflatable mattresses? How much room will you need to move around and sleep the family comfortably?

Consider the Budget: how much are you willing to spend on a four-person family tent for all your family trips? It is okay to spend a bit more money if you want to purchase something of a higher-quality that will be able to withstand several uses.

Warranty Terms: finally, review the terms of the warranty on the tent you are thinking about purchasing. You will also want to consider buying from a name brand such as Coleman or Big Agnes to make sure that you are getting the value you are paying for.

Pros and Cons of Four-Person Tents

Setup and Transportation: most of the four-person tents currently available are fairly easy to set up and take down. A lot of the bigger brands are even equipped with a single pole structure, two pole structures, and pre-attached poles for an instant setup process.

You can have your tent ready to go in under five minutes in most cases which means you can spend that extra quality time having fun with the family.

Other Pros

  • Larger capacity and size
  • Most models come with some form of ventilation
  • Some have wide bases for more floor room
  • Dome type tents allow for more headroom


  • A four-person tent can comfortably accommodate two people but may not be big enough for four people and their gear
  • Features smaller vestibules compared to bigger tents
  • Privacy may be difficult



In many 4 person tent reviews, it is important to think about your family’s wants and needs in order for you to settle on the best tent. There are a lot of other things you need to consider when buying a tent. For example, you need to know what seasons you will be camping, the size of your family and even where you are likely to go camping. If you only go camping in summer then you may want to buy a tent that has many windows and vents for the season but if you go camping more frequently throughout the year then you may go for a tent that can serve you through all the four seasons of the year. To buy a perfect tent for your family consider the following important steps.

1. Tent Capacity:

best camping tents

The next step before paying for a tent is to find the right capacity for your family. It is important to go for a tent that carried a high capacity than your actual family size. This way you will have extra room for other things. For example when you are planning for a 2~3 adult camping holiday then a 4 person tent will be a great one for you. Only consider tents that are the best perfect size for your family.

2. Find the perfect Size & Weight:

best cabin tent

The first important step in buying a family camping tent is to find the right size and weight. The size of the tent you buy may be restricted by a number of things, for example, the size of your car boot. Most family tents are made to be carried in a car boot. You, therefore, need to find a tent that best suits in your car boot. Look for a tent whose packed size including any extension can comfortably fit in your car boot. Other than just fitting into your car boot, you will also have to consider a number of other aspects of its full size.

Next, do you want a tent that allows adults to stand up inside? Or you can do with one that adults can only stand at the centre? Or do you want room for changing cloth? The size of the tent often affects its weight. So you should also consider the weight. This especially important if you will need to backpack the tent at some point.

When it is set up, do you want a tent that allows adults to stand up inside or you can do with one that adults can only stand at the centre and do you want room for changing cloth? The size of the tent often affects its weight. So you should also consider the weight. This especially important if you will need to backpack the tent at some point.

3. Determine your camping Seasons:

Once you have made the choice of tent size and weight you have to check and find the tent that best suits your camping seasons. Tents are made for use depending on the season of the year. When buying a family tent you have to choose between the light 3 season (fall, spring, and summer) tents and the stronger 4 season tents that can protect you from winter, heavy snow or even thunderstorm. You have to select a tent that best suits your camping calendar.

If you go camping all year round, then the four season tent is the best for you. However if you rarely go camping during the winter, then you may consider buying a 3 season tent.

4. Settle on the price:

Once you have found tents that are matched with all your requirements, now consider the price. Only buy a tent that is within your means. If you are thinking about taking a camping trip for the first time it is important to remember that you may need to set aside a sum of money for any other eventuality. Luckily, most of the 4 man tents are cheap tents for camping.That gets you away from a headache. Again, do not need to think about the price. Just try to find the best 4 person tent for your family.

5. Consider the warranty terms:

Once you buy from Amazon, or the brand is famous as Coleman, Big Agnes, you don’t have to worry too much. However, there are many tents from China today. Be careful of their qualities!



The Setup and Transportation

Most of the 4 person tents that are available in the market today are fairly easy to set up. Some of the famous brands come with a single pole structure, two pole structure, and pre-attached poles for an instant set up.

They can be set up by a single person or two in a matter of 10 minutes. After many sessions, the setup time for these 4 person tents reduces to a meager 5 minutes. Once done with the camping most of these models are easy to tear down and repack into the carry bag. Transportation of tents depends on factors such as make and size of the tent.

Single pole structured tents can be easily carried in a backpack while two poled and pre-attached structures depending on the weight of the poles and hinges are ideal for car camping.

