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luxury camping tents
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LUXURY CAMPING TENTS for 4, 6, 8, 10+ persons: Durable, Reliable, Large, Convenience, Easy to Use, Great View & Ventilation.

Will YoungExpert says: When planning to go somewhere to rest and relax, the most important thing to take is your camping tent. Especially if you’re planning a romantic vacation or wonderful family camping trip, the tent must be one of the luxury camping tents. I have some really good experience of this with my wife and the kids. I want you to feel the same! Just imagine your wonderful feelings if you grasp the chance of sleeping next to the seashore and clearly hearing the sound of waves and wind. Or going to dance or telling stories with your family and friends along with enjoying fire dancing nights out of energy!


But we have to go to the point! You are looking for a luxury camping tent, aren’t you? All you need is high quality, durability, reliability and especially convenience. And, the price is no longer a big matter, right? Don’t worry! In next 05 mins, I will help you with:

  • Essential guidance to choose a luxury camping tent.
  • Some “BEST OF HIS CLASS” camping tents: for 6, 8 or 10+ person with car/normal camping.
  • My practical experience to let you have a wonderful camping trip.
  • List of deluxe gears and furniture to assure your trip is “luxury”.


At first, there are obviously many factors which will take effects on your decision of choosing a tent but the foremost one properly is the purpose of usage. The demand of a backpacker for the tent type varies with a whole family in preparation for their camping trip. In the case that you are looking for luxury camping tents, the price is no longer a big matter. In this circumstance, most of the target customers can afford the very high price to exchange for the quality and the convenient interior of the tent.


Spacious and Fabulous Tent Interior

Nowadays, you can pick up a tent with various sizes based on the number of people joined in your camping trip. The standard sizes of tents comprise of 2-person, 4-person, 6 person, 8-person or 10-person tents. Of which the tent size for 2 persons is considered the most popular one with the advantages of the lightweight, low-cost, simple design and easy-to-use. For luxury camping tents, they should be spacious, be very spacious, even had enough room for tables, chairs, beds, even the toilet. Besides, the height of the tent needs to be carefully designed so you can walk comfortably inside.


This is considered the critical feature to assess whether a camping tent can be classified as luxury or not. All luxury camping tents should own the beautiful interior with many doors and windows. Thus, you can sit comfortably inside and still enjoy the fresh air as well as the new romantic outside view. Such wonderful interior can be designed with different styles. Of which, the most common theme is the rustic-inspired decor as it embodies the typical log cabin. Your camping tent can look like the high-end hotel room with the soaking tub.



As a matter of fact, a super camping tent not only needs to be large and wonderful but also is made of sustainable materials. Because it has to complete the basic requirement of a tent which protects you from rain, storms, pests or any sudden circumstance from outside. Along with being used the high-quality materials, you should choose the tent with the solid structure.


Basically, each tent manufacturer will divide its products into different categories and there is always a top list for the luxury camping tents. As far as I know, the famous brands for selling tents, in general, can also be your choices in choosing the best luxury camping tents. If a brand is highly appreciated for its quality of hundreds of products, its top tents are properly offered at the best quality. For this reason, Kodiak is recommended for its ultimate quality as well as customer service.

However, someone who is searching for luxury camping tents may not choose that type of tents. Being focused more on the comfortable interior space to hang out with family and friends, they will prefer the ten for at least 6 people. You can find some useful information from the below details of 6-person, 8-person, and 10-persone tents.



The Kodiak Canvas Tent is the top of luxury camping tents as my opinion. Customers always rate them with 5/5 stars. They are specially designed for 4 persons, 6 persons and 8 persons with the ceiling height of 6’6” feet so you can walk around freely. It is made of with Hydra-Shield with 100% duck canvas cotton material which is considered watertight, breathable and durable as well. With the two big doors with D-shape at the front and the back, 4 large windows and the YKK zippers, the users still feel the fresh cool air when sitting in the tent. It funnel-flow ventilation also adds up to the advantage as the best management of temperature and air flow.


