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Dec 14
camping portable table chairs
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Similar to good camping tents, the offer in camping chairs and tables is huge for campers. Customers can choose from a wide variety of types, models, and sizes. So you can opt for a simple folding chair or just for an extra comfortable relaxation chair. The following tips will help you in buying the right camping chair and camping table for your camping vacation.

camping portable table chairs


Even if you’re on vacation, you want to be able to sit comfortably. Therefore, it is important to consider your posture when choosing camping chairs. If you are tall, a chair with a high seat, for example, is more comfortable than a chair with a low seat. There are camping chairs that can carry a weight of 200 kilos.

Who is looking for a combination between relax and sit, should choose a relaxing chair? Please be aware that a relaxing chair does not fit under any camping table. In many cases, you will also take it as an extra seat. If you do not have much space in the car, but you occasionally want to relax, you can think of a footstool. This extends your ‘normal’ camping chair into a kind of lounge chair. Many brands have an ottoman in the same color as the chair.

This allows you to lie on your back as well as your stomach. Some stretchers or beds have a sunroof; ideal if you want to read a book in the sun. The advantage is that you can take it easily with you to the beach or put in your backyard.


Portable Table and ChairsHow do you travel to your holiday destination, determines to a large extent how your camping chairs can be. If you bring little baggage, you should opt for a lightweight folding camping chair. If space plays no role, you can also opt for a luxury adjustable camping chair.

Many people are mistaken about the space of a camping chair. Make sure when your purchase that the chairs that you buy actually fit in your car. Many models of Crespo example, you can fold very flat which saves space in your trunk or roof box.

Folding chairs can easily be arranged among your other luggage. Moreover, they are by their low weight also easy to transport in a carrying case.

For small children, there are special ‘little’ camping chairs. Toddlers who can not sit independently, you can safely put in special children’s chairs with a removable child seat. One example is the Bardani Bambino.


Most folding chairs have a frame made of reinforced aluminum and a plastic seat and back: nylon, polyester (Batyline) or Textilene. Aluminum is strong, light and requires little maintenance. Plastic is mold-free and therefore can resist against rain well. Textilene is a woven all-weather fabric that is suitable for outdoor use and easy cleaning. The material is strong, dimensionally stable and UV resistant.


The ideal camping table is weather resistant, stable and easy to store and carry. Especially weather resistance is an important issue if you regularly leave your table outside. A non-weather-resistant table approaches to “bulge”. It is also useful because the legs of your camping table are adjustable. So you can put the table on any surface. An adjustable camping table is not necessary if you use the table on a level surface. If you use the table on multiple surfaces, always opt for an adjustable table.

best folding camping table

Go for lightweight, then an aluminum camping table is the best choice. With some camping tables, you can remove the leaves and roll up to give you a small package on hold. One example is the Bardani Primato.


Now there is a very wide range of camping tables, camping chairs, and comfortable lounge chairs. Popular camping chairs, the lounge chairs is Lafuma and Crespo. Other frequently bought camping chairs includes Bardani, Bo-Camp, Crespo, Safarica and Westfield.

Popular camping tables include Bardani, Bo-Camp, Crespo, Lafuma and Sieger.

Hope you have an interesting and comfortable camping vacation with your family with above information of how to choose camping chairs and a camping table. Enjoy!

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