Pros vs Cons


  • Being family tents many of them have custom made storage space designed for the needs of the family. It could be for gears, footwear or any such utilities.
  • In comparison to small tents 4 person tent provide more space and hence privacy for 2 people.
  • There are 4 person tent models with vents for air circulation which enhances the privacy during night stays.
  • Dome shaped tents have a wide base which can provide ample footprint (Up to 6X8). A tall person of 6 ft can comfortably stay in the tent.
  • Some of the models have a wide base (Dome shape) with angular walls to accommodate extra space.
  • They usually have a broad head space (Dome type).
  • If you are travelling with your group, you can choose 4 person tents as the weight of one of them is less than two 2 person tents. Hence, you can save and economize on cost and transportation.


  • The majority of 4 person tents have floor space somewhere between 55 square feet to 65 square feet where in any average person requires roughly between 20-25 square feet tent area for a comfortable stay.
  • Looking at the above detail it is quite evident that 4 person tents cannot accommodate 4 adults. However for 2 people 4 person tent can be quite spacious. (Go on with 3 adults are fit in a 5 man tent)
  • In tent models with windows, one may feel stuffy inside while trying to protect their privacy with all the windows closed.
  • Many family tents of this size have smaller vestibules compared to bigger tents. The potential for storing miscellaneous things while camping could potentially reduce due to this.
  • Privacy can be difficult in this type of tent without a tent-fly or trap.

Protection from weather conditions

best 4 person camping tent

4 person tent can withstand various conditions based on the type of tent:


  • I would put this way, family tents are well suited for light weather. Remember that in the cold, a dome tent will heat up faster also warmer than a cabin tent.
  • Dome shaped tents are good for cold weathers as 4 person tent can heat up quickly compared to much bigger tents
  • Any 4 person tent has an ability to withstand a considerable amount of wind pressure.
  • Domes handle the windy season easily but one need to compromise on space.


  • Cabin tents suffer in winter or windy season but have an amazing floor space.
  • Most of the 4 person tents cannot endure a rainy season without a rainfly to cover up and a seam sealer to make them waterproofed.
  • Most of the family tents cannot tolerate harsh weather conditions.
  • A 4 person tent of single pole model can concave during strong wind making the tent shrink.


Whether you are a passionate camper or a newbie, affordability tops the buyer’s list along with quality and convenience. If you are a regular camper you may have a budget in place for your camping. On the contrary, if you are thinking to start camping then an affordable, cheap camping tents on sale will serve your purpose.

Higher priced

There are some 4 person tents which are more than 150$. It’s considered expensive but it provides:

  • They promise durability, strength for a long period, they are almost an investment.
  • They are designed to endure hard weather conditions and climates.
  • Also, they have a bigger and better space with more storage and vestibule.
  • If you are planning to spend one whole season at camping site you can get an expedition kit.

Cheap as Tents On Sale:

  • Coleman Sundome Tent, Coleman Hooligan Tent, Coleman 4-Person Evanston Tent with Screened Porch Canopy 9 Ft x 7 Ft Fits Queen Bed are so cheap that campers do not to looking for a good deal or tents on sale anymore.
  • Dome shaped tents are very popular for new campers because they are simple and cheap.

Even if you are a seasoned camper, you might still prefer cheap tents for light camping. Consider all the factors for your buy. The choice is yours.

Tent space vs. air mattresses

The choice of the right air mattress that would seamlessly fit your tent floor is one of those “foggy” areas many newbie campers get wrong.

Where’s the problem?

The mistakes people make when choosing a blow up mattress can be tracked back to two things: slopping of the tent sides and the height of the air bed.

People know the floor size of their tent and the dimensions of the sleep surface of the airbed and they make their choice based on those two numbers, which the wrong way to go about it.

Choosing the best air mattress for your specific needs has to take into account the slopped sides of the tent and the elevation of the blow up mattress.

An air mattress makes the tent “smaller”

When we say smaller here, we don’t mean literally. We are referring to the fact that some space is lost between the angles of the tent and the sides of the inflatable mattress. For reference, below are a few guidelines that you can go by when making the choice for two most popular size of airbeds – Twin and Queen.

Twin air mattress will take about 22-24 square feet of space (the sleep surface). If you take into account that the airbed can be raised anywhere from 9-25 inches that number goes up to 26-30 feet.

Queen air mattress will take up about 33-34 square feet. The profile height is in the same range as the twin airbeds. To make sure it’s a good fit, think about the bed height, measure the dimensions of your tent at that height point and visualize how it affects the space.

To simplify it – for comfortable sleep and functioning inside the tent, you can use the rule of thumb that the tent floor space has to be at least 3.5 times the space an air mattress takes up.



The following are some of the best four-person camping tent types:

Basic Ridge Tent:

This type of tent has a more traditional shape, and design and the ridge are set up to hold the roof. This particular tent is popular for being more stable than others and has a very easy setup process.