The canvas material does not wick any water and minimize the mugginess and condensation. Its Flex-Bow frame is equipped with the spring steel tempered rods and the steel poles to keep this tent taut as well as stable against the fierce winds. Its floor is a heavy-duty and seamless vinyl with the puncture resistant function to prevent water come inside. The tent also offers an extensive place for stow gear and the large awning for an entry and shade.Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8-Person Tent

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As emphasized above, this six-person tent type can be used for maximum 6 people. However, it expresses the highest convenience for four people and their gear. A family of 6 people might find them a little bit squished. The offered price is assessed as expensive in comparison with other tents in the same class.


From Top Amazon’s reviews, that this tent is easy to set up and also, put up. It is described as sturdy, waterproof and strong with the ability to keeps people warm even in very cold weather. Many people thought that the high quality this product brought is quite matched with the offered price, plus the good design.

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There are 3 options of sizes for your choice with this Big Agnes – Flying Diamond tent: 4-person, 6-person and 8-person and camping tent or car camping. With the main material of fabric, you can use it comfortably for four seasons. This tent is equipped one large main room along with one door at the back but can be separated by two rooms using the partition wall.

Big Agnes Flying Diamond 8 Person Tent

Big Agnes Flying Diamond 8 Person Tent

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With the polyester stop at the body and nylon mesh at the windows, the tent provides the breathable environments for users, especially. Such materials are durable and have the waterproof coating. Its poles are made of Lightweight Aluminum so it features eco-friendly environment and does not cause any difficulty in the setting up process. The two access doors own the vertical zippers against storm flaps so they can be a shade to stake out. Compared to a standard tent, Big Agnes – Flying Diamond offer the completely larger interior space.


There is a problem with the wind refuge function of this tent in reality. It is not effective as prescribed in the instruction and some used tents were pulled up in the extremely bad weather. Even with the 6-man size, it only can fit 5 people to still keep the comfortable environment as 6 people will create a snug room.


Many Amazon customers like the reflective cover of this product which will enhance the visibility at nighttime. In addition, the warranty policy of this firm is quite effective as the users can get a new tent to replace an old one for any serious error with the free charge. With the flimsy cover, this tent is easy to carry for car camping option.

Big Agnes - Flying Diamond Deluxe Car Camping/Base Camping Tent

Big Agnes – Flying Diamond Deluxe Car Camping/Base Camping Tent

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Napier Sportz SUV tent with screen room

This super spacious tent offers 10-foot space with the headroom of 7 feet and the screen room of 6 feet. It is originally used for car camping and can wrap around a cargo place of your car. But its innovative tent is now usable in the base camping as well after removing the sleeve of the vehicle. One person can set up it easily with the structure of new fiberglass and steel pole.


This tent offers the additional space for the users to sleep or store gear. It removes the disadvantage of zipped tent doors and transferred time from your car to the normal camping tent. Its screen room can be removable and bring more flexibility for the users. The bathtub-style floor, as well as, GoBe Dry ultimate rain protection system will ensure the users are not being wet even in the heavy rain.


The setting up time is a bit long, range from 15 to 45 minutes with lots of steps and accessories.  Without a rainfly or shade in a screen room and also the shoot which connects the vehicle and the tent, the users may feel really hot in summer days.


The most outstanding feature of this tent is the fiberglass and steel pole structures, according to Amazon customer. They feel secured with the durability and strength of this innovative tent type. Many people are also impressed of the wonderful Waterproofing and Fabric Treatment function.

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COLEMAN PRAIRIE BREEZE 9-PERSON CABIN TENTThis Coleman tent provides the customers a comfortable and spacious wilderness residence. It offers the sleeping area for the maximum of 9 people. The major fly seams of this tent are carefully sealed along with welded to protect all people from the weather. With the led lighted system, this tent can help you to maintain an accommodating environment.


