Suisse Sport Yosemite 5 Person 2 Room Dome Tent 10′ x 8′ Review Best of 5 man tents


Sep 03
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Suisse Sport Yosemite 5 Person 2 Room Dome Tent 10′ x 8′ REVIEW: Best of 4 – 5 man tents with more comfort & privacy but cheap

A good tent can be perfect for plenty of people but it’s even more important to find a tent that offers at least some form of privacy. This is especially important as people will want to ensure they aren’t bothered far too much while sleeping, undressing or doing other things in a tent. The Suisse Sport Yosemite 5 Person 2 Room Dome Tent is a particular model that is particularly useful for all sorts of parties.


This is a tent that comes with a dome design and features a fine body that is easy to set up. It features a good overhang and a simple entry system. This is one of the most appealing tents that good-sized parties can use when camping.

In particular, this is an easy to set up and take down that offers plenty of rain protection. The divider itself is especially popular as it is easy to use and doesn’t require the user to have to bear with too many adjustments when trying to make it work for any purpose.

This the largest two-room tent that you can get right now. It is very comfortable and is affordable for a small family of five or fewer people. It can work best for a small family or two couples but either way, it can provide you with a private and comfortable space at a great price.

Important Specifications For the Tent

  • 10 x 6 x 8 feet (W x H x D) in size
  • Weighs about 13.65 pounds
  • Polyethylene body
  • Two-part door in a double-D design
  • Blue and grey color
  • Four-point rainfly
  • Mesh windows around the sides
  • Full mesh ceiling


The Most Appealing Features of the Product

This tent features a four-point rainfly. This moves over all the sides of the tent and creates a fine canopy that all people can enjoy sleeping under. These rainfly surfaces include a series of curves around the top areas to keep the windows and other surfaces from being stuck with rain flying in.

Suisse Sport Yosemite Tent 5 person 2 room dome tentThe ceilings are made with a breathable mesh material that allows air to move in while keeping insects and other creatures out from the inside of the tent. There are three zippered windows around the tent with all of them being on the spots that the door is not on.

The ceiling is also made with a mesh body. It is covered over the rainfly to keep water out while still allowing plenty of surrounding air to move into the tent as necessary. This in turn keeps the conditions inside the tent comfortable without being stuffy or otherwise difficult to be in.

The most noteworthy part of this tent is in its divider. This removable divider uses a thin material that blocks out light and other things, thus creating a good division in the middle of the tent. More importantly, it allows for two separate rooms while giving people the privacy that they are looking for when enjoying a good evening in a tent.

The divider itself is easy to remove and works right in between the two doors on this tent. The doors are designed in a double-D pattern to allow the user to easily get in and out of it as needed. This creates a comfortable body that is easy to move in and out of without being too hard to use. Also, one door can be kept in its still position while the other is used, thus keeping the user from having to open both sides of the door when getting out.

The Yosemite tent has a consistent body around the top with no particular corner being any better than the other. The height does go down as the user gets down near the ends of the tent but this is a natural part of the overall dome design that is used here. When used right, this will create a fine design that is easy to enjoy and sleep in.

Best Benefit

The best feature is that this is a two-room tent. Under-6-person tents often have just one room, thus making it unappealing for families. However, a small family can easily use this tent for its comfort while creating a spacious spot that is also affordable for people to use for their camping needs.

Why Is It the Best Seller among 5 Man Tents on Amazon?

This is one of Amazon’s top sellers in the world of tents. The cabin-style nature of the cabin and its two-room setup for small families or pairs of couples is a big part of what makes it beneficial.

Of course, the value of the tent helps just as well. It only costs a little more than a hundred dollars to buy this tent.

Other Benefits

The tent is particularly easy to set up as it only takes a few minutes for one person to set it up. The Suisse Sport tent uses four stakes to anchor it to the ground. These are organized with a series of poles that intersect at the top of the tent and will keep the rainfly aligned.

You can especially use these poles for as long as needed without worrying about them wearing out. These are made with sturdy metal materials that will not crack, bend or warp in any way. This in turn allows you to have more control over your camping experience as you won’t be at risk of bearing with tough surfaces that may not be all that easy to set up.