4 man tent


Dome tent:

Flexible poles are formed into half circles to give dome tents their shape. The sides are vertical which allows for improved headroom while inside the tent, which also allows campers to stand upright and walk around. It is a stable tent option and has a wider floor area.

4 person tent reviews

Instant or quick-pitch tents:

These are common tent types and are typically made from long coiled frames that are permanently fitted within the fabric. This design allows for instant setup and is a practical option suitable for a variety of different weather conditions.

Inflatable tents:

Inflatable tents are also easy to pitch. All you have to do is peg the corners and switch on the compress for the tent to be erect. However, this type of tent can end up being a costly option and will add some weight to the backpack and make it harder to carry.

Tunnel tents:

Tunnel tents are a popular choice for those looking for a good family tent. The tent is made similarly to the dome tent, but instead of having flexible poles that cross one another, they are instead placed in a line to create a tunnel design. The tunnel design provides much more room for a family.

5 man tent

Tunnel Tent (Green)



There are a lot of frequently asked questions about tents and camping in general. The following are some of the most common FAQ about family tents:

I bought a 4 person tent but later discovered that it could not fit the four of us. Why is that?

Family tents are usually sold as 4-person, 6-person 8-person and so on. This number is just a representative of the maximum number of people who can sleep in the tent at the same time. However depending on your physical size you may not be able to fit in the tent comfortable six of you. It is, therefore, important to verify the tent size before buying it.

What is the major difference between a 4-season tent and 3-season tent?

All 4-season tents are designed for snow campers although they can be used during the rest of the seasons. The 3-season, on the other hand, cannot withstand the snow stress and loads of the winters.

How can I tell the model name of my family tent?

All tents including family tents have a small 2″ x 4″ tag attached beneath the door zippers that contain the model name and all the other important information about your tent.

What can I expect to be the life span of my family tent on average usage?

The average life span of a family tent being used about 2-3 times a year of 3-7 days per use is 7-10 years.



In general, there are a lot of questions potential buyers have regarding tents and camping. The following are some of the most common and frequently asked questions about family tents:

I bought a 4-person tent but later discovered that it could not fit the four of us. Why is that?

Family tents are usually sold as 4-person, 6-person 8-person and so on. This number is representative of the maximum number of people who can sleep in the tent at the same time. However, depending on your physical size, you may not be able to fit that many inside the tent at one time comfortably. Therefore, it is important to verify the tent size before buying it to make sure it can fit everyone in your family, as well as all your gear.

What is the major difference between a 4-season tent and 3-season tent?

All 4-season tents are designed for snow campers although they can be used during the rest of the seasons. The 3-season tents, on the other hand, cannot withstand the snow stress and harsh conditions of the winter months. This is where knowing in which season you will be camping most frequently comes in.

How can I tell the model name of my family tent?

All tents including family tents have a small 2″ x 4″ tag attached beneath the door zippers that contain the model name and all the other important information about your tent.

What can I expect to be the lifespan of my family tent on average usage?

The average lifespan of a family tent being used about 2-3 times a year of 3-7 days per use is 7-10 years. This lifespan is also based on how well it is being cared for and maintained.

General Care

It is important that you take care of your tent so that it can last you and your family for several years of use

  • Use a floor protector to protect the floor from becoming torn
  • Make sure the tent is dry before it is packed away
  • Make sure the poles remain in good condition and the ends are not damaged
  • Be careful while carrying the bag that is holding the tent
  • Try to apply a ground cloth before setting up the tent

Cleaning the Tent

  • When you wash the tent, you should only use lukewarm water and avoid using any detergents or other harsh cleaners
  • To remove stains, you can use washing solution such as Nikwax Tech Wash
  • When you clean the tent, be sure to rinse it thoroughly and allow it ample time to dry before storing it

Storing the Tent 

  • Cover the newly washed and dried tent to protect it from dust and other debris
  • Store the tent poles in their assembled state to help prolong their life and avoid unnecessary damage
  • Don’t store the tent in the carry bag
  • Don’t store your tent in direct contact with any PVC materials as the gas released from such materials can damage the tent

Seam Sealing

  • To seam seal the tent, set it up in a dry and well-ventilated area
  • Clean off the areas you wish to seal so that no dirt will damage the sealing treatment
  • Apply the seam sealer with a stiff bristle brush on the affected areas from the inside
  • Allow the tent to dry for up to twelve hours
  • Inspect the seam before storing the tent