With the outspread design for at least 7 persons, this tent can be used for a large family. It has the high quality and the reasonable price. The users freely arrange people and gears in its tall as well as plenty of room which can be divided into two room if you need more privacy. This tent is completely rainproof and has lots of windows.


The quoted price is not included the batteries so many customers have to pay extra money to own the full package. With only one door, this tent sometimes cannot provide enough flexibility and air ventilation for the users.


Some customers mentioned about the long setting up time and a single person cannot complete this task. However, many people are satisfied with the tent’s durability and strength. It can protect your family and friends well in different types of bad weather, such as heavy rain or wind, even storm.

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coleman 10 person instant tent

This tent has 2 Rooms with the center height of 6”4’ feet. You can take down or set up the tent in about 1 minute. Such easy and time-saving step can create more time for you to enjoy the outdoor adventures. The inside space fits perfectly the queen-sized airbeds of four. With the WeatherTec system along with the ventilated rainfly, you are able to feel secured in all types of weather.


This tent has an innovative design with only one-piece shape and pre-attached poles. For this reason, you no longer worry of frustrating assembly or losing part during the setting up process. This WeatherTec tent is constructed with the polyester fabric and anti-wicking thread, zippers, and webbing. All of them are designed to help you stay dry even when heavy rain.


It is considered a bit difficult to dry and clean the instant bottom of the tent bottom in comparison with the traditional tent. Besides, the offered stakes are not high quality enough and should be replaced for a short time of usage.


The common opinions of Amazon customer for this tent are their favorite Illumine reflective lines. Besides, many pre-attached poles will help people be stable and safe in the instant cabin. With not many poles and simple instruction, the tent does not require much set up time but still maintain its solid state.

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Tahoe Gear Ozark 3-Season 16 Person Large Family Cabin TentThis is the super large tent you can imagine with the spacious area for 16 persons. You can set up it at ease and have plenty of time to explore the excellence outdoors. With many windows, the screen room and the master suite room, the users are able to not only enjoy the airy environment but also rest freely in the private area.


Equipped with the stakes, poles, rain fly, stakes and guy ropes, this tent can bring you the most comfortable feeling during your camping trip. With the wall and the center height of 7 feet, the campers can move easily around the tent. The ten body is made of 1200 mm to affirm its durability. The fly canopy is extended over the main door so you have the extra coverage, just like a protective cover.


The assembly directions are confusing to follow. You find out that is not easy to distinguish the suitable poles for the back or the front of this tent as all of them have the circular shapes.


Best reviews from Amazon customers for this tent is the fly features with the solar shield which reflect the sunlight and also keeps the tent stay cooler in the warm weather. Many people also agree on its characteristics such as large, comfortable, practical, etc. The material made of the floor is a rugged tarp-like and thick plastic which makes the tent stand up as well as made it stable with no additional punctures.

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Generally, luxury camping tents can be defined as the tents with very high quality and the ability to provide its users a situation or condition of great ease, wealth and comfort. With such definition, the users of this type of tents are narrowed down to the high society and the backpacker, of course, will not be able as well as prefer to buy this. However, there are still many people chose a luxury camping tents to indulge their holiday at the best.

In some circumstance, “luxury” can be equal to the highest price but we only want to emphasize in the highest quality in this article. In order to choose your most suitable camping tents with such highest quality, the buyer needs to consider several criterion as follows:

  • A number of campers: It is suggested that the comfortable tents should offer at least 2-person space more than the actual number of members for a camping trip. For the deluxe class, you must plus at least 4. For example, you should pick up an 8-person tent or larger if there are 4 people joining the trip.