The poles themselves are easy to expand and the fabrics around the tent almost never get tangled as the tent is being taken out. This allows the user to quickly get the tent to stay open and ready for use. Meanwhile, the poles can be secured with just a few stakes. One is all that’s needed on each corner although the user can choose to add two on each corner in the event that it is very windy; that is to the user’s general preference.

There are plenty of other positives worth briefly mentioning:

  • The tent has a fine tarp floor that is not going to allow water to get into the tent.
  • The floor is also flexible enough to keep items from creating too many lumps.
  • The windows are easy to zip up and down as needed.
  • It only takes a few seconds to remove the divider or to place it in. It’s also easy to get the divider to move up and down.
  • A few pockets can even be found on the inside of the tent to make storing items easy for all to handle.

Why Is It the Best Seller On Amazon?

This is one of Amazon’s top sellers in the world of tents. The cabin-style nature of the cabin and its two-room setup for small families or pairs of couples is a big part of what makes it beneficial.

Of course, the value of the tent helps just as well. It only costs a little more than a hundred dollars to buy this tent.

Who Needs This Tent the Most?

This tent is perfect for use among traditional families. This five-person tent should be good enough for parents and a few kids, what with the tent having a spacious body that can handle several sleeping bags and even a possible inflatable mattress.

It can also be useful for families because of the divider. This divider allows the kids to be on one side of the tent while the parents are on the other. This creates a good sense of privacy between everyone in the tent and should be rather easy to follow with when getting a space protected and secured in some way.

This can also work well for a few adults, particularly two couples or a group of friends. It it typically best for three to four people to use this tent but five people can work too. While this has capacity for five people, it typically works in that manner when children are involved in the party. Still, the design has enough space to where people can move around in the tent without potentially waking others up or otherwise bothering people in some manner.

Some Pros and Cons


Customer Score

What Amazon Customers Say?

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Summary of Amazon Customer Reviews

The particular reviews for this tent include reports saying that it is convenient enough to where the user can get in on one side of the tent as required. This allows for plenty of ventilation and is easy for the user to relax in. This tent especially comes with a comfortable body that users enjoy; many of them states that the tent has enough space for most activities and will not be too cramped for any case.

More importantly, this is the most comfortable tent around in terms of its privacy and overall space and height. This is made even better by its cheap price. The problem with so many under-six-person tents these days is that they are made with very cheap materials and only with one room. This Suisse Sport tent breaks the mold by being more comfortable for a pair of couples or a family of five or fewer people, what with the privacy support.

However, people have stated that the tent is rather small on the inside and could stand to be a little taller. This is especially the case with the sides and ends of the tent. Also, people feel that they should have more control over the rainflies and how they are adjusted to go either up or down around the body of the tent. Still, these are relatively minor issues that people have and don’t really take away from the rest of the tent’s many features.

What About the General Setup and Installation Process?

Setting up this tent is one of the easiest things that people could do when getting it ready. This tent uses a series of poles that are carefully organized and are linked together around the top of the dome. These poles can be organized carefully and taken open as necessary.

The poles are not color-coordinated but they do have a series of rings around the ends. These are used for when stakes need to be added around the ends of the tent. This makes the process of securing the tent as easy to follow and use as possible. When adjusted properly, it will cause the tent to work well and with plenty of space to keep it intact and ready for whatever the user wants to get out of it.

The tent poles will have to be posted before the rainflies can be adjusted. The poles must be stretched out properly and fastened to the bottom to create a strong coverage space. This in turn will allow the anchors to be easier to put into the ground as needed.


The Suisse Sport Yosemite 5 Person 2 Room dome tent is a great option for families to take a look at for their general camping needs. This tent especially has a sturdy and useful body that is easy to handle and makes for a strong body that all people can enjoy trying out. When used properly, it makes any camping experience all the more exciting thanks to the fine way how it is designed. The simplicity of the tent and its brilliant design are big parts of what make it so popular among people looking for fine tent surfaces.

This tent can be found for a little more than a hundred dollars. This is a little less expensive than many other comparable models, thus giving the customer a good deal. People should certainly see what the Yosemite dome tent has to offer for their general recreational needs while head out into the wild.

This can be a great tent if your family is not too big and you are looking for comfort and privacy. This tent is great for parties of five or less or for pairs of couples. Besides it’s also cheaper than what you’d find elsewhere.

If you think you don’t need this comfort and privacy two room tent then you may like this simple and cheap tent: Coleman Hooligan 4 Person Tent

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