  • You always must keep tents well maintained no matter how weatherproof and strong they may be. The following tips will help you make sure your tent lasts longer:
    • Correctly tension your tent to allow for easy draining of water when it rains
    • Regularly wipe your dry canvas tent with a brush to remove deposits of dirt; even when you do not intend to use it
    • Clean the mud skirts and windows of your tent using a sponge and a dry cloth, not a brush
    • Remove stains using a brush and tepid water. Avoid soap and other forms of detergents as they can destroy the water-repellent properties of your tent
    • Do not cook in your tent and if you have to do it ensure that you have sufficient ventilation to remove any form of condensation that may form in the tent
    • After camping, clean your tent with slightly chlorinated water and let it dry before packing it
    • Do not hang clothing washed with water in or over your tent as they may contain soap residuals that may destroy the water repellant properties of your tent
    • If you have a problem with your car, ensure that you wash your hands thoroughly before touching your tent. This is because grease can also damage the waterproof properties of your tent
    • Do not let heavy objects, such as chairs, lean against the canvas of your tent. They can damage it in the process.
    • When it is raining, avoid the temptation of touching your tent to feel if it is leaking. Because, where you touched your tent, it may cause water to be suspended thus increasing chances of leakage.
    • Never store your tent while still wet because this can interfere with the cotton canvas material





Four-person tents are great tents for smaller groups, especially couples because it allows for enough space to move and also comes with the benefit of versatility while camping

I hope this guide has helped you with your journey to find the best four-person tent for your next camping trip and I have offered the best tips possible to suit your needs.

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Will Young

With summer approaching and family vacations on the horizon, it is a good time to start looking into purchasing a new tent for all your future family camping trips.

However, you are interested in quality but do not want to spend an arm and a leg on a tent for the family.

Rather, you are looking for a cheap and affordable option that will still provide your family with more than adequate shelter and a good place to sleep on all your camping trips.

A lot of times when people hear the word “cheap” their mind immediately goes to low quality or inferior craftsmanship. This is not always the case. It is still possible to find affordably priced and large tents that are just as good as the others that have been hiked up in price.

In this article, we will introduce you to a few of the best cheap family tent options that you will be sure to love for your next camping trip.

Types of Cheap Family Tents

First, you should decide what type of tent you will need and to do this, you will need to think about the type of camping you will be doing.

OUR TOP PICK! >> Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent – Blue <<

cheap camping tents

It’s always the best cheap camping tent ever (IMO). This tent is spacious enough for 4 or 5 campers. It measures 17 by 10 feet with a 72-inch center height, you can divide into three separate rooms. With only over 100$, you will have a great tent with Cool-Air port and Variflo adjustable venting system. In addition, you will only take 7-15 minutes to set up.

Other suggestions for you:

Backpacking tents are lightweight tents, compact, and very portable options and are also the ideal choice if you are going to do some hiking and are traveling over long distances. This type of tent will usually only fit one to two people comfortably due to its size.

Canopy tents are more a structure than a tent, and they provide a shelter that can easily be collapsed into a more portable and compact size. However, they are not a fully enclosed option, and they tend to be open on more than one side. They can effectively protect you and your family from bad weather and they are great party tents.

Family tents are much larger options and can fit anywhere from four to ten plus people in the tent at a given time. It is the perfect option if you plan on taking the entire family out; pets and camping gear included.

The following will offer a bit more information on each of these tent types as well as a few viable suggestions for you to consider as you go through the buying process.

You can divide cheap family tents for camping into: 4 people tent, 6 people tent, 8 people tent and 10+ people tent. Because of the different number of family members or group members, you can select the suitable tent with enough interior space, separate rooms and reasonable price for your own trip. For example:

Cheap 4 person tent:
cheap tents for sale

Cheap 6 person tent:
tents for sale cheap

Cheap 8 person tent:
cheap tents for camping

Cheap 10+ person tent:


A backpacking tent is a compact, lightweight shelter to help campers go hiking easily. There are some criteria you should pay attention to when choosing a backpacking tent. A lightweight and easy-to-setup tent is the top priority. You should buy a tent with suitable capacity, 2- or 4-people tent is recommended. In addition, a 3-season shelter with reasonable price will be better for you. Do not spend too much money on an expensive backpacking tent if you do not have much experience.

Purposes: Go hiking, mountain climbing, exploring, scouting…

best cheap tent

Suggestion: Wenzel Ridgeline 3 Person Tent – Light Grey

The Wenzel Ridgeline tent measures 7’x7’x50” feet and weighs 7 pounds, 4 ounces. This is a 3-dome tent ideal for hikers and cyclists. It has weather-resistant polyester fabric which keeps you safe from wet weather. With shock-corded fiberglass frame as well as two windows and roof vents for ventilation, you will find it easy to set up and comfortable to stay in. If you still hesitate, this tent’s rate at 4.3 out of 5 stars and over 130 reviews from Amazon customers will make you satisfied.