Large camping tent

  • Convenience: This is an important factor for luxury camping tents. There are several elements to assess whether a tent has the basic or extra convenience requirements. One of them is the interior space. The cabin type is usually used for many suggested luxury camping tents as it is very stable as well as spacious. With more than one doors, you can feel the fresh air ventilation inside the tent and will never be tired of the tight and stuffy environment. The cabin type also has more than one room to provide its users more privacy. Frankly, the luxury camping tents are supposed to offer at least 2 bedrooms for more privacy and 2 doorway for free moves. Besides, it also proves the great protection role from bugs, dust or rain.
  • Materials: A very important thing you should consider for luxury camping tents is the airy and waterproof materials which are indispensable elements of a favorite tent. The durable materials are also required for the long-lasting use, especially when you aim at the high quality. When you are nearly satisfied with all features, the color may take the impact. You should choose the harmonious color of the pole and the tent. The tent brand which offers a various color of the product can bring more choices for its customers.
  • Protection: It is one of the most critical factors to present the quality of a tent. The luxury camping tent should be usable for 4 seasons and in various weather, even in rain, wind or storm. Only when a tent can provide the users the completely secured feeling, they will highly appreciate its protection function.
  • Size and weight: Although people love to stay in a large and convenient tent, they still prefer the one with the lightweight function which will help them much in setting up, taking down or covering up the tent. To able to choose the most suitable size of the tent, you need to count the exact number of people in your group and also estimate the space for storing stuff. The size of the tent somehow relates to the convenience it offers. A sturdy tent does not make you feel comfortable, doesn’t it? The luxury camping tent should have a large size. It is recommended to be bigger than the number of people from 2 to 4-person space. This large size tent is more necessary if you plan to go camping for more than 1 day with loads of equipment, food, and personal things.
  • Setting-up time (shorter is better): Last but not least, people would like the easy set-up tent as they want to spend more time for outdoor activities or hanging out with their family and friends. Normally, the product with fewer poles and simple design will save your time.
  • Price: Most target customers for the luxury camping tents do not pay much attention in the price as they are able to afford the most expensive tent. In addition, each brand will offer discounts and promotions during the year as well.


To complete the tent set up quickly and easily, we have to have some gears, tools and materials needed, commensurate with the size of the tent is used.



  • Rain fly: It refers to an outer layer which every tent should be equipped. The rain fly is sometimes simply a material piece strung up with a rope to prevent the rain take effect to the inside area of the tent.
  • Wire: Usually the full package of the tent has enough rope, soups otherwise we have to carry. Should choose soft wire, easy to manipulate, commensurate with the size and color of the tents like full of good, though round wire, nylon rope, etc. We should absolutely not use too small wires as the campers are easy to stumble, causing accidents and injuries.
  • Pile: Depending on how hard or soft soil is, we will decide to use short or long poles, with alloy marketed or bamboo wood, steel, homemade, etc. The easiest way is to use a piece of bamboo range pipe split, polished off two edges, pointy one end flap. There is an inexpensive pile of good to assist you in this field.
  • Sticks (tent pole): Must match the size of the tent, to not open the tent pins for the high sticks or flat roof to pull out (very prone to standing water and leaking) for sticks too low. Often should use sticks for tent 1,60m teams. Bamboo sticks are favorable as they are both cheap, light, and easy-to- make. In markets, there are many different types as rating sticks, sticks connecting multiple segments or very compact sticks.

Coleman Tent Kit

NICE-TO-HAVE GEARS            

  • Batons (mallet): This is not a must-have item but most campers should carry to assist in the setting up process. If you want to build a tent quickly without batons or just have a ball and then hand off to another person, it is difficult to accomplish quickly. Therefore, each team must have at least two or more batons. Batons can be made of the garden bamboo or the original heavy wooden sticks, roughly rolled to fit the handle. Also, we are using shovels and picks to dig drainage ditches.
  • Multipurpose tools: You should prepare to carry a multipurpose toolkit with minimum functions such as knives, pliers, screwdrivers with multi-head and scissors. With these various function, you can cut, strip electric wires and tighten loose poles or grip a blown fuse out. Besides, you can handle any emergency situation happened to your tent with a roll of tape and a little creativity. In addition, you should also add a wrench in your multipurpose toolkit.


