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Meet the FamilyTentCenter.com Team

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The FamilyTentCenter.com team is comprised of four close friends who are all obsessed with camping. They’ve been going camping together for years, and loved the activity so much that they decided to make this site in order to share their love of the great outdoors with everyone that has internet access. Camping is a great family activity, so you can imagine that when these four friends head out into the wilderness with their spouses and children, it’s almost like a party—except without the hassle of worrying about neighbors or being in the city.

Let’s meet the team:

Meet Will Young

Will Young

While these four friends aren’t sure which one of them exactly came up with the concept for FamilyTentCenter.com, Young is happy to take credit. After a rather poor experience at a major retailer while trying to purchase a large tent which would fit him as well as the rest of his family, he recalls saying in passing to Todd, “We should just start our own website for tents, because we could do a way better job than them.” Young’s wife, Irene, and his two girls aged 8 and 11, are pretty glad that Young (probably) came up with this idea—helping out with what’s become the family business is their favorite activity. Well, next to camping of course! Young is from California, which is where he met Todd through mutual friends.

Meet Jeremy


Jeremy Allen is the resident backpacking specialist at FamilyTentCenter.com. Originally from Florida and highly adventurous, Jeremy has enjoyed traveling across both Europe and Asia. Jeremy has always enjoyed backpacking, but he developed his love of camping during a trip in Europe. Jeremy recounts the occasion as “transformative” for him. After having backpacked through cities and roads for nearly four months, he met up with a group of friends outside Berlin. They invited him to go camping and since Jeremy was already living a pretty rugged lifestyle at the time, he thought “Why not?” and agreed.

It turned out that the 4-day long camping trip was all the introduction Jeremy needed to become a camping maniac. Since his backpacking days, Jeremy has gotten married, and the happy couple’s first son has just celebrated his 5th birthday. Jeremy contributes to the site by making suggestions which could be helpful for backpackers—both urban as well as those interested in roughing it in the wilderness. You couldn’t ask for a friendlier, more well-traveled individual to be a part of the FamilyTentCenter.com team.

Meet Janet


Janet is an extremely ambitious woman. Aside from the work she does at  FamilyTentCenter.com, she also helps operate two other businesses, has a husband, and raises two teenagers. We’re not entirely sure how she manages to do it, but it’s for all of these reasons that there’s little doubt as to why Janet loves camping as much as she does. When your life is constantly on the go, camping is an excellent way to revitalize yourself and the rest of your family.

Originally from Texas, Janet particularly enjoys the cooking elements of camping—there’s something rather magical about warming your dinner over an open flame in the wilderness. It’s how humans have survived for thousands of years, and there’s a certain amount of satisfaction that comes from preparing a meal for one’s family in this primal way. Janet is also the FamilyTentCenter.com team’s traveling musician, and there are few camping trips with the entire group during which her guitar doesn’t make at least one or two appearances after the sun has set and everyone is relaxing near the fire.

Meet Todd


Todd is one of Mark’s close friend and has made an appearance at just about every single camping trip that the FamilyTentCenter.com has gone on—the others aren’t sure if he’s ever missed one. Todd learned about the joys of car camping while he lived in California. It was his way of escaping the daily grind of work and being stuck in the outrageously congested traffic of Los Angeles. While Todd enjoys traditional camping too, he still likes to take his family in the car and go out to the wilderness together for a good old fashioned car camping trip.

As the member of the FamilyTentCenter.com team that knows the most about car camping, Todd is the go-to guy for advice on where to park, what to bring with you, and how to get the most out of a camping trip that’s out of state. He’s also a master of packing efficient camping bags with just about everything that he or his family could possibly need, and that’s why the rest of the FamilyTentCenter.com team sometimes refers to him as the “human Swiss army knife.” The group’s favorite memory of Todd is when he accidentally picked up his backpack upside down, and all of his very carefully packed items spilled out onto the ground in a pile that, somehow, seemed bigger than the backpack itself.

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