Another suggestion for you to consider is:

Cheap 1 Person Tent:

Cheap 2 Person Tent:

Cheap 3 person tent:


Tents can be used for camping, outdoor gatherings, tailgating, and so much more. Depending on the activity you are participating in, you may find that you need a certain kind of tent or shelter.

Backpacking Tents

Backpacking tents are great for those longer trips in which you also plan on doing a bit of hiking and exploring. It is a lightweight shelter option that can be easily set up and taken down. They are also very affordable depending on the size of the backpacking tent you choose.

The cheaper backpacking tent options are suitable for a variety of activities including hiking, mountain climbing, exploring, and scouting; but a more affordable option may only fit yourself and your gear, so each member of the family may have to carry their own.

Backpacking tents usually have the following features, making them a desirable option for outdoor adventure:

  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Water resistant
  • Weather-resistant
  • Shock-corded fiberglass frame
  • Windows for ventilation

Cheap Canopy Tents for Sale

If you are not so much planning on camping but are going to be hosting a large family gathering, then a canopy tent offers a convenient and shady locale for your outdoor celebrations.

Canopy tents are often used for weddings, backyard barbecues, and even on camping trips and offer a nice and shady place to eat and hang out with family out of the sun and other elements.

The following are a few benefits of canopy tents:

  • Offers shade and protection
  • Comes in a variety of colors and designs
  • Perfect for outdoor social events
  • Ample room for the entire family
  • Can withstand frequent use

Recommendation: Trademark Innovations Square Replacement Canopy Gazebo Top for 10′ Slant Leg Canopy, 8 by 8′, White

tents for cheap

This Trademark Innovations Square Replacement Canopy Gazebo Top for 10′ Slant Leg Canopy measures 8’x8’ square and is made of 210D oxford coated waterproof material. This canopy replacement top fits Trademark Innovations 10′ canopy frames with slant support legs. With around $30, you can save money by purchasing a replacement top rather than a whole new canopy tent.

Other suggestions for you are:

Cheap 8×8 9×9 10×10 Canopies:

Cheap 12×12 Canopies:

Cheap 10×20 Canopies:

Cheap Car Camping Tents – Rooftop Tents

Purpose: For a 2-people trip with minivan

Recommendation: NAPIER Backroadz Full Size Crew Truck Tent, 5-Feet 5-Inch, Green/Beige/Grey

camping tents cheap

If you are seeking a convenient tent for put on your minivan, this tent is for you. The Backroadz Truck Tent can be assembled in the back of your open-bed pickup, creating a comfortable, restful sleeping area for two people. It is quite an easy-to-setup with 4 shock-corded fiberglass poles. This tent provides the large interior with over 5.5′ of headroom and full rain fly to protect you against the wettest weather, you can sleep comfortably above the ground after a long journey.

More products for your consideration:

Tent Seasonality

Choosing a good tent which can be used for such a long time and is worth your money is not easy. The Wind, rain, sun, snow can have a bad impact on your tent. Before purchasing a tent, you need to understand the different type of tents and their capacity.

Cheap 3 Season Tents:

A three-season tent will be able to stand up to heavy rain and wind. This is the most popular choice for camping. Three-season tents are designed for conditions of spring, summer and fall. It can suffer downpours but not for harsh storms or snow. You can be safe from bugs when using this kind of tent.

tent for sale cheap

Suggestion: Coleman Instant Tent (available models for 4 – 6 – 8 – 10 persons)

This Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent measures 14 x 10 ft. with the 50D material. It has large screened windows and doors which provide a great view while still keep the bugs out. You can feel comfortable and safe when using this tent due to its exclusive WeatherTec system with thick waterproof walls and welded floor. 4.4 out of 5 stars and over 1300 reviews is such an amazing figure.

You can have a look at other tents below:

Cheap 4 Season Tents:

A four-season tent can be used in any weather conditions. It can withstand substantial snow loads or fierce winds of the winter. This tent is equipped with more poles and better fabric.

camping tents for sale cheap

RecommendationColeman Evanston Screened Tent (4 – 6 – 8 person models)Some other suggestions for you are:

Cheap Instant Tent – EZ Up Tents

EZ Up or Pop Up Tents are a great option if you don’t want the hassle and headache of having to figure out how to put up a more complicated tent that is in many pieces. Pop up tents offer quick setup and takedown, so you can be well on your way to enjoying your trip, rather than facing the frustration of wrestling with the tent and figuring out where the various tent poles belong.

cheap big tents

Our top pick, of course is Coleman Instant Tent (available models for 4 6 8 10 persons)

Other suggestions:

Cheap Screened Tent

Screened tents are ideal for those outdoor adventures and ensure you can keep your view of nature but have the added mesh protection from the creepy crawlers that may be lingering outside.

cheap family tents

Cheap Beach Tents / Shelters

best cheap tents

Beach tents and shelters offer much-needed shade while at the beach and are great if you are planning on some beach camping or glamping. They are made to withstand the sun’s harmful rays, less than ideal weather conditions, and can stand up to a strong ocean breeze and high winds.

