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When you are looking to buy the best tent for your family, there are many options available and it may seem difficult to feel confident you are getting the right one. Here at Family Tent Centre, we have done the hard work for you. 

Our team of experts reviews the best tents for families so you can make an informed decision before you buy. 

Whether you need an all-weather tent for regular mountain expeditions or for simply pitching up some shade on the beach, reading our reviews will help to ensure that you spend your money on the best tent for you.

Firstly, it is important to have an idea of what you and your family want. Knowing what you'll be doing, where you'll be going and with how many people, will help you decide what sort of tent you need. From there, you can read our reviews and find the best one to buy.

That’s why we take lots of things into account when we review family tents for sale.

We Look At The Best Family Tent Based On…

Your Activity 

Are you going to be camping all year round?

Do you need a comfy spot to rest your heads beneath the stars?

Or do you simply need some shelter from the rain or shade for the little ones?

Is luggage and storage space an issue?

It all makes a difference.

If you are simply seeking shelter for a day on the beach, canopy tents will often be enough. As they are open sided, the larger variety is also great for a party.

Backpackers are more likely to be short on space and want a lighter, more compact tent. These are often 1 to 4 person sized and simple in design.

When space and luggage are less of an issue and you are considering larger tents, there are more options to consider. These can offer more spacious and comfortable living spaces with more scope for how you use them.

Where and when you camp will determine a different type of tent. Campsites are often more sheltered, but if you are camping in the backcountry where areas are more exposed, you will need to think about a more technical tent.

Tents can be classified in terms of the number of seasons they can be used in. A three-season tent is suitable for a milder climate, but in colder more extreme weather, a four-season tent which is made from heavier duty material and offers more shelter will be better.

If you're more glamper than a camper, considering the luxury side of large family tents for sale like a bell tent or tipi may be a good idea. They tend to be more spacious with room for more people, chairs, tables and perhaps even the kitchen sink!

How Many People Will Use It

Family size tents are often available as either 4 person, 6 person, 8 person, and more than 10 person tents.

A 4 person tent will sleep a couple comfortably and is often also on the smaller scale of family camping tents for sale, so can still be carried relatively easily. If you have children too, you may want to go up a size though and get some extra space.

If you have more luggage and want some extra room, then having a larger tent can give a more comfortable space. Also, 6 person tents often offer a few more features such as a porch to kick your muddy shoes off in, when compared to their smaller counterparts.

Planning a trip for more than 5 or 6 people? Your best bet is an 8 person tent which has more room for gear as well as space to move around. Often, they will have divided rooms which is convenient too.

Separate compartments and rooms are also common features in tents made for ten people or more. If you are pitching on a spot with enough land, they can offer a lot more comfort. Usually, you will find they have ample standing room and a welcome space where people can gather to eat or take shelter when it rains. This makes 10 person tents an ideal choice for hosting events or large groups.

Tent Shape

The shape you need will mostly depend on what your activity is.

Pop-up tents offer simple shelter. People use them at festivals a lot as they are easy to erect and only take up a small amount of space on the ground. Because they are so lightweight, they are also ideal on the beach or on a fishing trip to act as shade or shelter from the rain. On the downside, they don't have any standing space. Also, they are often circular in shape, which means they aren't easy to carry long distances.

Traditional dome tents work well for a camping trip and provide more headroom. They are also better suited for when the weather turns and come in a variety of sizes too.

The best family camping tents for sale will often offer more standing space and room for socializing, with a network of compartments and rooms.

Large canopy-style tents will offer good shelter for a larger group or an event, and their open sides mean that capacity won't be an issue you need to consider.

What Features You Need

Some tents are simply made just to do one job well, while others offer more specific features such as a built-in groundsheet, or a porch space to store wet or dirty items away from the sleeping space. Knowing what comforts you like is useful when selecting a tent to buy.

If you aren't worried about features of the tent itself but want something that's simple to put up, you may consider something like a pop-up or the Coleman instant tent.

For those that need a tent to be more of a social space for family and friends to gather, a larger sized tent offers more headroom to stand or space for tables and chairs.

The Budget

Of course, budget is a factor. Some will be more expensive than others, and this will depend on various factors.

More expensive models will offer you more features, be more comfortable and be constructed using more sturdy heavy duty materials.

If you think you will be using the tent regularly, investing in a more expensive one may be more economical in the long run.

However, if your gear won’t be used as much, or you worry it may get damaged, for example at a music festival, then take a look at the cheaper options.

A smaller price tag doesn’t always mean putting up with poor quality though. Choosing a good brand and model can ensure you get the best of both worlds.

Trusted Brand Names

There are a number of trusted household names which get the double thumbs up from us, and choosing to purchase a tent from one of these would be the smart choice.

Brands we know and trust are Coleman, Big Agnes, Wenzel, Ozark Trail, Mountain Trails and Vango among others.

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