Apart from these above accessories, you can think of some additional byproducts to enjoy your luxury camping tents to the fullest. These tools may comprise of lamps, sleepings bag, air mattresses, etc.

Some sharing stories of other’s camping trip may bring you amazing and useful tips which can help you easily overcome small obstacles that many people often encounter in the camp.


car camping

At the first time of using the Sportz SUV tent, we had to manipulate the folding step in order to be neat and quick. As the tent was attached to the back of our car, we found lots of difficulties in cleaning up tents and furniture around. Actually, we saved much time by not having to remove the wire and spit out the side two tent poles as you must do for the normal tent. However, this innovative tent still brings the discomfort and tiredness for us. It is a bit hard to remove vines and spit first two tent poles.

We read carefully the instructions and tried to perform the task gradually, from closing tent doors, making straight the tent and tilting it to one side. For this special type, folding is also the important step as you should start to fold in the middle of two doors and move to the inside. Try to make the folded ten fit neatly tent bag for better carrying out. A rope can be useful to tighten the folded tent before packaging.

Some notes you should remember from our experience as follows:

  • Do not fold the tent when wet.
  • When storing, should loosen the leash tent.
  • Some types of knots are often used when building the tent.
  • Try to avoid the minor technical errors to save your time.


Most of us may think set up a tent is an easy process, only the novice campers find it a little bit difficult. However, from my own experience, everything is not that simple. My trouble came with the drainage ditches after finished the tents. From the instruction, I tried to dig a decent ditch, about 10cm deep and 20cm wide with the center of the ditch is just below the edge of the tent.

camping on the river is nice

However, my tent was still swung after I reached the required depth. I was so confused at that time and did not know what to do except continue digging. Digging ditches and dikes in the straight direction is quite a stressful job, especially when you are not sure of that action. And fortunately, after digging 10cm more, I could enhance the aesthetics of the tent. My lesson from this circumstance is you should not too mechanical. The digging depth should be based on the breakwater inside the tent and whether having slopes or not.

Hence, you should prepare yourself for the case of unstable weather. With much rain, you can use the elastic ring to stretch your tent so you can be protected from winds, dust and rocks.


Which characteristics are required for families in the luxury camping?

Actually, there is no strict requirement for any characteristic of a family camping tent, even the luxury one. However, the suggested size of a luxury camping tent for your family should be at least 6-person tent. It is better if such tent offers the minimum of two-bedroom tent suites. Hence, it will accommodate well for at least four people.

Which luxury camps cater to honeymooners and couples?

This is a quite easier choice as all luxury camps can feature romantic one-bedroom tents which are ideal for honeymooners as well as couples. Even 2-person tents can also be designed with fabulous details to make your honey be more wonderful. You only have to choose the right place to set up your luxury camping tent to enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset scenes from inside.

Is there an age limit for children staying in luxury camping tents?

No, there isn’t. For younger children, you can prepare the cribs and bring a nanny with you. Some specific types of luxury camping tents are created for families with children of any age. However, you are recommended to go on a luxury camping trip whenever your children reach four years old or more. Hence, you will have sufficient time to indulge the trip instead of staying and taking care of them all the time.

How much space will I need to pitch a luxury camping tent?

It depends on the size of your tent. Ideally, you need to have the space of 7m diameter to put up the 6-person tent. If you can adjust the toggles inwards, reducing to the minimum of 6m, this area will be smaller.


Being well-prepared is the best way to let yourself indulge the camping trip at the fullest. Therefore, you should consider carefully to choose tents, especially the luxury camping tents as one necessary tool for every camp. The high quality is the most important factor that this type of tent offers its target customers. We hope that our provided information will help you much in picking up the most suitable tents for you.

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