Our best recommendations for cheap beach tents:


Choosing a famous and reliable brand to spend your money may be a smart choice in many cases. There are a number of well-known brands for your consideration, such as Coleman, Big Agnes, Wenzel, Ozark Trail, Mountain Trails. Coleman, let’s say, they cover around 70 – 80% of the US outdoor market, especially camping tents. For many people, taking a good camping tent from favorite brand or company will make them more confident.

Coleman Tents

camping tents for cheap

Coleman is a quite famous brand with camping tents and other relating products. As it said, “Coleman tents were built for the outdoors. A tent from Coleman provides the durable construction, protective features and solid architecture that you depend on for safe, enjoyable accommodations for your camping tent. Let the superior reputation of Coleman tents ensure that you have your best trips yet.” You will definitely satisfy with a large range of selection from Coleman.

Our top picks are:


Depending on different shapes of the tents, you will have various types: Dome, Stand-up, Instant, Pop-up, Large tent.

Cheap Large / Big Tents:

In big events or activities, a large tent, usually more than 10 persons, is the best choice for you.

cheap tents for sale online

Purpose: Family or school reunion.

Suggestion: Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Person Hinged Door Tent

This tent is very roomy. It’s absolutely the best of cheap big tents. It measures 17 x 9 ft. and fits 10 people or 3 queen airbeds. The center height is around 6 ft. 8 which enables you to stand and move easily. You can completely feel comfortable when staying in this tent due to its durable TC fabric construction and Waterproof WeatherTec system.

Other recommendations for you:

Cheap Stand Up Tents (Standing Tents):

This type is not very popular. Most of the big tents today allow people to stand up inside. You can refer to the large tent section or take this huge tent as our suggestion:

Cheap Pop-up Tents:

Pop-up tents are the simplest form of shelter available. It is popular for the festival, camping trip or backyard camping with temporary shelter for any occasion. There are some different kinds of the pop-up tent for different purpose of using such as outdoor changing room at the beach, shade shelter for keeping away from the sunshine, …

cheap 4 person tent

Recommendation: Coleman Pop-Up Tent

This Coleman Pop-Up Tent for 4 Person offers enough room to sleep for two adults. It is ideal for weekend get-aways and festivals with the package size is 34.8 x 1.8 x 34.8 inches and weight is 7.1 pounds.

Other suggestions for you are:

Cheap Dome Tents:

Dome Tents are an option that works for family camping as well and may even provide a bit more space and headroom, so you are more comfortable on your next camping trip. It can also go a long way in keeping you warmer on those cooler nights or dry during rainy weather conditions.

cheap beach tents

Suggestions: Coleman Sundome Tent (Green and Navy color options – Size: 2 – 3 – 4 – 6 persons)

Other suggestions:

Cheap Cabin Tents:

Cabin Tents often are the biggest option and include separate sleeping and eating quarters that are typically divided. You can have all the room you need to sleep comfortably, while also having a covered area to eat meals, hang out, or keep your gear, so it stays dry and safe. Room dividers are a great option to have for larger families.

cheap outdoor tents

Our top pick is Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent – Blue

Other suggestions are:

Tips for Purchasing High-Quality, Cheap Tents

Choosing a good tent that is reliable and high-quality at a cheap and affordable price point is not an easy task to undertake. It takes some serious consideration, time, and research to find what will work best for you and your family.

big cheap tents

The following are just a few tips to help you choose the best cheap tent option:

  • Consider the purpose of the trip
  • How many people will be travelling with you?
  • What is your budget?
  • What kind of features do you want the tent to have?

When you choose to buy a tent in the store, rather than online, you are awarded the advantageous opportunity of being able to test the tent, see how large it really is, and have a little more hands-on experience with it prior to purchasing it. You will also be able to see just how difficult or time-consuming the setup process can be.

When you purchase a tent online, on the other hand, you can find many websites that offer more than competitive pricing, so if it is a cheap tent option you are looking for, you may have more luck when shopping around at different sites online. You will even have access to several reviews of each tent option so that you can have a better idea of other user’s personal experiences with the tents.

You can also find specially discounted, clearance, or marked down options so you really can find a cheap family tent at a more than reasonable price. Start your search on Google by typing in keywords such as “best cheap tent,” “cheap camping tents,” “cheap tent for camping,” and “cheap tents for sale.”

  • Remember only to visit authorized websites like the one you are currently on, Backpacker, and Adventure Parents
  • Access the manufacturers site directly
  • Access large, well-known, and reputable e-commerce sites

Amazon is always a great place to start your search for the best cheap family tent for camping because you will be able to find a cheaper price, read reviews, and see how high the tent is ranked and rated.

One of the top online websites is – a reliable online place for purchasing and making best decisions (by considering all Amazon customers’ reviews and rating points).

How to Search on Amazon

Using Amazon to search for a cheap tent is easy. Simply type in what it is you are looking for and wait for the results to appear. There is even an option to refine the search, so you can narrow down the results to something a bit more manageable and more focused on what you are looking to purchase.

Some popular criteria to look for include average customer reviews (look for products with four+ stars), price, and condition (new or used). When looking through reviews, make sure you look at all of them; good and bad. You can also look for the answers to any questions you may still have regarding the products you are interested in.

This website that you are reading this information on is another reliable source because we are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program that has been designed to provide a means for the sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

With Amazon, you can find the biggest name brands, some of the best prices, and a large selection, so you are sure to walk away with the satisfaction of knowing you have purchased the best cheap family size tents for the money and you are ready to begin planning your next trip.

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How To Go Camping With Your Pit Bull



Who doesn’t like camping? You’re out in the great outdoors, “unplugged” from the strains and stresses of life. But sometimes, when you think about making an attempt at camping, the preparation seems almost too overwhelming.

It’s hard enough to pack up your car with the family, tents, gear and food for a weekend outing in the woods. So where do you even begin when one of your family members is a pitbull?

If you want to go camping with a dog in tow, you’ll need a lot of the same basics you might use for any other family member: food, water, shelter, gear, clothing, medicines, and proper training. Let’s take a look at these essentials and get packing!


Dog Food for Pit Bulls

Pitbull is not a small and cute dog like Shih Tzu pomeranian mix. When it comes to dog food for your beloved pitbulls, it’s not that difficult to know what to bring along for camping. Whatever your pitbull eats at home, he can eat in the wild.

If you want your pitbull to be fit and healthy for outdoor activities, you should select a high quality dog food. Some of the top choices of dog food for pitbulls include Blue Wilderness, Orijen, Taste of the Wild, and Wellness Grain Free. These are all high in protein and are made with few fillers and additives, allowing for easier digestion and better nutrition.

In addition, if your dog is malnourished and has trouble putting on weight, you may want to supplement your beloved pitbull with a high calorie supplement. They can offer substantial calories per ounce and contain many vitamins and minerals. This will improve your pitbull’s immune system – and a strong immune system is important if you’re taking your pitbull out into the great outdoors.

Water for Pit Bulls


When you’re out in the hot sun all day, you’ll want to keep your pitbull hydrated. Fortunately, the dog gear industry has come a long way from cheap plastic dog dishes.

Waterproof, collapsible dog bowls are an excellent choice for the outdoors. They fit comfortably in your pitbull’s doggie bag, perfect for packing and on-the-go adventures.

It’s unlikely you’ll stay at your campsite when camping, so you might want to look at purchasing a hydration pack. This is similar to a camelback, if you’re familiar with hiking or biking gear, in that it’s basically a wearable waterbottle. The water is kept in a pouch or, in the pitbull’s case, a jacket, enabling them to carry their water along with them, in order to stay hydrated.

Shelter for Pit Bulls

If your pitbull isn’t well-trained, then he’ll probably be relegated to his dog crate. This can also serve as his nightly shelter when camping.

The suggested crate size for a pitbull is 30 inches. This will prevent the pitbull from feeling stifled and cramped, while allowing him to stretch out and lay flat on his side. He can also sit up fully without banging his head.

As for the dog crate material, you want something sturdy with a pitbull, as thin-wired crates may break easily or be chewed through by your pitbull. Moreover, a crate with a divider is suggested for added security.

Gear for Pit Bulls


You wouldn’t believe how much gear is out there when it comes to camping with pitbulls. To make this easier, we’ve broken our favorite camping gear items down into bullet points.

  • Beds – You’re not the only one who wakes up with a kink in their back from lying on the earthen ground. Aid your pitbull’s sleep by investing in a simple foam pad. Not only does it allow for added support, but it insulates against the cold ground at night.
  • Sleeping bags – Yep, your pitbull can even have his own sleeping bag. A doggie sleeping bag will make for added insulation and can be cleaned easily with a shake.
  • Life jackets – You may want to take your pitbull out on the lake with you, but perhaps he hasn’t learned to doggie-paddle. Before you throw him on deck, strap on a pitbull life jacket. These flotation devices will ensure your pitbull doesn’t sink, and many are designed with a strong handle, so you can pull him out of the water when he’s gotten away from you.
  • Harnesses – If your pitbull is a little wild, you’ll want to keep him harnessed, so he doesn’t attack any of your fellow campers. There are a number of harnesses specific to camping on the market. Many are made of weatherized fabrics and hardware, designed to retain function in any type of weather.

Clothing for Pit Bulls

While you may not be into dressing up your pitbull in funny clothes, camping clothing for pitbulls might just be an exception to the rule. It will keep your pitbull safe while you’re out in the environs, and you won’t have to worry about him getting cold or piercing his foot on some unexpected sharp stick or rock.

  • Jackets – From rain jackets to light knit fleece jackets, fit your pitbull with the proper extra layer of protection for the weather. Some jackets available aren’t insulated and are intended for breathable waterproofing, while other fleece knit fabrics are for a little added warmth as you tell stories around the campfire.
  • Coats – If you expect freezing temps while camping, you may want to invest in a coat for your pitbull. These are often much more insulated, while still providing your dog a reasonable range of motion, so he doesn’t feel trapped in his coat.
  • Trekking boots – You can even strap on some doggie hiking boots for your pitbull, if you plan on taking him with you up the mountain. Not only will your pitbull look super trendy in his boots, but they offer added traction and paw protection from sharp objects on the ground.

Medicines & Bug Sprays for Pit Bulls

Just like you, your pitbull may suffer from allergies or bug bites when camping. You should be prepared to address any allergy concerns or use preventative measures to stave off the ticks and mosquitos in the outdoors.

  • Skin or seasonal allergies – Your pitbull’s skin allergies can be a result of the environment, the weather or food. If you haven’t spent hundreds (or even thousands) on the doctor exam and subsequent tests run to root out the exact cause, then you’ve likely had to investigate on your own. Regardless of what induces your pit bull’s allergies, it’s important to keep his immune system strong, give him frequent baths with shampoo designed for inflamed or sensitive skin, and feed him a diet low in grain. Carbohydrates tend to create more inflammation in pit bulls prone to allergies.
  • Tick remedies – Before heading on your camping trip, purchase an over-the-counter spot-on medication. This will help remedytick or flea problems if you run into either while outdoors. They can be effective against parasites fornearly a month, so you can even apply it prior to your camping trip.
  • Bug spray – If you’re being ravaged by mosquitos, expect that your pitbull will be too. Purchase a bug spray specific for dogs at your local pet store. Or for a natural remedy, try lemon eucalyptus essential oil. The scent is repugnant to mosquitos and to other bugs. Just ensure that you mix the right oil-to-liquid ratio in your spray bottle.

Training for Pit Bulls


If you’re taking your pit bull out amongst people, then of course it’s essential that he’s properly trained. You don’t want a lawsuit on your hands.

Fortunately, this breed is highly intelligent, and obedience training promotes physical exercise, skill, mental stimulation, and bonding time between the pit bull and his owner. All of these things are perfect for this breed.

Train your pit bull with a non-violent, reward-based system. As these dogs aim to please, they are motivated to succeed and don’t respond to punishment as they would to reward. However, they do grow to be strong dogs, so a firm hand and consistency in training is needed to get them on the right track.

Begin with puppy socialization to train your pit bull to behave well towards other dogs, towards people, and to actively respond to your commands, starting with the basics – like come, sit, stay, etc.

Because of their strength, proper leash training is necessary. If you allow your pit bull to yank on his leash early on, then you’re in for it. So it’s important to instill and reinforce this leash behavior at an early age.

Moreover, the size and enthusiasm of your pit bull is likely to frighten your guests and other campers – especially if they aren’t dog-lovers. Again, early training as a preventative measure is better than trying to “cure” the pit bull later, once he’s already adapted the habit to jump on people. In order to train him, be clear and consistent in communicating your command and get the point across to him that jumping up is unacceptable.

If you’ve properly trained your pit bull, you can rest assured that he’ll behave in his new environs as well as he does at home. But if he’s not obedient at home, take the precautions to restrain him on your campout with a secure leash and a dog crate.

Why Are You Still Here?

In general, if you’re taking your pit bull camping, you’ll need all the same things that keep him happy at home, along with a few other specialty items that will keep him from going crazy when he hears the call of the wild. So don’t give up on a great family outing, just because you have a pit bull. Grab these items, train your dog well, get out there, unplug, and have fun!

It’s from Brenda Leary with love – CuddleYourDogs


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